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Squarespace Review: Packed With Features and Beautiful Themes


From all website builders we’ve tested, only Squarespace has mastered the art of staging products with perfection. It has a fresh look with impeccable designs. This Squarespace review will give you an overview of the service and its main aspects. Read through to find out if the website builder follows suit.

Squarespace is an online hosted service that is lightweight on features and is suitable for those interested in prioritizing style and feel of their design. It offers an easy visual solution. The service doesn’t require any technical or design knowledge to run. You can easily build an e-commerce store due to its all-in-one solutions. Squarespace allows you to build an e-commerce store from the ground up, with a design that you will find suitable for your brand. You can use the online payments which make it easier for customers to purchase items. Being an online hosted tool, it does all the heavy lifting for you. This means that you don’t have to worry about hosting, domain handling, or servers; you have everything sorted. It has an easy-to-grasp interface, that helps you to manage your products or services. All this is done by the service to help you focus on creating new products and handle daily operations of your store.

WhoCan use Squarespace?

Anyone can use Squarespace themes. It has impressive features that simplify its delivery. It was used to run a Super Bowl ad, which is very expensive to manage. The service offers a great solution for those who need online stores that resonate with clients. What makes it even exciting is that it allows you to create the whole aspect from scratch, yourself.

Squarespace features

Here are best of Squarespace features:
• Elegant designs to choose from
• Responsive designs – You can view the designs on any screen-size including mobile phones and tablets.
• Multiple designs on the same site
• Blogging capabilities – Its blogging capabilities are second to WordPress and you can host your own podcast on Squarespace’s platform.
• 24/7 support – The live chat provides answers to any questions almost immediately
• Website analytics and stats
• Unlimited products in your store
• Flexible product variants.
• Rich product descriptions.
• Digital and physical products and services – sell whatever you want.
• Donations.
• Discount codes.
• Inventory management.
• Order management.
• Flexible shipping options.
• Tax rates.
• Built-in security – PCI compliance + SSL.

Squarespace Pricing

Prices are based monthly on an annual contract which includes the domain name.
Personal – costs $12 and is suitable for those who have 20 or less
Business – costs $18 and allows you to create sites with unlimited pages

Free Trail

For e-commerce stores, Squarespace offers two plans:
Online Store (Basic) – for $26, this plan is suitable for starters, due to its affordable price. You can sell unlimited products, get a free custom domain, and sell without transaction fees.
OnlineStore(Advanced)– for $40, you get access advanced e-commerce features The service can only allow new domain names to be registered. Existing names should be pointed from a different registrar to your Squarespace website.

Squarespace Online Designs

Squarespace tool has several an e-commerce optimized designs for you to choose from. They are all modern with the latest design trends. The designs are responsive to mobile devices such as phones and tablets. They are divided into categories, making it easier to choose.

Product Management: Product management is through the Squarespace dashboard. Right after sign-up, Squarespace gives you access to a very clear store management dashboard: You can also manage your inventory, payments, process orders, and set discounts. You can access a panel that allows page editing, design change, metrics viewing, and any other adjustments on your site.

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It has a very intuitive interface that doesn’t require much learning to go about it. For example, when you want to add a product, click on the “Add Product” button and insert all the product details.

Squarespace tool integrates with Stripe to allow you collect and process online payments. The service doesn’t integrate with PayPal and although it works, it is less user-friendly.


AttractiveTemplateDesigns – Style and authenticity are what make the service stand out especially for e-commerce entrepreneurs. They are more attractive than those used on free website builders.
Marketing Tools and Solid Data Management– The service allows data tracking, reporting, and marketing due to tools build for such functions. This makes it easy for you to target your prospects.
Affordable – With prices as low as $26 per month, Squarespace is definitely the service of choice.
No Transaction Fees – This means that you can walk away with more money from a given transaction.


no phone support – This makes it difficult for you to get assistance especially if you have an urgent need. NoOptionForPayPal – There is no integration with PayPal, making it difficult for some industries and stores to use Squarespace. OverwhelmingStylingOptions – New developers may find it difficult choosing the styling options, due to its in-depth characteristic. Fewer options make it easy to create a good template.

Checkout quick video review on Squarespace

Source: Tyler Moore


Version 7 has been improved to cater for the complicated editing interface. The site builder now allows real point and click interaction which proves your site’s building speed. However, it may sometimes feel a little minimalistic and requires a bit of time to master the editor completely. Although some of the pages have icons that don’t clearly explain their purpose, Squarespace gives many great tutorials that explain all the tools. Overall, the service is worth it if you need to build a stylish and well-designed website. Try it out for the first-hand experience.

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