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How to Fix SSL Connection Security Certificate Error on Android?

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Technology has reached an advanced stage wherein desktop internet is slowly and steadily taken over by mobile internet. Mobile internet usage has shown a significant rise in recent years. As per Broadband Search, mobile traffic has shown a considerable increase of 222% in the last seven years, which shows that desktops are no longer the sole way of accessing the internet. There are multiple reasons for this switchover (from desktop internet to mobile internet), i.e., convenient to use, portability, cost-effectiveness, etc. Since mobile internet is fast due to 3G or 4G connections and keeps you updated about information at all times, it is a favorite amongst people across the globe who have started using their smartphones for surfing online. But many times, these smartphones also display some errors while you are browsing the net. One such browser error displayed on your Android device is “Your Connection is Not Private.”

not private connection

Mostly this error vanishes when you refresh the webpage. But sometimes this error keeps on reappearing and prevents you from accessing websites. There is nothing to worry about since this is a common SSL Connection Error and can be fixed easily. In this article, I’ll guide, how to fix SSL Connection Security Certificate Error on Android phones.

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About SSL

SSL (Secure Socket Layers) certificate protects browser – server communication in the form of encryption. This security protocol prevents unauthorized sources from accessing sensitive information like login ids, passwords, etc.

Without the use of SSL encryption security, all information transmitted can easily be compromised, which may cause massive damage. Hence SSL certificate is a must for each website, and when this error is displayed, it means that the internet/wi-fi connection on your Android device is preventing the browser from loading the site. A frequently visited website may display this error often, which requires you to pinpoint the reason behind it.

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Diagnosing the SSL Error

This error indicates that there is a problem with the SSL connection. Even after refreshing the webpage, if this error persists, it could be annoying, and you need to diagnose whether there is some issue with the domain server or website.

To check out where the problem is, the best is to access other SSL secured websites from your Android device. If other sites are accessible, then there is a problem with the site you are trying to access; and you can’t do anything about the same. But if you cannot access any websites from your Android device, then there is some problem in your device that needs to be fixed. There are simple ways to fix this issue.

How to fix SSL Connection Security Certificate Error on Android?

In this post, I am sharing some simple solutions for fixing SSL Error on your Android device.

Ensure that the Date and Time are Correct: The most straightforward and obvious solution is to reconfirm whether your device’s date and time are correct. Incorrect date and time on your device may trigger this error.

Set the date and time on “automatically update” mode, and this will resolve your issue.

Go to Settings > Date and Time > Enable Automatic date and time

automatic date time

Clear Chrome Browsing Data:

Often, browsing data, stored cache cookies, etc. all tend to cause this SSL error. Clearance of browsing data and history can help fix this error.


  • Go to Chrome Browser


  • Click on the three dots on the top right-hand corner.

three dot in chrome

  • Click History > Clear browsing data

clear data


  • Tick all the boxes and later Click “Clear Data.”

clear browsing data

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Deactivate Anti-Virus App:

Anti-virus apps may sometimes interfere with the browser, triggering this error. The best option is to disable the anti-virus app from your device and later access the browser to check for the error.

Go to Settings and open the device admin apps. Go to Anti-Virus and select Deactivate.

antivirus app

Swap your Network:

One more reason which triggers this SSL error is insecure public wi-fi. The best solution is to connect your Android device to another network or a private wi-fi and check whether the error is resolved or not.

wifi to data

If the error persists, check the next solution.

Check your Phone Internet Settings:

If a change in network connection does not solve the SSL error, there can be a problem with your phone’s internet settings.

network setting

You can try to access the website from another Android device and check whether the same is visible. If the site is accessible from another device, there is a problem with your phone’s internet settings. Check them out to resolve the error.

Reset Network Settings:

Resetting settings are solutions to many small Android errors.


  • Open Settings app on your Android device


  • Scroll to “General Management / System”
  • Tap “Reset” or “Reset Options”

connection and sharing 2

  • Click “Reset Network Settings,” and Confirm the same

reset network setting

Update your Browser:

Updating the Chrome browser can be a solution if the above solutions have not been of help.

  • Go to Play Store app in your Android phone and tap Menu “My Apps and Games.”

my apps and games

  • Under “Updates” scroll to Chrome

update chrome

  • Near Chrome, Tap Update.

chrome update

  • Later, restart your device.


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Check whether the SSL error is resolved or not. If not, move to the next solution.

Visit Website in Incognito/ Private Mode:

For accessing incognito mode, click on the three dots in the top right corner again, click “New Incognito Window” button. Open the website in this private window of your browser.

go to private mode

Factory Data Reset of your Device:

This is the last option left if all the above options can’t resolve the error. Since this process will reset all settings and retain the software, backup your phone data is essential before hitting the nail. In case of adverse circumstances, the phone data can always be retrieved if a backup is done.


  • Go to Settings App


  • Scroll down to Backup and Reset

backup and reset

  • Click on Backup and Reset and later tap Factory Data Reset.

factory reset

  • Choose the Phone Reset Tool.

erase all data

Hopefully, this SSL error, i.e., “Your Connection is Not Private,” can be fixed on your Android phone with the above solutions mentioned. You may not have to resort to the last option of implementing a factory reset. But if need be, go for it and solve your problem.


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