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How to start a Blog and earn from it

Do you want to know how to start a blog and earn from it? This post tells it all. Read to learn more. Starting a blog and turning it into a money-churning machine is not rocket science that is reserved for a few chosen geeks and gurus. In the day we live in, anyone can launch and monetize their blog and earn a decent living out of it. As long as you are willing to learn how to make money, and you have the discipline and determination to grow it, you too can get your name on the roll of honor among those who have made it big time. This post is one of those clear and easy-to-follow guides that will show you how to begin a blog and start money making online.

Starting the Blog

Before you even think of using your blog and start money making online, you need to learn how to set it up a blog in easy steps. This section of our post is going to share with you these simple steps.

Choose the right platform: As you move on to learn how to earn money from Google, you first need to choose the right platform from where you will carry on with your blogging. Determine which niche is most suitable for you and then settle there. This stage is vital because it is the core of your business idea. After deciding on your podium, you have to get a domain name and the hosting option that will serve your interest better.

Create the blog: After choosing the right platform, you now need to create the blog. For a start, use a simple theme.

Modify it: After you have built you blog, you will have to modify and customize it so that you can get the best look you need to see.

Get ideal plugins: After customizing your blog, you have to select and install the best plugins.

Create relevant content: After you have set up your blog, you have to populate it with content that is relevant to your target-audience.

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Here is the Money

This section will show where the money is. Keep on reading to find out more on how to make money online.

Advertising space:Advertising space is one was that ensures bloggers get paid. You can offer space for advertisers to display their banners on your blog at an agreed fee.

Affiliate marketing:Another way you can use to make money online using your blog is becoming an affiliate marketer. You can choose to adapt the bestselling products on the market and sell them for a commission. You need to choose products that are relevant to your niche. If you are majoring on mobile phones, it will be best for you to market such devices, and not vehicles. Make sure the products you are selling on your blog fall within a price range your target-market can afford.

Paid directory listings: Paid directory listing is another way of making money online using your blog. However, it works different from other adverts in that you assign space on your site where service providers within your niche can place links to their services and goods. You can allocate a special page on your blog for these vendors can direct their prospective buyers to their sites and landing pages.

Google AdSense:Google AdSense just makes sense if you want to earn from your blog. If you are hosting your blog, you can display adverts on your blog and start making money online.

Parting Shot

Launching and monetizing your blog is simple and possible. If you can follow the simple steps I have shared in this post and maintain a steady focus, you can build a stable source of revenue.

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