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Sucuri: Free Malware Scanner

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Sucuri firewall and website backups are the only viable protection you can count on for your website’s security. This article explores the different ways that Sucuri firewall can help you improve your website’s security, keeping your site safe. Read along for more insight. Any data is prone to attacks and manipulation that is why many bloggers spend much money for their website’s security to prevent losing hard-earned content. Its loss can be devastating especially if don’t have any backup. You can employ all the preventive measures you can think of in your WordPress site, but the best way is to address it at the hosting server level (DNS level to be specific). Attacks usually slow down your website due to the high server load and can sometimes cause the server to restart causing downtime.

An Overview of Sucuri

Sucuri is a website security service that specializes in WordPress security. They offer protection from hackers, malware, DDoS, and blacklists. Enabling it will see your site traffic go through their cloud proxy firewall before coming to your hosting server. This filters access to information allowing only legitimate visitors. The biggest benefit of Sucuri helps you to have a secure website.
Additionally, the firewall makes your website faster allowing you to save money on your hosting bill because your server load goes down significantly. Often smaller sites are an easier target for hackers since they don’t take any security precautions. At this very moment, your website is probably getting attacks, and you just don’t know about it. Don’t dismiss it, it is better to take safety precautions than spending a lot of money fixing a damaged site.

This is a necessity for website business owners since it offers a complete end-to-end WordPress security. This app is great since it has solid features to boost your WordPress security and help you sleep easy. Sucuri is a leading security company and they’ve been mentioned in major publications like CNN, US Today, TechCrunch, TheNextWeb, and tons more. We have personally met with their co-founder and CEO, Tony Perez, and can honestly say that they are a trustworthy company, and we’re in good hands.

Benefits of Sucuri Firewall

Block Attacks
What I love about Sucuri firewall is the fact that, it can block any attack before it enters the server. With their heavy investment in technology, Sucuri searches for potential security threats and eliminates them at the doorstep making them one of the leading security companies in the market. The threat reports are sent to the WordPress security core team and third-party plugins. It has a team that works closely with the respective developers in fixing the security issues. After fixing the problem, Sucuri patches those vulnerabilities at the firewall level in case you didn’t get a chance to update your plugin fast enough.
Integrity Monitoring
Sucuri firewall provides the Sucuri 2-in-1 Website AntiVirus package which has the Sucuri scanner. It monitors the website every 3 hours to ensure that it is clean of malware, malicious JavaScript, malicious iframes, suspicious redirections, spammy link injections etc. The scanner also makes sure that your site is not blacklisted by any of the popular services like Google, Norton, AVG, Phishtank, Opera, and others.

Features and Benefits

Site Audit Log
The WordPress plugin monitors everything that happens on your site, including file changes, new posts, new users, last logins, failed login attempts, and more.
Server Side Scanning
Hackers are very smart nowadays. Therefore, you need to outsmart them by taking extra precautions for website protection. Sucuri firewall can notice any abnormalities on your site. Some hackers don’t care about infecting your users with malware. Maybe they just want to add banner ads in your old post or replace your affiliate links. Such hacks are hard to catch because they’re not as obvious, and you won’t get blacklisted for these. Sucuri’s server-side scanner goes through every single file including non-WordPress files to ensure that nothing suspicious exist on your server. File changes are also audited to keep you informed.
Malware Cleanup Service
The plugin also scans a website for malware using a website virus scanner. Malware cleanups are also available with no page limits with blacklist removal which justifies the cost. An average security expert charges $250 an hour just for consultation, making Sucuri cheap in the long run. Security can be quite expensive and Sucuri has an extra incentive to make sure that your website never gets hacked. More importantly, it’s definitely worth the peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, we have a team of security experts who’ll help us clean everything properly.
Customer support
Interaction with the support team is a breeze and they always cater to your every need. Sucuri’s support team is quick, polite, and helpful. If we were to rate Sucuri’s service and support, we would give them a 5 out of 5. You can make calls or send emails with any of your queries and you will get help. Chats are also available.

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Final Thoughts

Websites get hacked on a daily basis due to less or lack of security. It is important to check websites for malware. Eventually, the owners lose time and money fixing a problem that could have been easily prevented. I can comfortably say Sucuri is the best and most cost effective to secure your website. For $199 / year, it is the best insurance you can buy for your online business. Don’t take chances, since government websites can be hacked, so can yours no matter how safe you think you are. However, it’s much better to find out that your website firewall is hacked from a monitoring service rather than finding out from your users or better yet from Google when they blacklist your website. Look out for other Sucuri reviews for greater understanding of the service.

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