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Taboola WordPress Plugin Review

Taboola WordPress Plugin Review NamanModi

Taboola is the world’s leading content discovery platform that links a user to related slideshows, articles, or videos within and outside the site. The plugin predicts the interests of a website visitor and provides sponsored content that is of interest to the reader. The related post plugin offers interesting and appealing content and links that are found at the end of the page with tempting captions. The tool increases customer base and website traffic.

Taboola WordPress plugin interacts with the visitor naturally giving them a chance to learn more about the products and services offered. The software has a mathematical predictive engine created Three years ago. It can predict videos and articles people prefer before the visitor expresses any interest in watching them. Taboola recommends 360 billion website content to over 1 billion distinctive users every month. This is aired on the Internet most advanced publisher sites, including The Atlantic, Fox Sports, USA Today, NBC, and The Weather Channel.


The related post plugin attracts the attention of your targeted audience driving them to your website using the interesting and appealing content. The content is placed on various websites engaging customers wherever they are. The system does not use an aggressive approach that may turn off the visitor. Its approach is well-formalized where a visitor or a user is first offered brand awareness. To do this, the software uses a highly engaging content that matches the reader’s interest. As the interest grows, Taboola draws the visitor outside and into your website you can now recommend more of your content or content items, to consumers who are interested in your products or services. Taboola distributes targeted recommendations in exclusive native placements on hundreds of thousands of major media outlets. The software makes it easy to start and stop campaigns at any time. The plugin achieves 100% transparency into the campaign performance and adjusts targeting options and CPC. Taboola helps people discover you through various media outlets and re-retarget them using other platforms like Facebook. TaboolaWordPress plugin is known to spread brand awareness across major platforms and gain a large share in target market as fast as possible.

Taboola pricing plans

The cost of your campaign in Taboola depends on the whole setup including creatives, budgeting, and targeting. You will only pay when people click on your ads and reach the advertiser’s website. You can start your campaigns at $10 per day for a self-service option.



User satisfaction

When choosing a good content marketing software, it is important not only to rely on expert’s evaluation on reviews, but also find out what the end consumer says about the product. The software has behavior-based Consumer Satisfaction Algorithm that gathers customers reviews, comments, and Taboola reviews across various social media sites. The data is presented in an easy-to-understand format showing how many people had positive or negative experience with Taboola. You will have an easy time deciding what to buy based on the information from satisfied consumers. Different companies have different needs and require a system that is customized for their size, kind of buyers, and the particular industry. No software can offer perfect features without flaws. Before purchasing software, you need to be sure what you require it for. Taboola review gives you detailed information about a specific product. Find out whether you require basic functionality or sophistication in a given tool. Are there any industry-specific features that you are looking for? You need to consider many elements. This includes your budget, specific business wants integration requirements and the size of your company. Before settling for a paid version of any tool, try out free trials and finally choose the app that offers all that you require running your website or boost performance in your organization.

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Control Panel

The publisher control panel is simple to navigate. There is no technical support, nor any place you can find the HTML code for your widget. It has no place to edit account information such as address and payment details. Payment details are managed through a separate Payoneer Control panel. The only sections available are reporting section and a section to block certain content. The control panel is of high quality, intuitive, and easy to use even though it’s pretty thin.



The two main types of performance reports are the Revenue summaries and interaction funnel. The Revenue summaries are displayed by date, placement, country, and platform. There are several metrics to display, including page reviews, CTR, Clicks, CPC, RPM, and total revenue. Reports are customized by any date range. The interaction funnel also has date, placement, country, or platform. It shows more detailed stats on visibility rate, mouseover rate, and clickthru rate of your widget placements. The reporting section is also easy to use and has everything you need.


Getting approved for Taboola is done manually. There is no sign-up form on their site and no instant approval. You must request access to their network through their contact form. You will later be contacted by a support team member, and if you meet their requirements, you will be approved. You will receive the HTML code via email, along with instructions to log into your reporting dashboard and set up payment via Payoneer. Payment is managed entirely through a different control panel at Payoneer. In case of any problem, a one-on-one email communication with Taboola reps will help you. Having a live support team is better than the tech support control panel. Reporting is one thing that the control panel excels in. The reporting functionality of Taboola is great. The interface is slick and easy to use. The statistics available on CPC, RPM, and impression are all filterable by custom date range and placement.

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Source: Taboola


Taboola is worth trying if you are looking for an alternative revenue source. Taboola recommends placing their widget below the content of individual article page. This is because it hides the spamminess of the unit well below the fold so that only users who have read the entire article can see it. I believe you have learned much from this Taboola review and you can make a good choice of trying it out.

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