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Taqyeem: A WordPress Review Plugin

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This is why review websites are a lucrative business these days. This is the reason why many bloggers monetize their website with product reviews and affiliate links. To impact the product review industry, you need to be creative in writing reviews. You have work cut out for you with WordPress quality review plugin. One of them is Taqyeem product review plugin for WordPress. This Taqyeem review focuses on the plugin’s creative features. A colorful and well-organized page is attractive to visitors and increases views. Eventually, you get to push traffic on your blog.

Taqyeem WordPress plugin is a reviewing and rating tool built for adding lovely ratings and reviews to your posts, pages, and custom post types. It is offered by CodeCanyon for $17 and enables you to change fonts, image, colors, style, and criteria. This is a wonderful way for visitors and users to leave helpful information for you and others.

Taqyeem plugin is translation-ready and supports right-to-left languages.

This plugin produces most stylish boxes and is full of customization options. Taqyeem customization features

• Unlimited colors

Taqyeem review tool has numerous color codes to choose from. Remember, colors speak volumes about your website. When designing your page, Taqyeem helps you to combine colors that are attractive to your visitors. An interesting color scheme attracts more visitors and in turn higher conversion rate.

• Has over 500 Google fonts colors

This gives you total control of over the design of your review box. The plugin spoils you wonderful fonts from Google, which helps you draft attractive reviews and ratings. When choosing fonts, they have to be visible enough for your visitors to see. It also allows you to change element fonts in the theme settings.

• Unlimited Review Criteria.

You can also create an unlimited number of custom criteria. This can be rated using three systems: stars (5), percentages (100), and points (10). You can write a quick summary at the bottom of the review and display the overall rating in bold and custom color.


• Supports post, pages, and custom post types

You can add a review to any post, page, or custom post type, making it ideal for rating e-commerce products.

• Allow users to rate

Taqyeem WordPress plugin allows users to rate a given product where it collaborates for an overall rating. This ensures that your reviews are very frank and unbiased to gain the user’s trust. Customers who have used a product usually give their honest opinion gained from experience.

• Best, recent reviews widget

To make good use of the sidebar, Taqyeem review tool supports a review widget. This gives you a chance to display latest, popular, or random review in any widget area. Clients can then find out if there other new or advanced version of an already purchased product. This may arouse curiosity to try the product.

• Schema SEO rich snippet review microdata

Taqyeem plugin also allows you to add automatic schema markup for generation of Google rich snippets which is proven to boost CTR making it a capable plugin.

Other features are:

 Localization support (easy to translate)
 Multiple options for rating of images
 Typography options
 RTL support



There are two premium extensions for this tool:
 Taqyeem predefined criteria ($7)-the extension enables you to preconfigure the criteria for each category, saving you much time.
 Taqyeem Buttons(6) – the extension allows you to add buttons at the bottom of your review (buy it now!). You can choose from over 470 icons, three button shapes, three button sizes, and two button types. You also provided with infinite colors to choose from. TaqyeemWordPress plugin allows you to enable single or multiple page rating. The plugin also allows you to rate images. First, you have to choose the image rating style. The image will be used in the widget and the final review score.

Here is the quick video review of Taqyeem

Source: Alex Alexi

Final Thoughts

A long, detailed review is important, but you can also include a summary of your review to get them interested in buying the product once more. I believe that this Taqyeemreview has provided enough reasons why you need a quality review and rating plugin. It not only allows you to create wonderful reviews but also allow visitors to contribute designing a credible review. This, in turn, builds your social proof, thereby allowing you to get more visitors whom you may convert to loyal subscribers.

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