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ThemeIsle Review: A new WordPress Theme Club


At times, the availability of numerous free and premium WordPress themes makes it hard to choose. Although it is overwhelming, there are theme providers who can provide quality themes to simplify your search. One of them is ThemeIsle. And that will be my center of attention today. This ThemeIsle review explores its benefits to web owners.

ThemeIsle is a theme providing service that offers both free and premium quality themes. The service has some of the best themes for WordPress. And to prove just how good they are, their Zerif Lite theme is ranked fifth most popular free themes on the WordPress theme database. ShopIsle, which is also their product, is 10th on the list. What makes this theme provider so popular? ThemeIsle designs its free themes so beautifully that you’d mistake them for premium. They have a professional look with a free price tag.

Benefits of ThemeIsle

Here are other features of ThemeIsle that makes it popular.

User-Friendly Configurations

Detailed configuration options are not really popular with free theme providers. ThemeIsle is an exception. Their free themes have a nice user-friendly admin panel. It is intuitive and you can configure everything in your theme. Its detailed customization options allow you to change anything and view results in real-time. This is due to the WordPress customizing option.

Adding a social icon on your site is easy, just navigate to that section and enter links to your social profile. You don’t need to do anything special or enter any code. Usually, these menu options are not common with free themes. You will only find them on premium themes, and this makes ThemeIsle’s themes unique.

With these detailed customizing options, you don’t need extra plugins to aid in certain functions. This eliminates the cost of adding plugins. The Premium version of Zerif, for example, enables you to create pricing tables without using external pricing plugins. You won’t have clattered plugins.

Outstanding Backend Coding

Don’t worry about bad code. With ThemeIsle, premium themes code experts also work on the free theme coding. This ensures that your theme loads properly on any browser is indexed easily by search engines.

Frequent Updates

There are frequent changes in WordPress. These changes improve service delivery. For this reason, you need a theme provider that keeps you themes constantly updated. This keeps hackers from invading your site. With ThemeIsle, even their free themes are up to date. A good example is their Zerif lite, which is updated monthly. This ensures that the code is always compatible with WordPress’s latest version. Your theme is bound to get even better due to ThemeIsle’s frequent improvements.

Good Theme Selection

This WordPress theme plugin has various themes. They currently offer 30+ free themes. Their premium themes options are over 20 with different categories: Business E-commerce Photography Magazines Portfolios Here are some of the best free themes from ThemeIsle that you look for:

   1. Amadeus

Amadeus is a great ThemeIsle theme tool that is best suited for bloggers. With its minimalistic features, it is perfect for personal blogs.

  2. Parallax

Parallax is a multi-purpose theme, used to add a parallax effect on the website. It’s a great theme for business oriented sites.

  3. Book Rev

For a review blog, Bookrev will do you justice. It has the right environment created for review. It has an in-built rating system making it easy to start out. These are just a handful of free themes offered by ThemeIsle. You can go through the 30 themes, to find the one which will suit your site.

Premium WordPress Themes

ThemeIsle also has amazing, high-quality premium themes. A good example is Zerif Lite Pro version which has extra features like pricing tables. ShopIsle and Amadeus also have Pro versions plus many other themes.

Premium Plan Pricing

For newbies, free ThemeIsle themes will work out just fine. For their level, there is no need to pay for a premium version that is not needed. But if you feel you are up for extra functionality, you can sign up for ThemeIsle’s paid plans. A price of $99, will get you access to all of the premium themes and 12 months of support and updates.

Developers can benefit from this since they are only paying $5 per theme. Single bloggers may also not need all these themes.

you may not need all of these themes. If your budget can allow you to spend $299, you can get access to all of ThemeIsle’s plugins.

ThemeIsle WordPress Plugins

Here are some of ThemeIsle WordPress plugins:

Revive Old Post Pro Add-on – This ThemeIsle theme tool is great for driving traffic to old posts
WP Product Review PRO Add-on Bundle – great for reviews and integrating with Amazon
Visualizer: Charts and Graphs Pro Add-on – This WordPress theme plugin helps you create charts and graphs
Intergeo Maps – Pro Add-on – makes it easy to implement a variety of maps Easy
Content Types – makes custom fields easy
Custom Login Customizer – lets you customize your WordPress login page
Pirate Forms – ThemeIsle’s form plugin
FEEDZY RSS Feeds – helps with your RSS feeds
Adblock Notify – lets you ask Adblock users to whitelist your site


  • Their products can be applied even by people with little knowledge of coding and web design;
  • The company has managed to mix simplicity with clearance and thus become more at hand for standard users;
  • ThemeIsle offers additional services of after-sale support, guidance, and training; this is something that most other companies were operating in the same field (the competition) lack.
  • 1 Year Free shared hosting for all plans.


  • The market leaders nevertheless have the broader experience in designing themes and creating plugins;
  • Competition might be able to provide additional features, and possibly some high-quality products at low price, due to their position in the market and customer retention capacity.

Final Remarks

ThemeIsle is the perfect solution if you are interested in themes for both running or new WordPress websites. With over 50 free and paid versions you are guaranteed to find a few that fit your needs and requirements. Their detailed admin panel, stylish designs, and properly coded themes separate the theme publisher from the rest. With regular updates, the themes function integrates well with WordPress. I won’t recommend any other theme publisher who knows what you want and is dedicated to your blogging success other than ThemeIsle. Try their themes out and you won’t be disappointed.

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