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10 Things to consider while selecting an Ideal WordPress Theme

10 Things to consider while selecting an Ideal WordPress Theme BANNER DESIGN

WordPress is magnificent for creating amazing websites. Nowadays, there are lots of options available for WordPress themes as new themes are launched every day.There are thousands of themes available but selecting the right theme is not easy as it appears not easy as it appears. As it has more chances of getting glossed over by impressive designs. This could result in ending up with wrong choice for your project.

The appropriate choice of selecting a wordpress theme is relative to needs of your project and thus it varies for different websites. So, there are some crucial things to be considered while selecting an ideal WordPress theme:

identify-your-needs Identify your needs

Before selecting any theme, you should define the needs and decide the important features of your website. It is very easy to get stunning themes that have elegant designs, complex layouts, flashy animations. But it is not the proper criteria for your selection. Firsty, you should determine most important aspects of your site and maintain a list of required features:

Some of these are as follows:

– Responsiveness of site to work on mobile devices.
– Any update of the site in coming months or years.
– Important items to be displayed on the website.
– The size of the content.
– Need of Ecommerce functionality.

simplicity Simplicity

The presentation style of your website’s theme should not be complicated. The theme should have such a design layout which follows your business goals. Design should be favouring both simplicity and usability.



Plugin support and compatibility

WordPress plugins are the actual grip of WordPress. With the help of these plugins, you can add any functionality to a WordPress site. So, it is crucial that your WordPress theme is compatible with all popular plugins.




In order to be ahead of your competitors, having a mobile responsive WordPress Theme is of outmost significance. Almost all WordPress themes are responsive. But some themes are not mobile friendly and have fixed width layouts. So, the theme should be responsive so that it can adjust the layout on different sized screen and devices.


Browser compatibility

Users of your site may have different browsers. An ideal theme should look perfect on all browsers. So, before launching its better to undergo proper testing of your website on different browsers like Chrome, Internet Explorer,yahoo etc.


Multilingual support

WordPress theme should be ready for translation and support multilingual plugins. Users should have choice to use language other than English. This gives your site flexibility to choose any particular language.


Pricing- Premium or free theme

Budget is an important factor to consider as it affects your business on the web. There are two options available for themes: one is free of cost and another one is premium (paid) themes.

Free themes:

For startups or small business free themes are the best options. They are relatively cheap but don’t offer more functionality and reliability.


Premium WordPress theme:

This gives access to template files as well as regular updates and product support , thus gains more advanced functionality. Developers also provide technical support for their products. These themes are more reliable and impressive. Premium themes sellers provide user reviews, ratings and forums etc.

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Flexibility and functionality

Almost all themes have a graceful look.But its functionality is totally different from its design. While selecting a particular design its vital thing to check for following things in relation to its functionality.

Page layouts

You should be able to change the width of the page, no of columns etc


Theme options

You should be assured that options included in the theme can be changed any time according to your needs.



Upgrade and support

Another important thing to consider is customer communication areas and support forums of theme stores. You should be in contact with support team with email, phone calls or forums. So, it is a wise idea to examine pre and post sales support of theme providers.


Making the right choice is not as easy as it may appear. With the above recommendations in this post, you are hopefully now better acquainted to select the really good theme that is fast, well coded and SEO-friendly and that includes all of the features you need.

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