Top 3 TikTok Hashtag Generators You Should Use in 2021

Top 3 Tiktok Hashtag Generators You Should Use in 2021 featured image 1

A TikTok hashtag generator could be one of the most important tools in your social media marketing arsenal in the years to come. Like many of the top social channels, TikTok relies heavily on hashtags for organizing content and directing users to the right posts. Failure to use the right hashtags could mean you’re missing out on exposure to crucial potential followers. Top TikTok influencers know how important hashtags are on the app; it’s likely how they got famous!

Unfortunately, the unique structure of the TikTok platform, and the speed with which trends can change in this environment, means business leaders, influencers, and marketing teams need a new strategy. The hashtag lists you use on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram may not have the same appeal to today’s ever-growing TikTok audience.

Today, we’re going to explore the importance of getting your hashtags right, the TikTok hashtag generator tools you can use for inspiration, and how you can stay ahead of the latest trends.

What Is A TikTok Hashtag Generator?

Just because you know hashtags are important to your presence on TikTok doesn’t mean you’ll be able to easily come up with a wide selection of great tags. Several things make achieving success with TikTok hashtags difficult.

First, hashtags on TikTok won’t always be the same as those on other accounts. The younger Gen-Z centric audience on TikTok use different slang and terms on TikTok, so you may find hashtags here that don’t appear anywhere else. TikTok also has unique features that may be relevant to your hashtag choice. For instance, many people search for content based on sounds and trending songs, so hashtags can also include references to songs and artists.

hashtag generator-tiktok trending hashtags

If you want your online business or personal brand to thrive on TikTok, it’s also not enough to find a handful of TikTok tags and use them over and over again. Using too many of the same repetitive hashtags can make you look spammy and drive followers away.

TikTok hashtag generators help solve these problems by suggesting relevant, engaging, and TikTok-ready tags for your content. All you need to do is plug in a couple of words or a theme, and the hashtag generator does the rest of the work for you.

Top 3 TikTok Hashtag Generators

Most TikTok hashtag generators work similarly. You start by adding a selection of keywords you want to rank for to the search engine within the hashtag generator. This tells the tool what kind of content you’ve created or what kind of industry you’re in. The hashtag generator then checks a database of TikTok saved tags from finding the ones more relevant to your post.

Some of the most popular TikTok hashtag generators include:

1. TikTok

hashtag for tiktok

Probably one of the simplest but most effective hashtag generators available for TikTok, the website is a straightforward tool for social media fans. You simply enter a base hashtag for your post into the search bar to get started. For instance, if you’re posting a video about social media marketing, you might hashtag #marketing.

marketing hashtag-tiktok trending hashtags

Based on your suggestion, the technology will search through its database for the best-related hashtags. You can then copy a set of hashtags straight into your TikTok content.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Easy to find related hashtags
  • No login or download required


  • No guarantee all the hashtags will be high-quality

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2. Influencer Marketing Hub

influencer marketing hub

The Influencer Marketing Hub portfolio includes a lot more than just hashtag generation support. You can find influencers to connect with and calculate engagement all in the same place. The hashtag generator within this toolkit is a fantastic product because it can find potential hashtags based on your video.

All you need to do is upload your TikTok content or a snapshot from the video, and the algorithm will intelligently examine the content and suggest relevant hashtags. It’s extremely easy and a lot more intuitive than most hashtag generators.


  • Intuitive selection of hashtag options
  • Available with a range of other social media tools
  • Upload a video or image, rather than using a keyword for suggestions


  • Might take longer to get suggestions if your upload speed takes a while

3. Tucktools Hashtag Generator

tucktools-tiktok trending hashtags

Another TikTok hashtag generator with a creative design, the Tucktools service works similarly to hashtag tools for other social media sites. You add a specific keyword or central hashtag to the search bar to begin looking for relevant tags. For instance, in the example above, the word is “love.” After that, Tucktools will ask you to input your search country.

Notably, it’s valuable to sort through hashtags by location, as this will help you reach a more specific local audience. Once you’ve entered your location and hashtag, click “find hashtags” and copy/paste the ones you like into your TikTok post.


  • Great for finding local hashtags
  • Easy to use with no download required
  • Suitable for creating hashtag kits for multiple posts


  • Suggestions may be a little repetitive after a while

Why Are Hashtags Important On TikTok?

Hashtags started life as a tool for Twitter, designed to help users search through streams of daily content fast to find the information they needed. As social media channels continued to evolve, more of them adopted the hashtag similarly for navigation, organization, and improved user experiences. Today, Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and TikTok users all leverage hashtags, too.

Top TikTok influencers and leading brands know they have to learn how to use hashtags to maintain their position on the app. At the same time, growing accounts on TikTok must learn how to leverage TikTok hashtags correctly if they want to improve their visibility and attract the right users to their content.

TikTok hashtags are essential because they:

1. Amplify Your Content

Hashtags improve your content reach and improve your chances of reaching new followers who might not have found your profile organically. To succeed on TikTok, much like succeeding on any social media platform, you’ll need to focus on getting as much quality content as possible in front of the right people.

TikTok, like most social channels, sorts through your content and organizes it into segments based on the hashtags applied to your videos, among other factors. Applying the right hashtags ensures your content can appear when customers search for something relevant to your brand.

2. Help The TikTok Algorithm Understand Your Content

The TikTok algorithm is an intelligent recommendation system that determines which videos should appear on a user’s “for you” page. Notably, the algorithm is based on several factors, including user interactions with the content on the app, which accounts they follow, comments they’ve posted in the past, and videos they’ve liked or shared.

hashtag for content-tiktok trending hashtags

Your hashtags help the algorithm search for TikTok users interested in your content, and TikTok can determine what kind of followers are most likely to enjoy your video with your tags. Because you’ll be using hashtags relevant to your target audience, you’ll also ensure you’re attracting the people most likely to turn into loyal fans or customers.

3. Improve Your Brand Visibility

Using several relevant hashtags in your TikTok content can place your videos in a range of environments, where it’s more likely to be seen by a wider range of customers. You can make your brand stand out this way and ensure people associate it with the right trends, companies, and even niche or industry terms.

Hashtags can even improve your visibility over your competition. If you track popular hashtags in your industry, you can get a closer look at the kind of content your competitors are creating. This is a great way to get inspiration for content to make your posts stand out.

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Quick Tips To Improve Your Hashtag Search

Crucially, TikTok hashtag generators are only one way to start building inspiration for your TikTok posts. A generator will save you a lot of time and effort when hunting for hashtags, but you can also try using other methods to improve your search too. For instance:

  • Check trending content: Regularly browse through trending content related to your industry to see what influencers and popular TikTok users are adding to their posts. This is a good way to make sure you’re aware of the latest hashtag trends and challenges.
  • Look at competitor content: Following your competitors on TikTok so you can see what kind of hashtags they’re posting with their content is another great way to improve your chances of success. Examining your competitor’s content also means you can see where they miss out on opportunities to reach new people with hashtag gaps.
  • Examine your audience: Remember to pay attention to the hashtags your audience members are using, too. If your followers are using these tags in their content, there’s a good chance they’ll use them to search for the content they enjoy, too.

Another great point to remember is you can always go beyond trending and popular hashtags and make your own branded tags. While using popular industry hashtags will improve your visibility, creating your hashtags takes your marketing efforts to the next level, so you can stand out from the crowd and source more user-generated content.

user content

For example, you can design a hashtag for a marketing campaign and use that tag to link all connected content for that campaign. You’ll also be able to track all campaign-related content and its performance from your hashtag page, which is great for social media marketing. At the same time, if someone creates content relevant to your campaign in your follower community, they’ll tag their content with the same hashtag, allowing you to curate user-generated posts.

Top 10 Trending TikTok Hashtags

You can add a total of 33 hashtags to a single TikTok post. The best social media strategies will often involve using a variation of branded hashtags, local or niche tags, and trending hashtags. Remember, while the most popular hashtags can help your content to get more attention, they also have a lot of competition. Using the top trending tags on every post won’t guarantee TikTok success.

Using your TikTok hashtag generator, you can always create a selection of tag options that include trending or viral hashtags and less common tags. The top trending tags right now include:

1. #FYP (15 trillion) #ForYou (10 trillion): These are tags used to improve your chances of reaching the For You page, although it’s not guaranteed using these tags will get you to the For You page.

2. #Viral (5 trillion): Like FYP, people use this tag to hopefully go “viral” on TikTok.

3. #Comedy (1.1 trillion) #Humor (516 billion): Most popular posts on TikTok are designed to be funny; prioritizing humor in your tags will usually be a good idea.

4. #Dance (321 billion): You may already know TikTok is famous for its dance challenges. If you’re trying one of those challenges, use the #dance tag.

5. #Duet (880.1 billion): Many of the top hashtags on TikTok revolve around popular features on the platform, like #Duet.

6. #Trending (346 billion): Similar to #Viral and #FYP, the #trending hashtag indicates you’re covering a trending topic that might go viral.

7. #TikTokIndia (369.6 billion): Sometimes, certain locations are more popular with TikTok than others, so don’t be afraid to try geographic hashtags.

8. #Love (541 billion): Whether it’s a fairy-tale romance or the love between a guy and his dog, TikTok loves #love.

9. #Meme (278 billion): Memes are pretty popular among the younger generation. If you’re creating a new meme or using one, try this hashtag.

10. #FeatureMe (241 billion): Another hashtag similar to #FYP, this option asks the algorithm to feature a piece of content.

feature me-tiktok trending hashtags

Using A TikTok Hashtag Generator

TikTok hashtag generators are an excellent way to improve your chances of success on a platform like TikTok. With a hashtag generator, you can find inspiration for your TikTok campaigns quickly and improve your visibility on the app.

Just make sure you know how to use your hashtags effectively once you’ve found them, blending trending ideas with branded tags and niche options. Over time, you’ll see the impact on your marketing results.

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