Tips for Building a Viral Mobile Application

Tips for Building a Viral Mobile Application BANNER DESIGN

The demand for mobile applications is apparently expanded in all businesses. Many companies are developing brilliant mobile applications with the help of creative and knowledgeable developers to fulfill individual demands as well as business needs.Mobile applications developers are capable in creating remarkably customized mobile applications with advanced tools and technology. But developing a viral mobile application is considerably a highly challenging procedure for developers as well as companies, as a viral mobile application gives additional revenue stream.

To build a viral mobile application, developers should understand exactly about virality.

– Virality –

Virality is about connecting with more and more users. Virality cannot be achieved through any simple promotional strategy. To make any application viral, developers have followed a detailed approach to make their application viral like a popular buzzword in the world of web. There are some tips for making viral mobile application, these are:



Sharing valuable

One of the most viral applications are those which allow users share valuable contents like articles, photos, games etc. Such engaged users who start sharing on that application will get hooked to it, by repeatedly monitoring to get more praise and making them captivated.This will result in an increasing number of application users. The more users are involved, the better viral effect it will create.

easy to use

Easy to use

Your application should be simple and easy to comprehend so that users can operate share and disseminate it quickly.


Rewards to users:

Rewards should be given to users so that they can be inspired to share it with their friends and can invite many other users to join. Rewards can be in form of promotions, incentives, and giveaways. This makes referral an effective tool for virality. Limited period offer can also be implemented where users can get a discount for logging in to their application. Also, users can be rewarded for sharing and installing an application.

In this way, reward can be given to both users as well as invited users who signed up. The main motive behind these rewards is to get more users engaged in the application so as to make them long time users.


Impressive Look

Your mobile application should be impressive enough so as to target a large number of users. Along with being good and meaningful an application must have the following qualities to make it alluring

Strong caption:

A good viral application should start with a strong name which should be short but easily recognizable with something unique to get attracted by the users. The name should be easy so that it can spread rapidly by word of mouth affect. A good name has a great influence on users.


The application should have an intuitive design. The sign up and share functions should be easier enough, so as not to get your users frustrated at an initial stage



Your mobile application should exhibit transparency in sharing process. This bypasses privacy issues by giving complete control to the users of what they are sharing. As users will not be prompted to use that application if they find their private content on the social media.

Socials links

One-click sign-in methods

The users should be able to sign in through Facebook or Twitter rather than only user name and password. This can help in faster registration of users.

Generate Values

Generate Value

our application should cater to the needs of your target users making them convinced with your application. To achieve this, tests and feedback’s should be constantly done at every phase of development. Testing can be continued even after releasing so that users love it for a long time.


Web presence

Once your application becomes public, more users will talk about it with their family and friends. For this, it is imperative to create a website before release so as to assure your users that your application is a big brand indeed.


Good web designer

Most important thing is having a capable web designer, who can impress more users with his developmental skills. So, good money should be paid to designers to keep them motivated towards exceptional work.


Notifications for users


Notifications for users

Meaningful messages and tips should be sent to users to make your users devoted to use your application. Also, users should be given full control over the notifications they want to receive.


Boost up Social Media

The most important part of your application advertising is to spread your application among huge audience. Social media is the best suitable option to get your target audiences. Your application need to frame momentum on social media channels whereby users who view content shared by your app on Twitter/Facebook become users of your application. Therefore, it gives your application many more users.

Building viral mobile application is certainly not an easy task. It has to be designed into the application’s core functionality and features.I hope above mentioned ideas have spurred on some new ideas to improve your application’s chances of going viral.

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