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Tips to Increase your Google AdSense Revenue

Is there a way of boosting my revenue prospects using Google’s AdSense? Get answers from these tips to increase your Google AdSense revenue. Google’s AdSense is one of the proven streams of generating income on the Internet. However, the revenue does n to come by default. You need to learn how to navigate that world if you want to enhance your chances of succeeding. This post will share with you tips to increase your AdSense earnings. Keep reading below to learn more.

Know where to place your ads

Positioning is one of the keys you can leverage to maximize Google AdSense returns on your site. You need to learn the most appropriate position on your website and position your adverts there. You need to place your adverts in a where they stand above the “crowd” so that it is easy for visitors to see and click on them. You have to optimize the top left sidebar of your website because people read from top to bottom and from left to right. Another location you need to target is the footer because that is where people stop as they read through your website.

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Don’t just use one ad unit

AdSense gives you different unit formats that you can use. You can utilize several of them together so as to increase your chances to increase your AdSense earnings. They include link units, content units, search units, and video units. All you have to do is to position them correctly around your content so that you can get more people clicking on them easily.

Write high quality content

You need to understand that your website is like a water body where fish swim. If you want to catch fish, you need bait that will attract them to your net or hook. If your bait is not attractive, there will be no interface between your net or hook and the fish you want to catch. The same rule applies equally to content. You want people to get attracted to your website so that they can see and click on your ads? You need to offer them something valid that will attract and maintain their attention so that they can click to your adverts. That is why as a shrewd marketer, you have to make quality content the primary interface that will keep your visitors engaged. If you fail here, there are high chances your visitors will leave your site even before getting an opportunity to look at your adverts. Do this to join the ranks of successful marketers who can motivate others by how I increased my AdSense earnings. Additionally, you need to fill your website with relevant content that revolves around a common theme. You have to develop that content to match the kind of adverts you are placing on your website. For example, you can’t develop content around baby products while your adverts are about auto parts.

Give your website a central theme

To increase your Google AdSense revenues, you also need to give your content a central theme and focus. The reason is that AdSense is driven by target-keywords hence you also need to align your content and adverts to follow a similar path. Optimize them as one of the ways on how to make more money with AdSense.



As an online marketer, Google AdSense presents you with one of the many streams of income. But the success of such an opportunity is not a walk in the park. You need to equip yourself with secrets that show you the rules of the game so that you can compete effectively and increase your CPC using Google AdSense.


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