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Top Affiliate Networks To Find the best Affiliate Programs

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I’ll stop beating around the bush and get straight to the point. Everyone wants to make some quick bucks through affiliate marketing so sit back and relax as I give you some of the best affiliate programs that are worth it. No fluff here and no list of over 100 affiliate marketing that looks and sounds the same. I will give you only five of the best affiliate programs that matter. My approach is quite simple. First, I will start by answering a common question that is always asked about affiliate programs, and thereafter give you the five most effective affiliates programs for 2019, and lastly break them down so that you can analyze what works for you. After that, you can pick your choice from the information that I have provided and start making some quick bucks. Ready? Here we go.

What is an Affiliate Network?

An affiliate network is a platform that connects middlemen and entrepreneurs who are also called publishers with companies aka merchants.  The network provides programs to promote products and services rewarding publishers with the commission which is a percentage of profit agreed by both parties. Publishers can access numerous affiliate programs from a single portal. This is not so important.
Next, I am going to give you a list of the best affiliate network marketplaces and what makes them great in affiliate programs.
1. ShareASale
2. Amazon Associates
3. Commission junction
4. Impact Radius
5. ClickBank


ShareASale was started in 2000 and since its inception, it has already paid their affiliates millions of dollars. The network has numerous affiliate programs for almost any kind of niche. It doesn’t have a modern or stylish interface as the other ones, but it’s intuitive enough for anyone to understand it. Getting started with ShareASale affiliate marketing is a breeze and anyone can join. After signing up, it usually takes 2-3 working days for your application to get approved.

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What Makes ShareASale Unique?

Among the things that make ShareASale great is its solid reputation which makes it trustworthy. It has dealt with a couple of big names in the industry. The network boasts of over 1,000 merchants under its affiliate programs. Some of these services include OptinMonster and WP Engine. You can only advertise their products through the ShareASale affiliate network.

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Amazon Associates goes way back to 1996 making one of the pioneers of affiliate marketing networks. It has the biggest selection in the world. As a publisher, you can promote all sorts of both physical and digital products. With Amazon backing it, this affiliate network is valued at $1 trillion with 9 million+ Prime subscribers in the US alone, don’t expect it to go anywhere soon. With a B+ rating from the Business Bureau, you will get your commission 60 days from your last commission. You’ll get paid by direct deposit, checks in the mail, gift certificates. Checks are not the best since there is a $15 processing fee but for international users, the fee has been waived.
What Makes Amazon Associate Different?
Being one of the biggest affiliate networks, its sheer volume is unmatched. You can promote all sorts of physical and digital products. one thing you should be aware of when joining this affiliate marketing is that they don’t encourage links in the email. If you are using email marketing as a means of marketing, this may not be the best for you.
Who Should Join Amazon Associates?
If you familiarize yourself with the Amazon ecosystem, this will be the best affiliate network for you. Those promoting services should look somewhere else. There are millions of opportunities for those wishing to promote physical and digital products. There are plenty of different categories if you choose to go with Amazon Associates.

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Commission junction

This is another affiliate network that was created way back in 1998. CJ stood the Y2K test and lived to tell the tale. The network also has many brands under its belt and gives access to 3000+ merchants. This network has no chances of falling since its part of Alliance Data Systems of Fortune 500 company. The affiliate network enjoys an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. You will get paid every month and offers two payment options. You’ll get paid through direct deposit or a cheque will be sent to you via mail. Unfortunately, it does not support PayPal. The company has two decades of experience in affiliate marketing, which is something!

What Makes CJ Affiliate Awesome?

You can track how your ads are doing thanks to its real-time reporting. You can monitor all activities on your account as they unfold.

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Who Can Use CJ Affiliate?

CJ affiliate network is best for anyone who has an already established audience. If you looking for a feature-rich affiliate network, then CJ will work well for you. Beginners, however, will have a hard time adapting to its learning curve and accounts are deactivated if you go for six months without earning a commission. Another thing is their merchants tended to favor certain publishers over others. It is perfect for those with steady traffic.

Best Affiliate Marketplace

Impact Radius

Impact Radius is another affiliate network that is rapidly growing with a couple of niches on offer including web app, fashion, antiviruses, and web hosting. The network has also seen a lot of brands focusing on it to promote their products. They are among the first to benefit from fingerprint technology to calculate their sales. This is advantageous to brands and marketers.

Click Bank

This is another affiliate network with over 20 years of affiliate marketing experience. Also founded in 1998, the network has numerous options. It has a whopping 6 million+ affiliate products. They have a quick response time and all issues brought forth by complainants are always resolved. ClickBank’s rating with the Better Business Bureau is an A+. It’s payment schedules are flexible with weekly or monthly payment schedules. They also have several payment options including Check, direct deposit, or wire transfer. Payoneer is available for international users but unfortunately no PayPal here either.

What Makes ClickBank Great?

ClickBank focuses on digital products built by various entrepreneurs globally, giving affiliate opportunities that are hard to find anywhere. But you have to be cautious though since some of the products offered by its merchants can be defective, but ClickBank by itself is a reputable affiliate network. If you choose to join this affiliate network, do your homework first before promoting products that don’t meet the standard threshold. This doesn’t only apply to this network but to other networks as well.

Who Can Join ClickBank?

It’s perfect for those who want to benefit from the millions of affiliate programs it provides. It is also perfect for those who want to promote digital products.


Affiliate networks offer a great way to earn passive income. All you need to do is join, start promoting, and earn your sweet commission. Before joining one ensure that you are comfortable with the commission offered and follow their terms and conditions. You should also have an audience and steady traffic that will help you make quick sales.

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