A url shortener has many functions today in the online world. One of the functions includes shortening social media URLs to provide for effective use. When using social media, it is easier to post and repost a URL when it is shortened. A good example is Twitter that requires you to post a minimum 280 character before posting as well as reposting. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to post and others to view and Retweets. Not well known or popular until recently, these URL shortener plugins possible for people who are bloggers to use and make money through sites such as WordPress. Popular websites have created URL shortener links to make it possible for you to work while on their sites. Facebook’s URL shortener is Fb.me while Google search engine has Goog.gl. This article will provide more information below about url shortener sites that are popular today.

Top URL Shorteners used to
shrink URLs for effective website use


Goo.gl is the top URL shortener created by the giant search engine Google. Essentially, this is considered the best Google url shortener by users. All you do is enter the long URL link and wait for a few seconds and the shortened link does display.

By creating these links when you are logged in to your Google account, you will have bookmarks that have short URLs. In addition, Goo.gl enables you to view the number of times the shortened links stored in your history have been used. They help you refer to the visitor’s profile including the Country, Browser, and Operating System they used. Therefore, Goo.gl is a URL shortener that you should try to help you view statistics for your website.

2. Shorte.st

This is for those bloggers looking for a URL shortener that can also pay them. In 2016, this URL shortener was recorded to be among top money-making URL shortener. As such, it is also the best url shortener 2018 among money-making bloggers. In addition, Shorte.st can enable you to mass shrink many URLs at once. In case you are a WordPress blogger this URL shortener can help you to make money using the WordPress plugin. However, it is advised that you do not use Shorte.st with your WordPress personal profile. Social media sites do not view ad-based Link Shrinker as good practice based on their Terms and conditions of use.

3. Godaddy URL shortener

This URL shortener should be used exclusively for Godaddy users. Therefore, if you are among the 14 million subscribers who own a domain or hosting utilizing Godaddy, you can access the Godaddy URL Shrinker. Create shortened URLs using Godaddy using two different domain extensions that include x.co. Good daddy is great to use every once in a while for this purpose and it is great as it is a trusted brand. As such, you never need to worry about a cookie stuffing or dead links using the Godaddy URL Shortener.
Furthermore, another great feature is that you can use Godaddy to create a branded URL shortener all for free. All you need first is to pay $1 monthly for a domain name.

4. Bit.ly

Bitly is among the top URL shortener sites that help you shrink long URLs. Bit.ly is considered by reviews to be second to Goo.gl that is superior in its features. Bit.ly does offer to track to your links and keeps precise details when the links are used by visitors. However, you have to have a link to make this possible. Once you paste the long link, the shortened link is displayed within seconds after you click the shorten button when using Bitly. Therefore, if you are looking for a tiny URL that you can get fast, Bitly is the one for you.
Click the “info page +” option and you will see the details for the shortened URLs here. Among these details include shares on the link and Retweets from the tweet you shared. In addition, you can also view traffic from the link.

5. Android and iOS app to shorten URL

In 2016 it was decided that URL Shorteners should not be limited to desktops. As such iOS for Android was created a custom url shortener. To make it possible, copy the URL in the App and you will receive a shortened URL once you open the App in your Android phone. This is a free url shortener.


In conclusion, these sites listed here are the top sites used for URL shortening. Essentially, a url shortener can help you monitor your links on social media by using the URL shorteners above. The tiny URL is saved and your links are monitored in terms of visitors and traffics. Therefore, you can use these URL shorteners that were not so common before to Shrink long URLs and help you in getting stats for your social media posts. Also mentioned was a way to use URL shorteners to earn money using WordPress plugins. Find the best way to use URL shortening and use it to your advantage online.

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