TotalVPN Review: Best Platform for VPN Services


Many companies offer VPN services. However, very few of them come close to Total VPN. Not only is the network secured but also affordable. The company does many things that help us stay at the top and offer the best VPN services.

Pros of Total VPN

Here are some of the pros that make this service rock.

Easy to Use

Total free VPN has simple navigating controls that are easy to use. You only need a few minutes and you will be up and running. Just sign up for an account, download the app, and finally get connected to the servers. The company uses automated configurations that make a connection to the server simple and best suited to your preference. Total VPN can support various devices such as gaming consoles and Amazon fire. This gives it an upper hand when it comes to connectivity.

Simple, fast and unrestricted. TotalVpn is totally awesome!

VPN Location

Total VPN has over 30 locations worldwide. This means you don’t need to set up an account to find a server location. You only need to click on the location page and you can see. To make it even better you go a step further and lets potential clients know the cities in which the company’s servers are located.


It is good to know that you are getting value for your money. The service offers free online VPN you can enjoy access to three locations with limited bandwidth and transfer of data at no cost at all. Obviously, no one can go that low if speed is not an issue to you and are comfortable with the speed of about 2 mb per second. You can always upgrade to a paid account where you can enjoy a great monthly package at affordable rates.


There is no greater emphasis at Total VPN than to keep your data safe, secure and private. You will enjoy an industry standard 256-bit encryption that is almost impossible for ISP, governmental monitoring and even hackers to penetrate. Handling of sensitive information on a public Wi-Fi, such as banking information and business will be safe and secure with no worries of exposure.

Protect Your Privacy & Personal Information

Total VPN has zero tolerance to monitoring information we don’t login your action when on our VPN. However, sometimes we work with third parties who log in IP address to check for trends, administer website and servers track access.


Streaming and file sharing will be slow on a free Total VPN account, and this can be very frustrating especially if you have a deadline to beat. To enjoy exceptional speed, it is advisable to subscribe to a premium account. You can get more speed because Total VPN user interface enables you to choose a VPN built for speed. There will be buffering but only for a while and then it is great streaming experience. The firm also offers VPN for PCs.

Customer Support

Total VPN cherishes its esteemed clients through its friendly customer support. It has help centers with how-to install guides. There are also FAQs that enable the firm to interact with users. You can also chat and share issues such as problems faced and even compliment its product experience.

How to Set-up Total VPN  By Jake Hill


Finishing Up

TotalVpn runs an impressive affiliate program. Though the commission may be considered meager, it is a trusted site that is proven to drive more conversions than most others, if not all, affiliate programs. If you are looking for a trust worth affiliate program with a solid track record, then Amazon Associate is the best option.

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