It is important to optimize your search engine. By doing so, you stand a great chance of getting traffic that will drive you to the top of these search engine pages. Before we dive into the functionality of the tool, let us first describe Traffic Travis.Traffic Travis free SEO software for desktops which is available in free and professional version. The Pro version offers a complete SEO analysis of your website, which includes internal pages.
The software is automated, unlike most free SEO tools. The SEO software for desktops enables you to export your report, making it beneficial for those offering SEO services. You can manage multiple projects for those running multiple websites. It is considered one of the best online tool and SEO software that allows you to conduct complete search engine optimization research.


• Competition analysis – The software allows users to monitor your competitors’ movement in the search engines since it’s an SEO management software. The software can recall data from previous searches enabling you to see whether the site is moving upwards or downwards in the search engines
• Top ranking sites – With one click of a button, you can perform site SEO analysis of top ranking sites for your keywords
• Elegant free version –It has a fantastic free version which is comprehensive of the paid version. The developer gives an assurance of effectiveness and usability from both versions. The free version can carry out verification of backlinks, keyword research, track keywords, and domain research. There are much different between the two variations
• Executive tools – Traffic Travis plugin allows SEO analysis since its tools work together with SEO tools. The tools can carry out full SEO health checks on any website that shows information such as page rank, Alexa Traffic Rank, and page warnings. Besides, you can check for technical errors for website affecting your visibility in search engines, page ranks, backlinks internal pages can have competition analysis

Improve your website’s search engine rankings

• Print and save reports – A free version is a great tool for SEO professionals as it can print and save reports alongside graphs of search engine rankings. It also monitors movement over a course of time
• Projects –The software allows the user to set up distinct projects for each website you target for click-throughs, where you can later bring these data for SEO management
• Google AdWords integration –Another feature of this software focuses on keyword ranking of each page using a keyword research tool which integrates with Google AdWords. You only need to link your Google account to the software and it will pull keyword details from Google itself. Apart from that, the software also drags data from AdSense finder and AdWords completion which helps to break them down into comprehensive chunks for review and analysis


The SEO software for desktops provides support through community forums which provide basic information about the product. You can also download the PDF with this program. If you wish to contact the customer care, you will first have to fill out a form with your email address and the question you want answering.

How to Use Traffic Travis

An activation code is needed to run this program and activate all the functions. As a user, you have to enter your name and email address to receive an email with the activation code. Upon receiving the activation code, you will be required to click on the download option where the software can be installed on your desktop and activated.Also, you need an internet connection to download Traffic Travis. Once you have successfully installed and activated the program, click on ‘Projects’ to add new projects. You can also add a keyword that is monitored by the user. It is also important to add your country where for the data of the search engine to achieve a better result. Once you are through with the settings, click on ‘save

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The dashboard

The user finds vital information about the website here. The software has several sections on the dashboard. All the sections have specific relevance. They include: “My site”, “SEO”, “Research”, and “PPC” section. In My Site section, the user conducts complete analysis on the webpage. This is where you can get backlinks, keyword ranking, and page rank. In this section, you have to enter keywords manually but it is worth it. The SEO section empowers the program. It enables the user to analyze the competition and also see important details that give your competition that extra edge. The research section allows the user to do domain research or keyword research from the desktop if the keyword is already in use. The user finds pages in this section called PPC if they are using AdWords or AdSense, thereby, enabling them to grow their business.

Price Plan

The free SEO software has a free and paid version. If you choose to buy, you can get it at $97. If in 60 days you are not satisfied with the product, you have a money-back guarantee. One shortcoming of this software is that it does not come with a Traffic Travis PDF that helps people to use the program. It is always good to have a program manual that can help you understand how the program works.


• Has a simple interface • It improves rankings • Has research that provides new keywords • Easy to install since it requires no technical skills


• With almost the same features in Pro and free version, one may wonder why to settle for the paid version

Checkout quick video review on Traffic Travis

Source: Traffic Travis


Traffic Travis plugin is a useful desktop-based tool equipped with essential functionality to boost traffic in your website by improving on your SEO visibility. I believe this review has provided enough information about the software. I suggest you try it to maximize your web experience.

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