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Traffic Travis Review [2020]: Free Desktop SEO Software

Traffic Travis Review Free Desktop SEO Software NamanModi

The factors that determine how well your site ranks on search engines are dynamic. For instance, keywords change over time. And as they change, the ranking of your website on search engine changes too. It is crucial to determine which keywords have a poor score and which ones a higher one on different search engines. An SEO tool will help you do the task. Luckily, you can find tons of free SEO tools on the internet to improve your site performance. Note that a majority of these freemium tools only have basic features. And so, they may not meet your SEO requirements. I was in search of an app that could help me do a couple of SEO tasks. And boom! I stumbled on Traffic Travis. The tool is available on the Traffic Travis website.

In this article, I’ll debunk a suite of features you can find in the Traffic Travis SEO tool. What’s more, you will get insight into how the tool helps improve your site’s position in the SERPs.

What is Traffic Travis?

Traffic Travis is an SEO tool that, among other things, helps you find out how your site is performing on the web. The tool gives you the freedom to choose between two editions – the Free and the Pro edition. It comprises an array of inbuilt features, to boot. These are the Keyword Tools, Search engine tools, PPC analysis, Page analysis, and SEO analysis.

Besides the suite of features, the interface is friendly to users. You can navigate it with much ease. Plus, it is compatible with other SEO tools. For instance, you can integrate it with Google AdWords to bolster Keyword research. That, thus, yields more keyword suggestions for you.

The advisable way to have a feel of this tool is to start with the free edition. It is basic but has a competitive edge over its peers on the market in regards to free SEO tools. You can manage a couple of projects at once using the free edition.

But, there’s a significant drawback you will encounter with the free edition tool. That is the limited number of keywords for which you can search. And that’s, probably, the juncture at which you should consider upgrading to the Traffic Travis Pro edition.

What is Traffic Travis able to do?

So, what are of the things that Traffic Travis can do? Well, this depends on the version you have. You don’t expect the free version to perform all tasks the Traffic Travis Pro version performs.

Here’s a list of some of the things Traffic Travis, in general, can do:-

  • Competitor keywords: It enables you to find the best keywords your competitors use at any given time. Therefore, you can use the ones that rank well to improve the SEO rankings of your website.
  • Backlinks: The tool does a comprehensive backlink analysis. You can see the total number of backlinks to your site. The tool allows you to add as many useful backlinks as possible to your site.
  • Keyword research and analysis: This tool helps you determine the keywords that can scale up your site’s organic traffic.
  • Keyword progress tracking: The tool can check how your keywords are ranking on different search engines.
  • Competitor ranking: You can see how your competitors rank for particular keywords within a specified time-frame.
  • Technical mistakes: It is normal to have errors on your webpage. The tool tracks all technical errors on your webpages and sites.
  • Site comparison: It is easy to compare different sites side-by-side using the tool.
  • Domain name research: The tool aids in finding suitable domain names that match the given keywords.
  • Site audit: It can automate SEO health checks on a batch of websites. Besides, it generates different accurate SEO analyses for you.

Features of Traffic Travis

Upon successful downloading and installing the app, you should see an interface similar to the one above. It’s a simple layout with the main menu buttons appearing on the extreme left. Once you click on a button, the in-depth details will pop up on the screen’s right-hand side.

And now…

The general features of the app in detail:

Keyword Tools

Keywords are the lifeblood of the SEO task. The Keyword Tools feature plays a critical role in this task. It consists of two sub-functions. These are the Keyword Finder and Keyword Sorter.

The Keyword Finder helps you search for appropriate keywords. When you key in a keyword word, a list of keywords correlated to it shows up. Note that the list comprises keywords stemming from different search engines. Therefore, you will be able to tell whether or not those surfing on the web are looking for your keyword.

Traffic Travis- Keyword Finder

The Keyword Sorter, as the name suggests, aids in arranging the results from the Keyword Finder in a particular order. For example, you can sort the results alphabetically. Moreover, the tool allows you to filter the keywords to display. Therefore, you can eliminate all keywords with fewer searches and remain with those with the most searches.

Traffic Travis- Keyword Sorter

Pro tip: For better SEO results, always choose keywords that people search for the most.

Search Engine Tools

Yet another intriguing feature you should check out. It has such inbuilt functions as Position/Ranking, Top Sites for Keywords, Backlinks to the site, and Project Report tools.

The Position/Ranking tool enables you to find out how your site ranks on Google, Ask, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. Besides, you can choose the search engine on which you want to carry out a ranking test.

Another upside is that you can tell when there’s an improvement or a decline in your rankings. How? The tool keeps track of the previous classification of your site on different search engines. It displays the last ranking alongside the current ranking.

Traffic Travis-Search Engine Tools

Additionally, the tool memorizes the dates when you check the rankings of different sites. If you want to know the page that ranks best for a given keyword, the results show that. See the illustration on the screen next.

The Top Sites for Keywords option shows you the domains or webpages which rank in the first pages of SERPs. This is based on given keywords. Furthermore, the tool enables you to figure out who your competitors are in regards to a specific keyword.

Traffic Travis- Search Engine Tools

That’s not all; the tool can also display a range of sites based on a set of keywords. It shows the results in a window at the lower part of the interface. The results are as per the selected site. Check out the next screenshot.

The Backlink to Site is a crucial tool in determining the backlinks to your site. It shows you vital information about these backlinks. The report includes the URL or address, anchor text, the IP address, and page rank.

Traffic Travis- Backlink to site

The traffic rank, inbound links, outbound links, and follow are other essential things about which the tool avails data.

The Project Report tool is fundamental, especially when running SEO campaigns. Many sites are competing on the web for the topmost position on SERPs. Therefore, fluctuations in keyword rankings are normal as time progresses. You can generate reports either in a graph or sheet layout.

Traffic Travis- Project Report

PPC Analysis

You can count on this feature if you plan on delving into PPC ads for Google AdSense. Google ads use keywords. So, PPC analysis will help you find out if Google ads using the same keywords as your site. Also, the feature checks the sites that rank top on SERPs for the keywords that interest you.

Traffic Travis- PPC Analysis

I ran a couple of tests with it, and it turned out to be worth trying out. In the next screenshot, you can see sites and an ad using the keyword “Flowers and Chocos.” Besides, the ranking is indicated together with the matching keywords. Once you have your PPC ads ready, go ahead and check Google AdSense data using it.

Page Analysis

This tool performs an in-depth SEO analysis of your webpage. It analyzes the scorecard of a webpage as per the SEO metrics in force. I wouldn’t know the finer details on how the scoring works. Of essence is the information about the performance of your webpages vis-à-vis your keywords.

You can either check a single page at a time or an entire sitemap of a website. The latter is, however, the advisable way of using the page analysis tool. The page, keyword, and score analysis appear under pages and keywords.

Traffic Travis-Page Analysis

There’s essential information about the host IP address, inbound and outbound links, page rank, E-mails, and Alexa rank. Also, Meta info, Headings, and keywords analysis are available thanks to the Report Summary feature.

SEO Analysis

The SEO Analysis feature evaluates the top SERPs results. It can be, for example, the top 5, 10, 15 results. Keywords are the hinge in this respect. The information that appears in the results includes Rank, Website URL, Page Rank, Age, Backlinks, DMOZ listing, Meta, and Header tags, to mention a few.

Traffic Travis-SEO Analysis

The beauty of this tool is that it allows you to perform analysis by country. After keying in the phrase to search, select a country of your choice, and hit Analyze. The top-ranking sites for that particular keyword in the selected country will appear depending on what you quantified under Analyze Top.

Step By Step Guide on how to use Traffic Travis

Want to have a shot at Traffic Travis? Well, you can visit the company’s official website and download the app. It’s simple. Provide your name and e-mail address, and you will receive an activation code in your inbox. Proceed and click on the download option on the website.

The product will download to your computer, and installation will follow after that as well as Product activation. On successful installation, you can launch the program. Note that the facility may not be up to date in case of a downloaded installation file. You are likely to see a screen similar to the next screenshot.

Traffic Travis-Home Screen

There you go. Here is the Traffic Travis home screen. As you can see, you can add projects, manage websites, and get a sneak preview of added projects. If you would like to go Pro, hit the UPGRADE TO PRO button at the bottom of the screen.

Traffic Travis-Save a Project

You can add a project with one eye closed. When you choose the Add new project option, you should see a screen similar to the above. Next, enter the name of your project, site URL, sitemap URL, and your keywords. Click on the SAVE PROJECT button located on the bottom right-hand side of the screen, and that adds the project.

The only headache you may run into is adding the sitemap URL when you don’t have a sitemap setup. You’ll have to put up with the hassle of the application eliminating your webpages from robot.txt file.

Traffic Travis-Update Settings

Pro-tip: Having a sitemap will save you the time-consuming bother of webpage removal from robots.txt

Congratulations! You have succeeded in capturing and saving your project’s necessary details. But that is not enough. There is a whole world of attributes you can add to your plan whenever you want.

You can go through different settings under the Search Engines, Update Settings, Miscellaneous, Video Rankings, and E-mail Scheduler options. Feel free to add details that might interest you.

Traffic Travis-Miscellaneous option

For instance, you can set the time-frames within which you would like to get different updates on your site’s performance. You can set all these under the option “Update Settings” as you can see in the screenshot above.

The above screenshot shows you some of the things you can set under the Miscellaneous option. You can choose to exclude results on Google places by checking the appropriate checkbox.

Traffic Travis- Video Rankings

Under Video Rankings, you can check how your videos are ranking on YouTube.

Traffic Travis-Email Schedular

The e-mail scheduler option lets you automate the frequency at which you would like to receive updated reports. The reports are based on how you have set your project attributes in Traffic Travis.

When you correctly configure your report settings, then you should see a screen similar to the above. But, there isn’t much to display about Reviews Boss since it is a new site with a brief stint on the web.

Traffic Travis-Review

You would have seen loads of data under Rankings for Backlinks and Top 5 Ranked Keywords if it had been booming on the web. And again, I only added four keywords to give you a clue on how to go about the process. You can add as many keywords as you wish for an exhaustive outcome if you are running Traffic Travis Pro.

Traffic Travis- Research Keyword

Searching for keywords is quite straightforward. You key in a keyword in the Keyword field and click on the FETCH button. You can do this by clicking on the Research tab. The resultant screen should look like the one above.

Traffic Travis- Fetch Button

The keyword research tool gives you the freedom to change the region and language. Also, you can specify the SERP values match type. The available options, as can be seen above, are Broad, Exact, and Phrase. Note that you can only try one option at ago.

Traffic Travis- Table Filter

The Traffic Travis SEO tool allows you to filter results. You can do the filtering using the Keyword Tools feature. Different options are available for screening, and it displays results as per the filtering criteria you select.

Traffic Travis-SEO competition functionality

When you want to check how your keywords are performing, use the Research/SEO competition functionality. After typing in your keywords, click on the OK button. The results should appear on your screen in a short while.

Traffic Travis-SERP competition

A successful SERP competition check will result in something similar to this. Bear with me. The screen is somewhat blurred after I compressed it for the web. However, be sure to check out for a sharper image, which I will add soonest.

Anyway, I hope you can see the result in display under the column “Difficulty.” It indicates that the keyword I have used “SEO Software” is tough to rank. Therefore, using it will not yield desired results; however much I may try.

There is an additional analysis of the keyword at which you should also have a look. It includes:

  • The ranking of the page
  • The backlinks page
  • Backlinks site
  • The SERP results
  • In anchor details
  • The In title
  • KEI tally
  • CPC

Traffic Travis-report on SEO

As you can see from the above screenshot, you can get a comprehensive report on SEO competition. Once you key in a keyword, the tool displays the sites that have a better ranking for the phrase. Many other details are available about these sites based on the keyword you enter.

Is Traffic Travis free?

Yes and No. Look, the Traffic Travis version you are interested in determines whether it is free or paid. Two versions are available: the free and Pro version. Unlike the latter, you don’t part your way with any money to procure the free version.

You can get the free version with little effort by going here and downloading it. All you need to do is to register with your e-mail address. The company will send you a download link.

I advise that you strictly download Traffic Travis through the official website. Downloading from third party sites such as Cnet or Softpedia may be tedious. And again, you might end up downloading an obsolete version.

The Traffic Travis Pro edition goes for as little as $97. Fortunately, they have a sixty days money-back guarantee. What does that mean? The company refunds your money to you if the product fails to satisfy your expectations. However, there’s no refund if you don’t express dissatisfaction within sixty days.

You can click here if you would like to download the Traffic Travis Pro edition. A sum of $97 is what you should pay for your download to go through.

Traffic Travis Pro Crack

Who doesn’t like freebies? Procuring some apps can leave your pocket with a dent. Consequently, many people tend to look around for cracked versions of apps. If you are looking for Traffic Travis Pro, I advise you don’t try the cracked version.

Chances are there could be cracked versions of this SEO tool doing rounds on the dark web. Bear in mind that such versions put your computer at the risk of cyber-attacks. They can inject malware into your machine. Besides, a cracked version won’t give you frequent Traffic Travis updates.

Therefore, always go for the genuine professional edition or make the most of the free version.


Here’s the upside of the product:

  • Google AdWords Integration – The Traffic Travis keyword research tool integrates with Google AdWords via your Google account. That means you can get significant keyword information from Google. Once the integration process sails through, you can obtain data from Google AdWords. You can then refine the data into portions that are easy to understand during analysis.
  • Excellent rank tracking experience – Traffic Travis is a reliable SEO tool for tracking your site ranking. It edges out many other alternatives on the market in regards to rank tracking. The Traffic Travis Pro edition allows you to track unlimited keywords. Plus, you can adjust the frequency when the app checks search engines for updates for easy monitoring of rankings.
  • Tracks search engine database – The tool searches the databases of search engines for crucial SEO information. Your site draws lots of organic traffic once it features on top of SERPs from different search engines. Google has a commanding lead in the search engine market for a very long period now. Your site enjoys much organic traffic when it ranks on top of Google SERPs. However, Yahoo! and Bing are also a force to reckon with if you can make the most of them. Traffic Travis lets you do this with much ease. Clicking on the SEO tab enables you to see the keywords your site is ranking for on different search engines.
  • Excellent on-page checker – Traffic Travis displays errors on your webpage. You can, thus, fix the errors it flags to improve on the performance of your site on the web. Identify the indexed pages and see how to tweak them to shoot to the top of SERPs.


Like any other app, Traffic Travis has got its inadequacies. Here is what I found out:

  • Competitor Analysis Feature: It is always beneficial to know how your competitors are faring online. Knowing their strengths and weakness can go a long way in helping you improve your online presence. Competitor analytics data can help you make palpable SEO campaigns that can boost your site’s organic traffic. When your organic traffic scales up, you stand a high chance of attracting clients to your goods or services. Your sales may, thus, receive an upsurge. Regrettably, this feature is not available for users who may opt for the free edition of Traffic Travis.
  • Lack of remote access: Sorry if you have no direct access to your computer running the app. Traffic Travis doesn’t support cloud access. Therefore, you can only use it on your desktop or laptop. Your phone or tablet is of little help when you want to access this SEO tool, and you are not in front of your computer.
  • Does not support Mac: A solution to this issue remains elusive since the launching of Traffic Travis. The lack of native Mac support leaves out a massive clientele with the macOS. However, if you are a Mac enthusiast interested in having this SEO tool, try virtual machine (VM). VM is the only available option for you. Yes, it allows you to install the Windows OS and run it alongside your MacOS. But it is high time a Traffic Travis app compatible with Mac was made available for Mac users.
  • Inconveniences:  You should be ready to put up with CAPTCHAs, which may be a nuisance. You will have to go through many CAPTCHAs as you add URLs to the app. That means you have to be in front of your screen to respond to these CAPTCHA pop-ups. You can deploy paid CAPTCHA solvers, but that’s an expense with which users may not be pleased. Another thing I noticed with this SEO tool is slowness. It drags if your CPU specs are low. The speed of Traffic Travis is reliant on the specs of your CPU. Running a query that fetches data from Google requires patience for the results if your CPU specs are low.
  • Incessant inbox messages: Upon downloading the Traffic Travis SEO tool, Affilorama adds your e-mail to FINISH. From there on, you will be receiving lots of e-mails from the company. Some of the e-mails might be of little use to you.
  • No pdf guide: A manual is necessary no matter how easy an application may be to understand. Our levels of understanding are poles apart. Unfortunately, Traffic Travis has no pdf guide to expedite the process of acquainting yourself with how the tool works.
  • Useless Link Finder data: Traffic Travis attempts to automate link building, but the functionality doesn’t work as you would anticipate. Running the Link Finder data is cumbersome. You will have to get through a couple of CAPTCHAs to complete a single search query. Moreover, it also provides you with erroneous query results. Through the app, you get a list of URLs where you can submit your site for backlinks. But, the classification for each link under the Query column is incorrect most of the time. Furthermore, it doesn’t guide you on how to get a link from that page. You, therefore, end up wasting time waiting for URLs that won’t help you.

Customer Support

Applications develop technical hitches. And so, Traffic Travis is no exception. Should you encounter a glitch, or have any other query to raise, reach out to the customer support team. You can do so via phone, twitter, e-mail, or an online contact form which you can fill out on their site.

You can also explore the in-depth knowledge base found in the support section of their website. Here you can get comprehensive information on different topics. Some of the issues include Download and Installation, SEO Analysis, Keyword $ Domain Research, Project Configuration, to mention a few.

Traffic Travis Alternative

Alternative SEO tools to Traffic Travis are available. You can get both freemium and premium editions. Here is a list of some of the tools that can help you with your SEO management tasks:

Of all these, I would say Market Samurai is Traffic Travis’ peer. It can handle the functionality of Traffic Travis.

Traffic Travis Vs. Market Samurai 

You can keep an eye here for a thorough comparison of Market Samurai and Traffic Travis soon. At the moment, I would say Market Samurai is, apparently, not very active on the market. I’m not quite sure about that, though. It’s just that the site looks moribund with little activity.

Even so, the social media outlook of Market Samurai looks somewhat active. They update it once in a while. The talk of approval back in the days when the product was thriving in the market is no longer there.

Traffic Travis Vs. Long Tail Pro

These two SEO tools have a common feature; keyword research. They both make use of Google Keyword Planner. Long Tail Pro concentrates on keyword research. Traffic Travis, on the other hand, has an extensive set of features that execute different functions.

Long Tail Pro, as the name denotes, is much better in regards to finding long-tail keywords. As for Traffic Travis, it boasts an impressive SERP competition analysis. What’s more, it doesn’t have a monthly fee for premium access, as is the case with Long Tail Pro. The free version allows you to analyze keywords, although you can’t do more than 20 keywords at one go.

Feel free to learn a little more about Long Tail Pro.  Click here to take a look at my review.

                                                           Check Out the Quick Video Review On Traffic Travis

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Search engine optimization is a continuous activity in the life-cycle of your site. Traffic Travis is a vital desktop-based SEO tool that will help you in your SEO campaigns. It comprises a suite of features that aid in improving the visibility of your site on the web. The tool lets you analyze your competitors’ performance, identify new keywords, check rank tracking, and much more.

It’s, however, worth noting that it has got its inadequacies like any other tool. They say seeing is believing. Therefore, it’s worth trying out the free version before you draw a solid conclusion. That will help you make a fair decision on whether or not Traffic Travis deserves a slot in your SEO toolset.

I believe this Traffic Travis review lays bare the ins and outs of Traffic Travis for you to make an informed decision. Rest assured of another exam from me should improvements on the product be forthcoming in the future.

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