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TranslatePress: WordPress Translation Plugin

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When you want to begin translating your WordPress content, you need to ensure that you are right. The reason for this is that changing WordPress translation plugin applications may prove cumbersome and distort your WordPress content over time. Therefore, you will get a list of 6 WordPress language plugins that can help you translate the content on your WordPress website once you learn their pros and cons. Before this, you need to know whether you will use the automatic or manual translation for your WordPress content. For the manual, you have to input the language of translation manually. For automatic WordPress translation plugin, you get the advantage of having the computer do the translation for you. Here is a list of the best WordPress translation plugin applications available for you.

Manual or Automatic WordPress Translate Plugins

Before choosing a good WordPress language plugin, you need to know whether you need an automatic or manual translate WordPress plugin. Here is the difference.

Automatic WordPress plugin

When you use an automatic translation, the computer does the translation for you. It is similar to Google. However, it may lead to errors in phrasing and the right diction.

Manual WordPress plugin

On the other hand, when you translate WordPress manually, you have to input the language yourself. This may become expensive and time-consuming. However, it ensures perfect translation of your site with no problems in phrasing.
A hybrid method to this two would be to use automatic translation prior to going back to fix any errors you encounter. Therefore, pick a plugin that you can work with as some of these plugins provide you with all three options or a single option. These WordPress language plugins include the following.

6 of the best WordPress translation plugins in 2018

1. TranslatePress

This is a new Freemium translation plugin that is similar to Polylang or WPML but similar to Weglot.
Therefore, you get the convenience of Weglot but can only use it for a one time fee on your WordPress dashboard.
TranslatePress provides a front-end interface that is live and based on your WordPress customizer. You can translate every aspect of your site including Yoast SEO titles, and image alt text when you use the premium version.

The translations are SEO friendly and Google can crawl on your content and you get separate URL structures.
With this plugin, you can translate automatically or manually. If you choose automatic translation, you get to use Google Translate API.


This is among the most popular WordPress translation plugins in the market. It is only available in premium, however, this does not limit how well used it is by WordPress users. It has many features that enable you to create a great WordPress multilingual site.
All you need to do is choose the language with which your WordPress can be available in and WordPress automatically translates your content. There is a simple side by side editor that is used for this plugin.

WPML is a plugin that helps you translate all aspects of your WordPress website. They include
• Widget text
• Theme text
• Page builder designs
• Among others.
In addition, all your translated content does not lose its SEO friendly format. The plugin also helps you get 100% unique content in the translated language for the purpose of Google indexing. Furthermore, you can choose the structure that you need the translated versions. This includes,
• Different domains or subdomains
• Subdirectories
• URL parameters

Managing WPML

To translate your WordPress site content, use the default focus on manual translation. However, you can translate automatically too when you use this plugin.
Using the Translation Manager, you can perform these tasks with the feature.

  • Create special translation users for your site when you need to hire your translator
  • Connect to exterior translation services using your dashboard.
  • Using the external service will help you automatically translate your site. As opposed to the $29 WPML package, it is recommended that you use the multilingual CMS plan at $79. This way, you have a multilingual site.

3. Weglot

This translate WordPress plugin helps you achieve a different approach to translation. Essentially, it is expensive based on your particular needs. However, it is convenient when you need to save time.

How Weglot works

  • First, you connect your WordPress site to the cloud-based Weglot service
  • Using machine translation, Weglot translates your content automatically
  • It is possible to edit the automatic translations by using Weglot cloud interface. Alternatively, you can use professional translators for manual translations

All aspects of your WordPress website are translated when you use Weglot. An SEO friendly URL structure is also created to enable Google to index and crawl.

Advantages of using Weglot

  • The translation plugin is user-friendly
  • The cloud-based interface makes it easier to manage translations and send them to professional translators.
  • The setup is easy. You only need a couple of minutes to translate your site. If you desire, you can then manually proof the work.The only con is that there is no one time fee for Weglot; you have to keep paying for the services at €9.90 per month. The limited free plan only allows you 2000 words translation before you have to pay after the trial period for this WordPress language plugin.

4. Polylang

This plugin is active in over 4,000 sites. This also includes translating WordPress plugin that offers free translation plugins for
The free version enables you to translate your WordPress site’s content manually. Use the string translations editor for theme text and site tiles. Alternatively, you can use separate editor interfaces on WordPress to translate individual pieces in your content.

You end up with indexable and SEO friendly translated content. However, you need the Pro Version to translate any slugs in your URLs.
Polylang allows manual translations. You can integrate the plugin with Lingotek Translation plugin for automatic translation. You can get more information on Polylang via this link.

5. GTranslate

This WordPress translation plugin is more basic when provided free compared to other plugins in this list.
As opposed to choosing specific languages, you have the choice of using a drop-down widget that gives you the chance to choose flags of various countries. You can also dynamically translate your WordPress site using Google translate.

Pros of GTranslate

  • It is 100% free
  • Effective in time used to translate
  • You can automatically include many languages


  • Google cannot index the translated version from your site as it is a free plugin. However, you can choose the pro version.
  • The free version translations done automatically are not accurate; nonetheless, the pro version can give you 100% proofing for your translations.

The pro version goes for $65 annually.

6. Loco Translate

Among other translation plugins, Loco Translate is the most popular. It is active in over 700,000 sites.
Essentially, it is not fully focused on translation management; it goes for localization of your content. Therefore, it is good for translation but not for the creation of a multilingual site.
For instance, there is no language switcher. Therefore, it is more focused on localizing your site to your native language.

How to use Loco Translate

You use an in-dashboard PO editor to begin. Using this editor, you get to see

  • The original translation located on the left
  • And the translated version on the right

Afterward, use helpful keyboard shortcuts to fasten the process. As such, if you need to localize your content as opposed to translating the content this is the plugin to use.


In conclusion, you can see that these plugins are beneficial to the traffic you can get from your site. A site that has one language will only have one demographic of visitors, however, when you use these WordPress language translation plugins, you improve user appeal for your site in different countries and get to improve your site’s income. Therefore, if you had a problem when choosing a site translate WordPress plugin application, view the above list. You will have the option to translate automatically or manually and see how your organic traffic grows.

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