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Twibble: Auto Tweet Posts via RSS Feed with Featured Post Image

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It’s a common trend for bloggers to use Twitter feed automation tools to efficiently manage and update their social media accounts. These tools can also be useful to regular Twitter users. In fact, you can use a tool called Twibble which is an RSS-to-Twitter service used to automatically tweet articles your blogs. This wonderful tool allows users to share posts and articles with their followers. This post will explore the various features that the service offers and how you can use it to share your content.

Features of Twibble

Twibble is a simple RSS-to-Twitter service used to automatically tweet and schedule tweet content from various RSS feeds. The user needs to connect his/her Twitter account to the web app and then add a new RSS feed. The Twitter scheduler provides options for advanced schedule tweets and you can, therefore, control the number of tweet frequency.
It also allows users to customize the format of their tweets by adding #hashtags, prefixes, images, twitter animation, @mentions, etc. This tool allows you to see a live preview of your tweet. You can even send a test tweet to ensure everything is working fine. If everything works fine, click “Create” to finalize it.

Another great feature of Twibble is scheduling. This feature allows you to schedule a tweet and specify what day and time you want to post your Tweets. Timing is an important factor when posting your content, especially in your social share; therefore this feature enables you to schedule Twitter posts according to your priority. The feature also allows you to check for new posts every 15 minutes and post as many as 5 new tweets at a time. Unless you want to beat others to the first tweet, this may not be necessary. You can auto post to Twitter at any given time.

Fast and simple Facebook and Twitter scheduler

Image posting is another great feature that this service offers. It allows you to post images on Twitter. All you need to do is to activate the “Attach featured image” option. That way, if your blog post has images, you can use them in your tweet. Images are a great way to increase your site’s visibility. The Twitter RSS feed has a filtering option to filter specific words you may want to use as keywords. All you have to do is enter the keywords in the appropriate box. You can log in using your twitter account. You have to add the reference name and feed URL.

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How to use Twibble

Using Twibble is very easy. All you have to do is link your Twitter account to the web app to access your private dashboard. There are three main options on the left side of your dashboard – feed overview, add new feed and analytics. You can view a summary of all of your tweet feeds in the feed overview. To add a new feed, click on the “add new feed”. For your feed stats, click the “analytics” option.

Adding a new feed is simple, just enter your preferred RSS feed name with the RSS feed URL. You don’t have to own a website or a blog to add a new feed. Twibble will work provided you enter a valid RSS feed. For a valid feed, the RSS Feed URL input will turn green. The input will turn red for an invalid feed. You can try other variations if it turns out to be invalid. You can easily find your way through the app due to its user-friendly interface. This social media automation tool is not only for site owners, internet marketers, bloggers, and professional writers but also for users who want more followers.

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Neat and user-friendly UI
Post scheduling at a given time interval using the auto twit bot
Integrated analytics – includes your daily click times, click rates, popular hashtags and click locations
Allows activation and deactivation of tweet feed at any given time
You can add and manage multiple Twitter accounts
You can share your feeds with others


Minor glitches and errors

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Source: Twibble Inc


I trust that this Twibble review was of great help to you and you can now create a steady stream of relevant tweets. As soon as you start using it you will notice a significant improvement in your follower engagement and more users will start following you. If you are looking for an effective way to publish your posts on Twitter, then Twibble is the right tool for you.

It offers free RSS-to-Twitter posting services and is perfect for users who are looking to improve their visibility. Although it still needs a few touches, its service is exceptional for a free service. The reason why I advocate for Twitter rather than Facebook for business owners is that Twitter is completely unfiltered and you don’t have to promote your tweets if you don’t have to.

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