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Ubersuggest: Awesome Free SEO Keyword Suggestion Tool

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Ubersuggest is a useful free tool that helps you find numerous keyword suggestions. These keyword suggestions are great in improving your traffic and getting up your ranking on search engines online.

Keyword research is necessary before writing quality articles for your blog. Ubersuggest is a free tool that helps you find these keywords. Keywords determine searchability and when a person searches for something online, your article will rank highly on the search engine due to the right keywords suggested by Ubersuggest. By ranking high, you have high visibility and this improves your traffic helping you earn your revenue. In addition, when Google AdSense has certain words attached to advertisements on your site. Therefore, the advertisements in your site will be viewed more if you use the right keywords. As such, your revenue will go up due to the use of Ubersuggest. This is how Ubersuggest works to ensure you have the right keywords to improve your website or blog.

How Ubersuggest works

Keyword SEO research can be tiring. You sometimes need to check keyword traffic competition and many other factors to improve the visibility of your website. However, if you make Ubersuggest your friend, this free tool shows you the right keywords for your niche. Therefore, here is how to go about working with Ubersuggest tool.

  • First, you go to Ubersuggest and enter your target query in the query field.
  • For instance, if you are working on a WordPress niche, you can type “WordPress plugin” in the query when performing your keyword research.
  • Secondly, select your target market as well as target country in the text fields.
  • Finally, click on “suggest” and it will present you with a list of keywords to work with.
  • You can click on any keyword to expand and understand the keyword better
  • If you need the keyword, click on hit and it will add the keyword to your list An example of suggestions from the “WordPress plugin” keyword include the following You will get Yoast WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast WordPress SEO plugin review among others. In this case, choose one that sounds more competitive and apt to the article you are writing. To complete the process, check all the keywords you need and click on “Get” on the left side of Ubersuggest site to copy them all. Now you can proceed to write your quality article using these keywords. Ubersuggest is a great tool for keyword based articles that are geared toward SEO articles.The information you get when you use Ubersuggest You will get the keyword overview that provides with information on
  • Search volume: This can either be high, medium, or low
  • SEO difficulty: This can either be high, medium, or low
  • Paid difficulty
  • Cost per click
    Next, you get the keyword ideas based on the keyword that you put in the search box. For each keyword, you will get information on how trendy the keyword is the volume, cost per click, paid difficulty, and SEO difficulty. Finally, you get a SERP analysis. The information here includes which article is ranked 1st to 5th. You get information on the SEO title, the root domain, estimated visits, social shares, and domain score. Under this tab, you can also view all SERPS results for the keyword to get an idea on how to use the keyword for better search engine optimization.

The positive outcome for using this free tool

By using this tool, you are assured of earning revenue either through increased visibility or advertising. However, ensure that you are optimizing a niche based website when you use Ubersuggest.

For instance, if it is an affiliate marketing site that posts
advertisements, ensure that you use keywords that are related to your niche in affiliate marketing. That way, visitors will be directed to your site whenever they search for products in your niche. By viewing your advertisements and clicking on them, you get to more revenue to your online business.

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Naturally, you may ask why you need to use Ubersuggest when there are so many other sites for keyword research. Well, with Ubersuggest, you are working within your budget as it is free. Secondly, you are doing some free updated research that will increase revenue to your website or blog.

If you want to remain an authority in your niche, you need to do two things. You need to write, up to date quality articles and you need to use keywords that will help your visitors find your content faster.

Checkout quick video review on Ubersuggest

Source: Rave Review – IMwithJay


In conclusion, Ubersuggest is a great way to get ideas on the best keywords for your quality articles. It is a great way to perform search engine optimization for your site. You need to improve revenue from your site; there is no better way than to use a keyword suggestion tool that improves visibility. If you have an ad campaign, the best keywords are those that are suggested by keyword research tools as advertisements on your website will have more traffic. Therefore, make this suggestion tool your best friend today and see the performance of your website or blog improve without much stress.

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