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What is Vero-9 Things about the New Social Media App

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When Billionaire Ayman Hariri launched the Vero App in 2015, he mentioned that he intended it to be more social as opposed to media. This makes it revolutionary in the social media scene. Most social media platforms have been launched and failed. However, Vero is here to stay. The popularity rose during the Facebook data breach when most social media users were seeking alternatives. However, its popularity is not just based on this fact. It is a social media platform that allows users to be themselves in self-expression as opposed to mainstream social media today. The App managed to rise from the top 1500 to number 1 in just a few days. Furthermore, the Vero App has managed over 3 million downloads. This shows the popularity of the App that seeks to take the social media scene by storm. Here is why Vero is the preferred App today.

What is Vero?

Vero App is a new social media platform that seeks transparency where other platforms have preferred to work behind the curtain. Launched in 2015 by billionaire Ayman Hariri, the App seeks to provide a platform where there is free and sincere expression.

Vero will take over due to the negative effect that people feel today with the mainstream social media platforms.
Vero social media is no different than mainstream social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. You can upload pictures, videos, and links, recommend books, films, and music. Your friends can also comment on your posts.
However, it separates itself from mainstay social media as there are no ads, no limits to what you see, no rearrangement of posts by algorithms, no data mining, or chronological feeds.
In its manifesto Vero has a public manifesto that ensures that everyone is free to express themselves as they wish. The belief is that people need social connections and this is the reason why its popularity stays steady and growing similar to other platforms that have been there for the past 10-15 years.

Customer above advertisers

The Vero App views its rise due to weaknesses in other social media. Initially, the interest was in the users; however, mainstream social media has had some imbalance over the years by placing their needs above that of the customer. Therefore, the business model for Vero is to ensure that it places priority to the customer above the advertisers.
Essentially, other social media platforms make use of data collected from its users to sell advertisements. Therefore, the customer becomes a product that is sold. This is what Vero social media seeks to change.

As such, Vero seeks to ensure that every decision, every new feature, every tweak, every change in design or interface is what makes the customer happy. The social media platform responds to the needs of the customers.

Time used on social media
Social media platforms are addictive. You will spend an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour everyday scoring through Facebook or Twitter. They are created this way so that you spend more time there and the advertisers get seen. Therefore, the user is no longer the customer; the user is a product whose data is used to sell advertising.

Vero seeks to set itself apart from this. While spending time on their App will not be an issue, they want you to be cautious with the time you spend on their platform. As such, you will not find push notifications that keep you glued to the platform. You have useful information on the dashboard on Vero App which helps you know how much time you spend each day. That too sets Vero apart from other social media platforms.

9 things you need to know about Vero

Before using the Vero App, you need to learn more about the platform. Here are some facts about Vero you may not know.

1. Launched in 2015

It is not an overnight success, Vero was launched in 2015. In the App store, it reached number 45 after the launch but quickly fell to top 1500. However, there were half a million users in February or 2018 and this rose to 3 million users by March of 2018.

2. Launched due to personal frustration

The men that launched this social media platform were not looking to change social media as it is. They were just frustrated with what was available.

The algorithms that dictated what was shown in Facebook,Instagram and Twitter were not very appealing. There was no chronological feed of showing content from the newest to the oldest. This was mostly based on advertising needs. The number of sponsored content and ads on Facebook has steadily risen. This is because advertising is what funds platforms like Facebook.

The CEO also mentioned that friends on Facebook behave very differently on Facebook than in real life. He wanted to create a platform where people could be authentic. The Vero App team wanted to eliminate all that and make people express themselves more real.

3. Post include photos, text, TV shows, or Music

You can also include videos, films, or share location. This allows you to share your location, what you are reading, watching, or listening to with connections.

Vero social media is visual in nature and allows you to share your experiences through videos and photos.

4. Friends versus followers

Friends are those you know in the real world. Followers are those who have an interest in you.
Vero App increases your privacy by ensuring that when you share something personal, it does not go to strangers who follow you.

5. Vero is free

The App will have a subscription model eventually, but for now, it is free to allow people to experience the difference from other platforms.As there are no advertisements, soon, the subscription may becharged a few dollars per year to keep the platform running and creating revenue. This will allow Vero’s customers to enjoy the experience of an ad-free social media platform.

Vero also makes use of affiliate links that links you to e-commerce sites. For instance, if you click on a book that you like, you are redirected to an online store where it is available. If you opt to buy the book, Vero receives a small commission.

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6. Registration cannot be done via the website

You have to download the App to register to Vero. There is no sign-up option on the website.

7. Users recognize connections

This differentiates Vero from Twitter, Facebook, and others. As opposed to having friends or followers, there are four categories.
a. Close friends,
b. Friends
c. Acquaintances,
d. Follower

Therefore, when you post something on Vero, you can choose which group you wish to see the post. You have slide option to choose from the four categories every time you post something.

8. Vero’s interface is different from other social media platforms

There is a bright light when you use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the like. However, Vero’s interface is a black background. The text is white and the highlights are teal. It is much easier to your eyes if you use it at night.

There are no usernames (pseudonyms) all you have is the option of entering your two names and your friends and followers will see those two names.
No cropping is required for images on Vero App. The App will accept the photo as is. However, you can choose to edit your photo using the filters available.

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9. You can add an Avatar

The same is true for other social media platforms; however, with Vero, you can create two Avatars, one for your friends, and another for your followers. This helps you present a fun photo with your friends and a professional photo with followers and acquaintances.
All you need to do is go to Settings > Avatars > Use Three Avatars
Select images and create the images you need to be seen by each of the 4 categories.

These are the 9 facts that set Vero App aside from others. Based on the rise in subscribers within the last year, it is clear that Vero is the best social media platform.

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Source:- Vero True Social


In conclusion, Vero social media is a platform that is out to revolutions how social media works. All the negative factors that have appalled many social media users from mainstream platforms are checked with Vero. All you need to do is ensure that you download the App, register, and find a whole new world where social media is free from advertisements and gives you the privacy you require.

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