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Wiremo : A Customer Review Platform for Any Website

Wiremo A Customer Review Platform for Any Website NamanModi 1

You stand to gain confidence from your existing customers and appear trustworthy to new visitors by showing more reviews. Wiremo gives you unique customer-generated content and add SEO-friendly review scores to your Google search results. People will look for you when they find your reviews trustworthy. This tool makes it easy for you to accept and publish reviews on your website. This Wiremo review looks at the services it offers and helps you to choose what works for your website. Read on for more insight.

Getting started

Before we analyze its features, it is important to go through the tool’s basics first. After account creation, you can add Wiremo widget to your site. The widget is used to accept reviews from visitors and display those you have already received. Reviews are managed on Wiremo dashboard with a great interface to work with. Wiremo integrates well with WordPress and other online stores.
You can solicit, manage, and publish reviews easily. Wiremo customer review platform is best suited for individuals running an e-commerce store. You shouldn’t have any trouble adding Wiremo widget to your online store because it works with all the major website platforms.
Customers can now leave reviews through the widget. Approved reviews will be displayed in the widget area of your website.
Wiremo for WordPress is also useful to freelancers and other service providers who want a simple and effective way to accept and publish feedback and comments. This is a great opportunity to enhance your portfolio. Visitors can leave feedback on blog post, creative works, or any other content on your website.

Benefits of Wiremo

• Automatic in-email or on-landing review request – This plugin automatically sends in-email or on-landing review request to your clients when a product is bought. You can also send requests to past orders for a given period.
• Pop up trigger – The moment your customer leaves a review a nice pop-up will show, displaying a message you want. It could be a promo code to up-sell your products, a “Thank you”, or redirects to other products page.

• Conversation trigger – This trigger helps you to interact with clients. If a customer leaves a negative review, you can send a conversation email to inquire about the experience.

• A user-friendly dashboard – After logging in, you are provided with a quick overview feedback score from your reviews. From the dashboard, you can also see the latest reviews that are left for you or check out review trends. You can also approve or decline reviews from it. You may decide to respond to them or not. The customization of your widget appearance will depend on the plan you enrolled in. You are also provided with a section to open and manage support tickets with the Wiremo help desk team. The dashboard also manages your billing information.
The dashboard is responsive to any device making it easy for you to handle your reviews on the go.

The Coolest Features

• Total control of your reviews – Wiremo customer review platform sets all the reviews sent to your site on pending giving you a chance to approve or reject them before airing them live on your website. This works if you don’t want to miss a review or leave a question unanswered. The IP address of every person leaving a review is recorded and can be accessed through the dashboard.

Wiremo Settings

The configuration of the Wiremo settings for your account is done through the dashboard. You can also auto-approve reviews over certain star rating. Wiremo for WordPress website allows you to respond to feedback fast from instant emails and browser notifications.



Connect with Your Visitors

Your interaction with your visitors is important if you want to grow your business. Your relationship should not just end when a review is left; you can interact with them by thanking them for the feedback. You can also take this opportunity to answer any query or respond to any remarks your visitors leave. You not only forge a stronger connection with your customers but also neutralize the impact caused by any negative reviews.


Direct Contact with Reviewers

By publicly replying reviews via Wiremo dashboard is wonderful because it gives you a chance to demonstrate your commitment to good customer service. It also helps to share information with other visitors who may have the same query. However, sometimes it is good to respond to some reviews privately. Wiremo for WordPress has a feature that allows you to send or reply to comments in private in their inbox. You can also attach files that provide extra information about a certain product.


A Customizable Widget

The customization of certain aspects of Wiremo reviews widget depends on the pricing plan. Although Wiremo default setting is beautiful, it will be worth it paying for plans that enable you to customize its appearance according to your preference. Premium users also have an option of removing branding.



SEO-friendly Markup

Wiremo for WordPress includes markup that displays your ratings data in the search engine results pages. This helps your website, its products, and other review-related content to stand out in the search engines and attract more clicks from people looking for your content.


Two price options are available with this service.
 Free plan – it’s limited to 25 reviews, basic customization options, and a branded widget.
 Advanced – it goes for $9.99 per month and offers unlimited reviews, advanced customization options, with an unbranded widget.

CheckOut quick video review on Wiremo

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You don’t need to look further for a review service offers great services. Wiremo review does that and more. It offers flawless service regardless of the platform you are using. You can choose the best plan that fits your needs.

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