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WP Google Translate – WordPress Premium Translate Plugin

WP Google Translate %E2%80%93 WordPress Premium Translate Plugin NamanModi

Do you know that you can install WordPress in your own language? There are over 6,000 languages worldwide and translating your website into several languages gives you an extra edge in the industry.The WordPress repository has numerous Google translation plugins used to create content in your own language or create a multilingual site. WP Google translate is one such plugin.
It is a fact that among all the languages, English is the dominating language in the Internet world. This is because English was the original Internet language, which gave it a head start. This trend is slowly changing from the emergence of new languages content. Chinese and Arabic speaking users are gradually penetrating the Net. In fact, Chinese was predicted to be the number one online language by last year. However, it didn’t happen, but it still remains that more Chinese are joining the ranks of Internet surfers.
Language is a major selling factor and more online users don’t automatically translate to more customers. Language is a key factor to turn a user into a loyal client. In fact, research has shown that 56.2% of consumers said that understanding a product is more important than its price. The Israeli underwear retailer doubled their conversation rate in France and Germany when they translated their website into their local language instead of relying on English. We are operating in a multi-language environment and anyone working or selling online is faced with a multilingual setting.
There are two types of WordPress translation plugins for WordPress :
• Those that allow you to create multilingual content – These plugins have a better content quality compared to machine-generated online translation tools
• Plugins that use online services to translate your content – These plugins don’t require the writing of content in multiple languages
This review analyzes its fabulous features and how it can help you to reach visitors globally. WP Google translate is a translation plugin that can translate your website into over 80 different languages, instantly, so readers can understand your content.


WP Google translate has several features which include:

Responsive to all devices

This tool is fully responsive and will automatically adjust the display to fit any device and screen size. It also integrates with MyThemeShop themes which are responsive too.


Over 80 languages

This WordPress translation plugin allows users to read in their native language, from over 80 different languages supported. This means that your site will be available to 99% of the Internet users.

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Google analytics support

The tool allows you to track your readers and their languages using your own custom-made Google Analytics tracking code. This allows you to gather more audience data.

Backend options

The options panel allows you to customize the button position, tracking code and more.

Unlimited color

The WordPress translation tool allows users to choose from unlimited color options display and make your plugin match your site’s design seamlessly.


The paid version is fully SEO compatible and it increases your international traffic and sales. the google translate plugin is a budget multilingual WordPress solution that combines automatic and human translations to save money and is easy to implement.


• Free Google automatic machine translation
• Mouse over effect
• Post and pages translation
• Themes and plugins translation
• Google language translator widget
• Floating language selector
• Multilingual language names in the native alphabet
• Lazy loading for language flags to boost performance
• Live chat support.

Paid feature

• Multilingual SEO – Enables search engine indexing
• Neural machine translation quality
• Search engine friendly (SEF) URLs
• WooCommerce compatible
• You can manually correct translation
• Translating microdata for better search engine appearance
• Image localization – Media translation
• Language hosting
• Live chat support

Themes and plugins without files

Even if the item you are trying to translate doesn’t come with the needed template file, this WordPress translation plugin will scan the entire code of an item and try to create the template file. Although it won’t be as perfect as the developer one, it is a nice feature to have where you have to translate an untrustworthy item.



Start translating

When fully installed, the plugin will prepare everything and open the translation editor for you. The editor contains four parts:
• Source text
• Source text in English
• Translation in the language you select
• Comments The source text has all the strings that are available for translation. It has a nice displayed list that allows you to choose rows one by one. On picking a line, WP Translate will automatically populate the English translation. Comments will be shown if there are any.

Managing translation

You will find several buttons on top of the editor, which will help you to manage the translation. The first label will let you know the language you are editing and the time of the last update.WP Google translate also makes it easy to search for strings. If you want to modify particular ones, you can use the search feature to find it quickly.



How to activate the translation

WP WordPress translate allows data to be used at any time, meaning, you don’t have to complete translation entirely before using it. You can load the translation into WordPress, even if you have translated a few strings. Anyone who has registered on can also translate themes and plugins directly from the website. You only need to select the item, choose the language and start suggesting strings. The editor of the language will approve them if they are done correctly. When a specific language has enough strings, the plugin will get the available translation files automatically. Everyone will be able to download the item in that language anytime.

Quick video review on how to add Google Translate on WordPress

Source: Let’s Build WordPress


Although we love our WordPress in English, you can still have your website translated completely in a language you are comfortable with. It might not be easy to translate everything into your own language, but at least you will reach users who don’t speak English at all. I believe that the WP Google translate review was helpful to you.

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