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WP Rocket Review: The Best Cache Plugin to WordPress

WP Rocket The Best Cache Plugin to WordPress

Many tools that serve as caches are available for WordPress. A cache plugin works in a way that it serves directly from the cache folder without going through queries to access the database. A post will load faster if it is served from cache than without the cache. In our article, we will focus on the WP Rocket as a cache plugin. Without further ado, let’s get into it. As a blogger, time is crucial and having a cache plugin is essential, not only to you but to your users also. You have to understand that a slow-loading page can really irritate and will make the user lose interest in the content.

Many plugins are available in the market. Usually, there are free and the paid versions. Therefore, you need to know how to pick the right one this will save you a lot of time when configuring. Your WordPress blog will be highly optimized for both performance and speed.
Many plugin developers nowadays are trying to convert their free plugin to products and offer advanced features. One such plugin is the WP Rocket plugin, which is the first WordPress cache plugin to be released as premium.


WP Rocket plugin is probably the easiest for configuring. You do not even need to have tech skills to configure this particular tool. In a matter of seconds, you will be accessing the configuration dashboard through settings.


• You only need to click activation, which is simple to activate
• It has automatic support for wooCommerce, Easy Digital Download, Jigoshop, themes, Exchange and WP-Shop
• It’s a good minification tool
• Can lazy load images and only those that are visible to the user When you publish a new blog post, WP Rocket cache will regenerate the cache parts and every time you update your content, your viewer will always see the up-to-date version of your website. This feature makes the WP Rocket plugin stand out.

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WP Rocket cache is more accommodating since it is compatible with (CDN) Content Delivery Network services. This means that your website can distribute its file to multiple servers all over the world at faster speed.

WP Rocket plugin easily enables caching on your website. Most caching plugins will give users a hard time trying to understand and filing our multiple pages with the setting option. Depending on how you configure them, you may end up doing a shoddy job and in the worst-case scenario breaking your site.

Forget about all the confusion that comes trying to set up a cache plugin. WP Rocket cache will be up and running automatically right out of the box thus making it very efficient. When through activating the WordPress cache plugin, a few tabs will be available in the admin panel with easy to understand settings.

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The setup process for this tool is quite easy and anyone with little or no technical know-how can set it up. This favors those who simply want the job done and move to the next.


You get an option where you are able to modify the default cache expiry interval. This will apply if you displaying a particular fast-changing or external dynamics content. Otherwise, the 24 hours lifespan will work just fine. Now things get a little complicated when you get to advanced settings. This means that with a click both the mobile users and the logged on users can access the caching features.

Using this caching plugin means anytime you publish a new content or a post on your website, WP Rocket cache will automatically regenerate that part. The tool also refreshes archive pages, widgets, and menus.

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WP Rocket cache provides a great boost in both speed and performance. The overall expression is relatively good, I have not noticed any alarming issues in relation to this caching tool. Even in options such as JS minification that is usually problematic with most caching tools. I give it a thumb up a WordPress cache plugin of the week.

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