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WP Security – WordPress File Monitor Plugin

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WordPress file monitor plugin helps monitor your WordPress installations for any changes either on deletion or addition of files. Here is why WP security is the best WordPress security plugin system for your WordPress website.WordPress security plugin also known as WP security is one of the safest ways to protect your site from any harm caused by unauthorized changes. Fundamentally, the plugin helps monitor and afterward send you emails notifying you of any changes that are unauthorized on your site. These changes include deleted or added files that you did not authorize as the website owner. This prevents any harm from coming to your site and leaves your site safe. To add to these benefits, the WP Security plugin will notify you via the administrative area of your site if you do not receive any changes. The said monitoring is done via file stamp or file hash. You will also get notifications on URLs if you use WordPress on multiple sites. You can also choose the files that you need monitoring and those that do not. This article will be of great help in ensuring that you learn what WordPress security plugin can do for you and why it is the best in the market in 2018.

What WP security does for your WordPress site?

As mentioned, what makes this the best WordPress security plugin is the security it provides your WordPress site from harm. Any changes in terms of addition or deletion from your site are monitored well and you get an email(s) or administration notifications to keep your site from unauthorized access. The features that make WP security the best include the following.

  • Monitoring of deleted or added files to your WordPress account.
  • Tracks changes of modification date, file size, file content, permissions, among others
  • The plugin sends you emails automatically when there are unauthorized changes detected
  • Monitor alerts are displayed in the administration area
  • The choice to exclude files that you do not need monitoring
  • Use of an external cron to prevent loading speed for your visitors on the website and provide
    flexibility for scheduling these file checks.
  • Scan by extension to exclude or include files
  • Tracks unreadable files, and broken symlinks
  • Multisite compatibility (the plugin settings can be found under “settings menu” from the main

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Keep your WordPress website safe

This plugin is simple but functional giving you a secure WordPress site by monitoring your entire WordPress installation or file changes that are unauthorized. You get notification promptly.

You probably know how difficult and complicated it is for you to manage detection of hacked files if you were ever hacked. Well, with the plugin, this complication is removed and you are left with much peace of mind as you have a safe site.
Ensure that you install it using a malware-free website and set correct ‘File Check Root’ in plugin settings. Checkboxes found in “file check method” to ensure they are ticed for any file changes.

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Features expected soon

The features expected to be included in future upgrades for the WP security plugin include the following.

  • SMS alerts
  • Sending email alert to different emails that are based on
  • Launching a monitoring cron to help you do schedule
    checks without affecting the loading speed for your site’s visitors
  • And the inclusion of any other features that you may think is necessary via support.

Languages the plugin is provided in

You can make use of the following languages as you install this WordPress security plugin for the safety of your website.

  • Arabic
  • Russian
  • Japanese
  • German

The above analysis is the reason why this WP plugin is the best WordPress security plugin 2018 in the market. You need to keep your WordPress site safe to ensure that business information within the site is safeguarded.


In conclusion, having your site hacked can have some huge ramifications for your business revenue as well as your organic traffic? When this happens, your online business no longer has visibility to your customers, it is for this reason that you need this plugin to ensure that your business thrives and your information is kept safe.

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