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How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button (Manually & Using Plugin)

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Video marketing is a popular marketing medium, and many marketers are using it to entice and convince their audiences to buy products or subscribe to their services. Of all the services that offer video sharing services, YouTube has proved to be the best of them all. That is why it’s a must-have social network for any content marketer.

If you want to increase your social media followers, then you need to put the YouTube subscribe button on your blog. For sites with sufficient traffic, it is better to have several social media buttons for different social networks, as this will allow the reader to follow you easily. Readers and visitors can easily find your YouTube videos and subscribe to your channel if you’ve placed a subscription button on your blog. In this article, I am going to learn how to insert a YouTube subscribe button on a website

Method 1: Adding YouTube Subscribe Button Code Manually in  

  1. First, visit the YouTube subscribe button page. Once you are there, you will be directed on how to fill the Configure a Button page form.Configure youtube subscriber button

This is how it looks like. There are four columns for you to pick or fill. You should fill in your YouTube username or channel ID, not the channel name.

Youtube Subscriber button

Another way to get the channel ID is to go to the YouTube account settings, and on the left panel, you can retrieve the channel ID feature, as shown in the image above.

  1. After that, type your ID in this sectionConfigure youtube subscriber button
  2. You can then choose your preferred button layout. You will realize that there are several sections for YouTube embeddable watermark. You can see them in this overview.
    Add watermark youtube subscriber button

After that, you can now upload your watermark. If you pick the transparent background color, it will look like this:

Upload watermark youtube subscriber button

You can see from this example what it means.

Configure youtube subscriber button

  1. Google will automatically generate the code for you, once you are done picking your preferred subscribe button and your preferred layout.Configure youtube subscriber button

We are going to use a preview of NamanModiDigital’s Youtube Subscribe button as an example. When you click on this icon that Google made for them, you will be directed to NamanModiDigital’s channel.

  1. You can see a set of code at the bottom as displayed here. You need to copy the whole code.Configure Youtube Subscriber Button
  2. When you are through, go to your website. We are going to look into two alternative options for you to embed YouTube subscribe button. The first one is using a code snippet.
    As an example, I will use the .com Dashboard. Once you are entered the dashboard, click Appearances >> Widgets. Check out for available widgets. Next, click on Custom HTML and drag-and-drop it to your widget section. Once you are done with this, paste that code you had retrieved earlier in the content area. If you like it, write “Subscribe to My Channel” in the title section. Lastly, click on Save to apply changes.
    Widget Youtube Subscriber button

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Method 2: Adding a YouTube Subscribe Button Using a Plugin

Another way is to add a YouTube subscribe button is by using a plugin, which is also an embeddable YouTube subscription button. You can do easily this if you are using a website.

To get started, go to plugins and head to the search section. Type Easy Subscribe Button Widget and select one that you like. Once you are done, Install and activate it on your website.

Youtube Subscribe Button Widget

As an example, we are download and install the YouTube Subscribe plugin and set up on a website.

This plugin is pretty easy to use and is also widget friendly. The moment you are done installing and activating it in the widget area, you can configure it and use it to add a subscribe button.

Under the Widgets, you’ll see the “YouTube Subs” widget added. Add the same in your sidebar, then you can enter your channel  ID as per the screenshot above. Your subscribe button will be added like the following screenshot:
youtube subscriber button

Make sure that you click on the Save button to save changes once you have finished configuring the plugin. The plugin will automatically display the YouTube subscribe bar under every YouTube video on your site.

 YouTube’s Terms of Use for Embeddable Subscribe Button

To be safe, you need to read and understand the terms and conditions of using the Youtube subscriber button before using it on your site. Here are the relevant points you need to consider.

  1. The YouTube subscribe button must be seen on the user’s web page.
  2. Promoting prizes and rewards to entice people to give you clicks is not allowed.
  3. Users are prohibited from using the button to track or save the subscriber’s data.

If you want more information about adding a YouTube subscriber button on your blog, you can check out the YouTube Developer Tools page.

Checkout quick video review on How to add YouTube subscriber button  (Manually & Using Plugin)

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The chances of turning your visitors into YouTube subscribers are high if you already have traffic going to your site. It is even better when you have a YouTube subscriber button on your blog or website page. I hope that this article was helpful, and you are ready to add it to your website. This will help you turn most of you, visitors, into YouTube subscribers. You can also learn how to add the subscribe button in your YouTube video.

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