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Zendesk: Help Desk Software

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Zendesk Support is one of the most popular helpdesk solutions available today. It has advanced functionality for SMB-oriented helpdesk ventures. Zendesk has a suite of support apps that helps convert your customer service into agents for a customer and lead source. The enterprise customer service has flexible pricing plans to cater to a business of any size. The support consists of call center solution, chat and knowledge base modules that can be upgraded separately.

All customer interactions in Zendesk help desk software are available in one dynamic interface for a resourceful and flawless process. Pre-defined ticket responses are provided to bring in customer queries from almost any channel, through web widgets and customer search history. This allows the user to respond faster using the right context. You can also customize the main module to fit your customer service workflows or apps that are already in use. Zendesk support has customer satisfaction ratings and analytics which is achieved through performance reports and dashboards.
This support ticket system also allows you to develop institutional knowledge provided by your customer service in the past. You can build a help center, online community, and customer portal, using the Guide module. FAQs and low-touch tickets can be directed to this portal, while your agents deal with high-value customers and lead. Queries can also be directed to relevant articles in your base, using an AI Answered Bot reducing the marketing budget.

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Zendesk support helps startups and small ventures to implement an industry-class help desk. And as they grow and feel the need to advance, they can easily upgrade to more advanced tools like CSAT surveys, web SDK, IVR phone trees, and answer bot. With Zendesk, users have an option to set up a call center with a web, mobile and messaging channels. This is convenient for highly engaged customers or prospects, where your agents can quickly connect to them using an automated trigger.

Your agents can also proactively engage customers on your website or e-commerce page, via integrated live chat. Zendesk Live Chat is one of the simplest yet effective ways to engage valuable leads when landing on your site. Analytics can also be used here, to make sense of the conversations made by your call center. Research has proven that customers are three times more likely to buy when they get chat support when they need it. Chat is freely available but can be upgraded to unlimited chats, conversation tracking, widget un branding and other advanced IM tools as the need arises. Zendesk integrations are available for third-party apps.

Zendesk Message, which is the latest release from the helpdesk, advances your chat support by engaging customers in their favorite messaging apps. Rather than waiting for prospects to ask questions on your site, the tool enables you to follow them on social media that is mentioning you. The messaging tool is available through the Chat module which integrates with Facebook and Twitter. These entire features are available at Zendesk app marketplace.

The omnichannel solution is a complete and focused help desk fitted with all the essentials of your support needs which can be scaled up depending on your growth pace: ticketing system, knowledge base, community forums, live chat, and call center.

Overview of Zendesk Benefits

More than ticketing For customer support software, Zendesk does more than just support. The software also doubles as a CRM since it allows users to organize processes, workflows, and tracking of customer engagement. It can solely convert your huge volume of support data into reliable leads, opportunities, and marketing strategies. Zendesk helps you establish long-term relationships with your customers by merging these data and influence them to rely on you for support.

To maximize the Zendesk CRM aspect integrates with popular solutions such as HubSpot and Zoho CRM. Meaning, the data you collected from Zendesk, can be further used to generate marketing campaigns and increase new potential leads to your sales strategy.

Advance customer service – The customer service software has all-inclusive support apps that can be scaled as you build your business. You can view it as an end-to-end solution, build to provide support, live chat, knowledge base, call center and community portal. Or you can start with the main support module which goes with anyone’s budget. Zendesk’s main support module has a Lite version of chat, call center, and knowledge base. Call it free add-ons so that you don’t start empty-handed, but rather, with industry-class tools. The help desk software free support can be provided via phone or email.

High-value prospects – Zendesk app allows users to capitalize on proactive live chat with an automated trigger which allows them to let engage prospects that are hanging around your site or checkout page and offer assistance. You have a minimal chance to convert these prospects while they’re interested in your product, and the live chat offers an opportunity in real time.

Maximize your content – An AI-powered bot is featured in Zendesk that is used in the Guide module. As customers type their query, the bot provides relevant content in your base. The unused articles in your archive of practical guides can now become useful thanks to the bot. you have an and, they can now add value to your customer service via this bot. meaning you’re getting more ROI from your content budget. The paid version allows you to remove the Zendesk logo.

Zendesk Support features

Self-service – Using its knowledge base and community features, Zendesk allows you to build a self-service customer portal. Combined with the AI-powered bot, users can direct FAQs and low-touch tickets to the portal. The self-service feature takes repetitive work off your agent’s shoulders, so they can focus on high-value tickets and promising leads. It rises up competence in your customer service workflow.


The service desk software has a solid ticket management options, including social media, support for ITIL and automatic workflows and good integration options.


Zendesk pricing is high, best features only available at higher pricing tiers, it lacks enterprise features such as change and asset management.

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Final remarks

Zendesk software has all the key features needed in a credible help desk solution. It has a ticketing system, knowledge base, community forums, call center, live chat and messaging tool. You can build an effective and great customer service process around this structure, one module at a time. For the IT aspect, Zendesk offers an ITIL-ready IT Help Desk edition. It also integrates with important business solutions like CRM, salesforce automation and over 600 apps in its marketplace. You can read other Zendesk reviews for more information.

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