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4 Best Marketing Channels You Need to Know

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Nowadays, it’s hard to make a choice on which marketing tips to follow, with a variety of marketing tips being bombarded to website owners every day. It can be overwhelming sometimes and you may end up making the wrong choice for your business. Unlike the past few years where you could make an interesting jingle or ad campaign and air publish it on what was regarded as the most powerful marketing or mediums back then – television, radio, and print – nowadays it’s much easier, thanks to technological advancements. Nowadays the marketing options are easier and you can reach millions of prospective clients worldwide. However, as savvy entrepreneur, perfect and consolidate the new age marketing campaign to maximize their potential. In this article, I will give you only four channels of marketing and show you how you can capitalize on them.


Content Marketing

Content marketing as we all know it, is one of the most complex and trickiest way of marketing that requires a lot of wits. Reason being it involves a lot of catch phrases, marketing tools, and marketing strategies to work effectively.

Although content marketing has many definitions according to bloggers and webmasters, the one thing that should stick to your mind is that it works. With content marketing, you can be guaranteed of a 7.8 more website traffic, high engagement levels, higher brand recall, more conversion rates. Moreover, this magnificent marketing channel is seen as the most cost effective compared to other digital marketing channels, costing 62% less and generating leads three times more. The catch here is implementing the right campaign strategy that complements your business needs. Mastering the content marketing channel requires knowledge of your target audience in an intimate level. This helps in minimizing the financial constraints and efforts by tailoring your content to suit tastes and preferences. Time, which plays a very vital role in any marketing plan, is also saved significantly aiming for the right target.

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Organic Search/SEO

Important fact: 75% of Internet users rely on Google for the right information, before making purchasing decisions. So, if you want to reach and convince your prospects, you better make your content Google oops! I mean SEO friendly. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. By making your content search engine friendly, you make it easier for both search engines and web visitors to find you. Any online marketer will tell you that SEO is the backbone of any digital marketing strategy.
Content marketing and SEO are birds of a feather, they flock together. You can’t achieve your goals with marketing goals – both short and long – without SEO. Think of SEO as coordinates on a map to find a specific location. By optimizing content, you stand a better chance of being found and this will give you sufficient site traffic and eventually a high rank on Google search engine. First you need to develop quality content relevant to your products and when visitors search for products related to your niche, they’ll probably find you and buy them from your online store or website. SEO doesn’t only add value to your content; it also gives satisfied or unsatisfied clients to give their experience with your products through reviews.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is pretty much self-explanatory. It refers to businesses working together with other businesses to promote their interests for commissions. This is done by placing ads on another affiliate website. If a visitor subscribes for a service or purchases a product through your website, you will get a certain percentage of the profit agreed by both parties called a commission. This type of channel marketing is popular in pay per click (PPC), and pay per sale (PPS) systems.

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Although PPC sounds expensive, there are other methods you can use to stimulate the cost. If you want to promote your products using this system, the best way to do it is to find an affiliate partner who will also agree to promote ads in your website so that the cost is shared by the two promotions running concurrently. The affiliate works best for businesses that share the same products or niche. For example, if you are an insurance broker, you can partner with an affiliate company that sells vehicles. Affiliate is a marketing partnership that allows both parties to run campaigns on each other’s websites. This is also another perfect way to earn revenue online. If you want to generate passive or residential income, partner with a company that is willing to give you a piece of their profit just by giving them ad space.

Social Media

Perhaps one of the most powerful marketing channels of the millennium is social media. You can’t simply brush away its potential. When it started off, no one knew that it was going to be this huge. If you are a business owner and not tapping into this marketing channel, you are simply doing an injustice not only to your business but also to your potential customers who really use your services or products. Social media is a major player in digital marketing allowing customers to actively look for brands they like. By so doing, they can compare prices and quality and generally make a decision based on what is trending on social media. Majority of youth and teenagers rely on this channel to get the latest gadgets and fashion based on what is trending on Twitter, Facebook or Snap chat.

Manage Social Media

Businesses are built around communities and there is no marketing channel that can build a community better than social media. From sharing behind the scenes content, getting support through forums, to creating a group with the same business interests, social media has it all sorted out for you. The best aspect to focus on when opting for this kind of marketing channel is the relationships formed not sales. Focusing on sales will derail your long term goals. It is much easier to convince a friend to buy something than a total stranger. Don’t just see your followers as opportunities to make money but see yourself as an opportunity for them to meet their needs.


We are thankful for all the marketing channels that have helped us reach prospective clients. However, different businesses have different marketing needs and hence needs different channels for promotion. Besides that, there are plugins available to automate marketing for quick delivery. With all these marketing advances, consistency is the key to unlock all your business potentials. Remember to be transparent in what you do and build friendships rather than contacts.

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