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4 Sources For Free public domain and CC0-Licensed Images

4 Sources

There is guaranteed improved marketing strategy with the relevant Public domain images for your website. There is a greater impact on viewership and in addition, you the attention of your audience. If you are a beginner in design and need to use a photographer for your images, this may prove expensive. However, there are sites that provide free CCO texture and free CCO license. These images improve user experience for your website and ensure you gain the visibility you need. A survey done in 2018 showed that there are over 50% of designers that make use of free public domain images during web design. As such, this article will look into the sites that you can use for the advancement of your website.

Why Use Free public domain images

As a designer, you are aware that user experience for a website is primary. As such, you do need to ensure that you have not just fast upload speeds but spectacular images. Using a photographer may prove expensive for a beginner in web design. As such, it is necessary to know where to get quality photos that provide license to use.

To the advantage of designers, Public domain images are available couple with CCO license. You get to save money while designing a website and at the same time provide viewership and visibility. Despite being a small business, you will not pay the exorbitant charges that are imposed by professional companies such as shutter stock. However, you should not worry; you will manage to get common license images that will give your website that unique view.
These free public domain images are not low quality as many would believe based on being free. As such, you need to ensure that you have the top sites that will provide you with CCO textures that give an edge to your startup.

You do not need copyright to use these CC license images. What you need is to find the sites that offer the images for your designer needs. Such free images may include images whose copyright is expired and is now free. Naturally, these may be old but of great quality for your website. However, if you need a logo, you have to ensure you hire a good freelance graphic designer.
The following are 4 free public domain image submission websites available for you.

Wikimedia commons

Wikimedia Commons is among the common sites for free public domain images. Essentially, you have access to thousands of images that are found in various website niches. However, this site does not guarantee free images for all topics you may have for your website. Therefore, check the CCO license to verify if you have to pay for copyright of the image.


There is a unique twist to this free public domain images for commercial use. Unsplash was launched by photographer who intended to provide creative common licenses at zero cost. As such, you get the chance to build your website using professional images free from licensing cost. Furthermore, you also get high resolution images.

Flicker Common

Flickr is also among the popular free public domain images sites. When you visit the website, you are allowed to acquire photos from photographer and library partners. This means you gain high quality images entirely free. There is only one limitation with this free public domain images site. There is no guarantee for attaining copyright. However, if you need to pay for the CCO texture available, you can inquire from the site’s support.

Public Domain Pictures

With this site, you not only get to download the images you need for free. You also can upload an image that you have taken. The advantage for this CCO license images is that you can get feature on the camera use or the link to the artist who took and uploaded the image.
The above four are the best sites for free images for designers in 2019.


To summarize, it is clear from the discussion that images are essential to website visibility. With great images, you gain viewership for your website and if you use it for a start up or small business, you are assured of improved revenue. As such, when you use websites for Public domain images, you get this for free. As a startup, you gain access to images for your niche that will give you an age over your competition.

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