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5 Instagram Analytics Tools that you need to use

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Instagram is known to be among the best social media forums online. While here, you can engage with people as well as with brands. As such, it is this engagement that makes it the best social media platform there is. By engaging with brands, it means that you can open up an account for the purposes of sales. When you do so, you are using this forum to get to the top position of the sales funnel. But to do so, you need Instagram analytics tools to give you an idea on how well you are selling using Instagram. You need these metrics to determine your success in your online business and know more about how well to improve your sales. Therefore, you may consider these tools as a way to get marketing information from those who follow you. You can also use them to ensure that you improve what your clients may find to be wrong. This article will show you how to do marketing using Instagram by following Neil Patel’s beginners guide to analytics on Instagram. Basing on the review, you do need at least two of these analytical tools to be successful in your marketing. These are the tools discussed on how to manage your sales on your Instagram account.

Must have Instagram analytical tools

1. Simply Measured

As is suggested by the name, this Instagram analytics tool to ensure you know how far your brand spreads on the social media forum. Essentially, following your total follower and new follower growth is great.

There are different ways you can use to track growth potential on Instagram. A great way is using hashtags to know
those who are potentially reaching to your brand. It is important to get a complete snapshot of how well your videos are performing as well as basic views to retention as well as conversations. In addition, this Instagram analytics tools is essential in learning how you are performing against your competitors. For example, you are able to spy on what helps them perform better prior to reverse engineering as this helps you know what campaigns or content is providing the best results for them.

In addition, you get to know potential influencer who may be following you. By so doing, you do not need to spend a large sum to start a massive influencer campaign. You will manage to work some similar arrangement using a fraction of the cost. One way to do so is to do some products to your followers.

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You get to view all this information on a simple visual board that lets you know what conversations are providing you with the best sales. This way, you do some useful and lucrative marketing using Instagram. Furthermore, the visual board can point you in discussions that you should get into so that you can do better marketing on Instagram.

The Social Conversion Funnel is another feature that helps you see how all engagements increase your bottom line.

This way, you can narrow down the metric on your channel to specific channels and subsequently check conversion and purchases that you make.

By viewing micro-conversions on this Instagram analytics tool, you will also find out what makes your new and current followers drop off prior to making a purchase.

Therefore, this tool is a great way to improve marketing on Instagram and increase your sales revenue.

2. Iconosquare

Using Iconosquare helps you measure the relations to your posts and your drives from your followers.

In addition, you get to learn more about the buffer tool that helps you manage how to post using different accounts at the same time.

This tool is essential for marketing agencies that need to save time and manage multiple clients or departments within the same company.

Using this Instagram analytics tool, you also get to see how followers engage in various posts that you have in your account. You also get a library that you can pull from at any time you need new material.

The editorial calendar view helps you schedule various posts ahead of time. This makes it easier to manage your account in advance. Furthermore, you can use this tool to search for influencers that can help you when you need some voice on a new campaign.

By comparing your influencers using this tool, you are able to know with whom you are dealing with to ensure your marketing using Instagram is a success. Finally, Iconosquare helps you view follower growth, gains, as well as losses. It also gives a worldview showing you where your followers are located.

3. Sprout Social

Just like the previous tool, this tool helps you with management tools, content creation, and analytics. It has an editorial calendar that helps you schedule tasks for your Instagram account and includes your content in social media forums such as Facebook and Twitter.

This Instagram analytics tool is great for large organizations that
have rigid guidelines to follow. It has a centralized media library that has many editing tools built in.

Once you have content ready, you can automatically post by using the push notification tool. If you need to improve your marketing by using Instagram, you have social CRM using this tool. You can improve conversions by having a central smart inbox.

Using the tool, you can tag messages and assign tasks to your team internally. This way, various team members will follow as scheduled.

Finally, using Sprout Social, you can create reports and send to clients and bosses. This means that you will have a very effective sales team when marketing using Instagram with this too.

4. Keyhole

This Instagram analytics tool helps you get some feedback to customers in real time. For instance, you can drop a keyword, hashtag or account and see what emerges. This will help you track the progress of your conversion rates as well as following on Instagram.

In addition, you get to figure out your individual internal
trends that are providing better results. This gives you a glance at what activities are driving the followers over time.

Using Keyhole you are able to create a feed that helps you track your competitors’ Instagram accounts and view what works for them to find out if it will work for you. This greatly improves your marketing using Instagram.

Furthermore, you can select predefined Key Performs Indexes that you can use to track over time. The tool will report to those and you can share them with team members.

There are other Instagram analytics tools that provide you with assistance in managing your Instagram account. They include SquareLovin,, and Influence score, SocialRank, among others. They will give you management tools for your Instagram account to ensure that your conversion rates go higher through effective management of your account to get to your clients.


To conclude, it is clear from the above Instagram analytics tools that you can manage your Instagram account more successfully and effectively. A well-managed Instagram account helps you not only work using good ideas from your competitors but also manage to improve your products and services based on ideas from your followers, influencer and competitors. You do need to understand what your audience requires so that you give this to them with consistency. By using the market information you get from followers, influencers, and clients, you can differentiate between the hard and soft goals to set for your marketing needs. As such, you need the above tools to gain the analytics you need to improve your efforts when marketing using Instagram.

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