Dashlane Review [2020]: A Free Advanced Password Manager

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Running a blog with a lot of data and Info needs protection from unauthorized persons. You also need to keep away hackers who can steal your work. The best way to keep your data safe and simple is to use a password manager. We have several password managers in the market, but one that stands above the rest is Dashlane. The thirty password managers that we have tried, all had flaws that left our data insecure. Dashlane is the only one that is easy to use, makes our website safe, and is feature-filled.

What is Dashlane?

Dashlane is a great and effective password manager on the market that offers more than password security; with Dashlane, you can secure any kind of data.

These are some of the Dashlane features that make it a great password manager:

  • One-Click Password Changer – With Dashlane, you can replace weak passwords since it audits the entire password vault with only one click.
  • Superb User Interface – You can manage your passwords with ease since it allows you to share data with other users, autofill, and create strong passwords.
  • Unlimited VPN – It runs faster in many VPNs, unblocks geo-restricted streaming content, and ensures that your browsing is safe from imminent threats.
  • Customer support – There support team is well-trained, providing uses with live chat and quick response emails.

This Dashlane review looks at this great tool and how you can use it to secure your passwords and manage data.

Dashlane Features

Before we dive dipper into this tool and see what it offers, here’s a quick summary of the full set of features. A few of these features are only found in the paid versions.

Dashlane Security Features

Keeping password managers safe is vital since they contain sensitive Info. With Dashlane, you will feel totally safe, and you don’t have to worry about it storing your private logins because it has great security features like:

  • 256-bit AES encryption – With Dashane’s one-way encryption that uses military-grade encryption, your password will be unbreakable.
  • Zero-knowledge protocol – No one who works there can access your data thanks to the one-way encryption. This means that you should always remember your Master Password.
  • Encrypted storage – If you sign up for their services, you will get 1 GB of encrypted data storage that can be shared with other users.
  • Multi-factor authentication – The Dashlane login process is further protected with an extra step that works with your Master Password. You can also log on with a Temporary One Time Password, USB device, or the biometrics on your smart device.

Auto Sign-in Feature

This is a unique feature that is not talked about much. It’s a great feature that autofill and auto-sign in with a password. Yeah, sometimes you don’t feel like clicking the sign-in button. Plus, it saves you 5-6 seconds of every signing in.

Password Changer

You can count on any password manager to create a strong, new, and unique passwords. On the other hand, Dashlane does more than that. Besides finding weak passwords, it can also replace them. The Keeper PM only allows you to test your password’s strength. If there are any week ones, you can only change them manually. The Keeper makes the process of changing passwords quite hard and tiresome.

What makes this software great is that it will check weak passwords and change them. It does this on all the websites used on a couple of websites. These sites include Reddit, WebMD, Vimeo. Dashlane can do this to over 300 websites. It also adds new ones all the time. The Password Changer during the setup process shows all your existing passwords. It then ranks then according to strong they are. You will be given all the security issues that concern each password if there are any.

Easy Password Sharing

As a blogger, you may want to share a password with others, but you don’t want them that password. This PM allows you to do that. You can give or revoke permission when you want to. If you decide to go with the free version of Dashlane, you will only be given a few features. This is one of the features you will get with the Dashlane free version.

  • Free plan: You will only be allowed to share it with five accounts.
  • Paid plans: On the other hand, paid plans have don’t limit the number of passwords you want to share.
Dashlane - Password Sharing
The Password Health analysis allows users to scan for any issues in your passwords so that you can fix them. You can do this using the Password Generator and Password Changer.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

I think that the Dashlane password generator is the only tool that lets users access a virtual private network. If you are don’t know what this is, it is a feature used to reroute traffic with a secure encrypted protocol. This is what makes this software stand above the rest. Incorporating a VPN with a password manager makes your accounts more secure. A VPN is useful when you are using a public Wi-Fi network, and you want to keep away hackers. Hackers usually prey on insecure networks so that they can steal passwords and other vital Info. One drawback that VPNs have is slowing down the net. This shouldn’t worry you when you are using Dashlane, as it uses AnchorFree. This is one of the fastest VPNs in the market.

Also, Dashlane’s VPN allows you to use as much data as you want. Considering that most VPNs and security online security services offer fewer data storage, this is a big deal for its users. Let’s pick Kaspersky as an example. This service offers its free plan users only 300 MBs per day. Another one is Panda that only gives 150 MBs on most of its plans.

Emergency Lockout Protection

Emergency Contact is another feature that this software offers. With this feature, you can register a trusted person as your contact in case of an emergency. When you register a contact(s), he or she can log into your account to retrieve your password secure documents. In such an event, when the contact wants to access your account, it will email you for permission to allow them Access.

If you don’t return the email within two days, it means that you are out of reach. You can adjust the waiting period, but two days is the most appropriate. When the waiting period expires, and there is no response, Dashlane will allow you to contact to log in. In case you lose your Master Password or die, there will be a contact set up to access the account.

Dashlane - Emergency lock protection

If you go for top password managers, you will find out that most of them have this feature. Two of them are LastPass and RoboForm. Their features are almost the same. Dashlane doesn’t offer anything extra here, as this feature is also available for free plan users.

1 GB secure file storage

As a paid user, they will offer you 1GB of encrypted file storage. Individual files will be only be 50MB in size. You will have to create a Secure Note in Dashlane. You use this storage feature. This gives you a logical way to organize your files since you will be attaching one or more files to a Secure Note. Just like your passwords and any data, documents attached to a Secure Note are encrypted and synced in Dashlane.

Dark Web Monitoring

Since they have partnered with a Dark Web Monitoring firm called SpyCloud, users get superb security. SpyCloud is a great online security solution that allows you to scan the dark web, which refers to the hidden corners of the web where hackers sell stolen Info. With this service, you can confirm if part of your data was stolen. To set up a dark web monitoring feature in Dashlane, all you need to do is select the Dark Web Monitoring tab in Dashlane’s desktop app. After that, just enter your email address. If any data was stolen, Dashlane would find out. It will show you reports such as social security numbers, credit card details, and phone numbers. If you find out that its data was stolen, there are proper channels to follow with the authorities.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

If you want to increase your account’s security, the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is the feature you will need in Dashlane. Once you enable the 2FA feature, a one-time will be sent to your mobile phone. This is to allow you to verify your identity. This is added security that makes your account more secure on top of the Master Password.

You can choose to use the 2FA feature anytime you login or when you log in with a new device. This is a common security feature in most PMs. Some even offer more than Dashlane. A good example is LastPass. This PM offers Multi-factor Authentication, which allows you to use more than three authentication methods. For an average person, 2FA is enough. Another great thing about this software is that it integrates with many apps. Authy and Google Authenticator are some of these apps. Paid plans users are allowed to use 2FA with YubiKey, which is a USB authenticator.

TransUnion Credit help

If you are looking for the best way to protect your account, we suggest you settle for the Premium Plus Plan of Dashlane. The reason being that with this plan, users get a few extras to keep their passwords secure their identity. This is all thanks to TransUnion, which is an agreement with the consumer credit bureau. This feature consists of up to $1 million worth of identity theft protection insurance, identity restoration report, and real-time credit monitoring.

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Credit monitoring (premium plus plan, US only)

This is a great plan that only benefits those living in the United States. Since they have partnered with TransUnion, they have made a deal to credit history and credit scores of its users. It is important to note that TransUnion is among the three largest credit monitoring agencies. You can check your credit history and credit score the moment you set this feature up. You will do this through the Dashlane’s Identity Dashboard if you are using the desktop or mobile app.

 Step by Step Guide: How to Use Dashlane

In this Dashlane VPN review, we are going to use the Free Plan, as an example, installed on a computer that is using Microsoft Windows and Google Chrome. In all the password managers that we have reviewed, we usually suggest the free version to get the hang out of how things work before subscribing to the paid version.

Step 1: Installing Dashlane

We are going to install Dashlane using its installer, which installs this software with any problems. The installer can also show you how to create an account and also install the Dashlane extension for Google Chrome. Since it guides you through the process of Dashlane download, it goes on smoothly.

Dashlane - Installing dashlane

The account creation process won’t be complete without you entering your username, password, and valid email address. Once you do this, you will receive a confirmation email that will be sent to the address you provided. After that, you’ll be ready to start. You can increase your password security by allowing the basic 2FA.

Step 2: Master Password Setup

With Dashlane, all your passwords are locked behind a single master password. This is the only password that you have to remember to get all the other ones. It is imperative that you pick a very strong master password so that all your other accounts will be more secure. The trick is to use an easy to remember and hard for a hacker to guess the password, but above all, make it concrete strong.

Step 3: Importing passwords and other data to Dashlane

The Next thing is to get your passwords into Dashlane after creating your account. You don’t need to do it manually, but it can be done. This is because it allows you to import passwords from other sources. Some of these sources include:

You have to open the File menu to import from any of these. This is done from the Dashlane Desktop app, where you will select Import Passwords. The good thing is that the Dashlane desktop app will guide you through the process. If you have your passwords stashed somewhere else, this should not bother you. This software can also use a Custom CSV file to import these passwords. The desktop app also allows you to enter passwords manually if you want to.

Dashlane -Important passwords

In the Vault section found on the in the menu on the left side of the app, click Passwords. After that, just click on the Add new button to add the password data by hand. For first-timers who have not yet used this app, they will need the orange circle with the letter “i” in it. This will give them a clear guide through the process.

Step 4: Letting Dashlane capture a password itself

Log in to a page with a browser as the last step to add credentials. The software will know what you are doing the moment you log into your site by entering your username and password. Once it does, it will offer to add that Info to the vault:

Dashlane - Letting Dashlane capture a password itself

Dashlane password manager does a great job since no single password manager can fully capture site info. Don’t get pissed when Dashlane doesn’t get every Info about your site right. And you are forced to enter the parts of the data manually.

Step 5: Working with your passwords

Now open the Dashlane extension to once you finish adding some passwords to Dashlane. This will allow you to see what is in the vault. This is what you are going to see:

Dashlane - Working with your passwords

Here is one place you are not going to like about Dashlane. At some point, you will even think it’s clumsy. Depending on you what you want to do, you will be forced to work with different elements of Dashlane advanced password manager. What I mean by this is that the Dashlane extension only gives you access to passwords.

On the other hand, the web version allows you Access to Passwords, Personal Info, Secure Notes, and Payments:

Dashlane - Working with your passwords

The desktop version allows you to access all these including IDs and Receipts

Step 6: Dashlane password generator

Passwords are the best since they allow you to use strong passwords and you don’t need to memorize hard passwords such as this one here:

Dashlane - password generator

Dashlane password manager has a password generator that can be configured. From the above image, you can see that you can control how you use digits, letters, length, symbols, and characters. Although you can configure a few aspects in Dashlane, other similar tools offer more than these. This doesn’t mean that it won’t do the job. The best thing to do is to increase the number of passwords it generates. Just create a pass with a minimum length.

Step 7: Editing your data

What we love about Dashlane password manager is that it keeps an encrypted copy of your data on each device. It also saves a copy in the cloud on its servers. All your devices will be synced, thanks to this. Any device can be used to log into your account. All your data and passwords are synced.

Step 8: Dashlane in action

You are now ready to put into good use now that you are through will all the process. You will see a Dashlane icon once you when you visit any site that Dashlane has data for. This will be seen in all the data fields it “knows.” Just click on the icon to fill in all the needed fields. Dashlane will display all the Info it has for a page with multiple email accounts with the same provider. It will also fill out the proper fields on that page once you select one of the options.

Dashlane Desktop App & Chrome Extension

You can use Dashlane WordPress password software through a Dashlane extension, through a stand-alone app or by logging directly into the website on a computer. The stand-alone app offers a feature-rich experience. It has an easy to use interface: on the left-hand side, there are nine primary sections of Dashlane where you can view your data on a list or grid format. When adding credentials, the software picks up the icon from websites, for pleasant visuals than a grid or list text, for finding things faster.

From the time you started reading this Dashlane VPN review, you have already seen several screenshots of this software. Instead of reviewing the obvious parts of Dashlane, we will focus our attention on the sidebar. We will do this to discuss the security features in the desktop version: the Identity Dashboard.

Dashlane - Desktop App & Browser Extension

AS you can see from the image above, the Dashlane vault does more than just generate and store passwords. The vault also stores:

  • Notes which is anything that you want it to be
  • Personal Info like your name and birthday used in when filling out forms
  • Payments such as purchases and credit card info
  • IDs such as your passport or driver’s license
  • Receipts copies that you may want to keep

The Identity Dashboard is a feature in Dashlane that is close to the Watchtower or the 1Password manager app. Here you are going to find the Dark Web monitoring. You are also going to find a score of the health of your passwords.

Dashlane Desktop App & Browser Extension

From the above screenshot, you can see that Dashlane has given the owner a low password score because. The reason for this is due to a couple of reused passwords. Besides that, there are also 87 corrupt passwords. This allows the owner to know the area he needs to work on to have a strong password profile.

Although Dashlane offers 2-factor authentication (2FA), which is a great option added security, it doesn’t show where you can start using it. This is regarding the logins that you have stored in the vault. Apart from the desktop app, you also need to install a browser. This is a great option to use with your desired browser. The best option is Firefox because it works well with Dashlane.

You can download the Dashlane Chrome Extension from here..

Dashlane Apps for Phones & Tablets

You will find almost all the features available in the stand-alone desktop interface on the mobile app. Regardless of the mobile device, the apps can add or edit data. The Password Changer is not available on the Android version. On iOS, it is slightly less, and you must select each account to be changed rather than selecting all of them. The iOS devices can fill data in Safari or Chrome, due to the Dashlane extension for iOS. You can also use the Dashlane Browser, which installs alongside the main app. On Android, the Dashlane app lets you auto browser if you want to.

For most people, the mobile version of Dashlane is the best option compared to the desktop and the browser extension. Let’s take a look at the Dashlane app mobile devices. You will have to set up your Dashlane app as your default password manager once you have installed it from the Google play store or App store. By so doing, every time you want to log in from your mobile device, you can click the “Passwords” option.

Dashlane - For apps

Since both Android and iOS devices have fingerprint and Face ID verification, you can use these security features with the master password to make your security stronger. When you do this, you will enter once you choose your desired Dashlane login username and password.

Dashlane - For apps

You will now access all data stored in the Dashlane vault from using your mobile app. Besides this, you will also get the native VPN, password emergency contact, and password generator features.

Dashlane Pricing

With Dashlane password generator, you get three personal plans:
Dashlane Pricing - Free, Premium & Business Plans

  • Dashlane Free
  • Dashlane Premium – Which goes for $3.33 per user per month or you can pay $39.96 annually
  • Dashlane Premium Plus – This price plan is for those living in the United States only, and it costs $9.99 per user per month, or you can pay for the entire year at $119.88
  • Dashlane Business Plan – This plan goes for $4.00 per user per month

One thing that we didn’t like about Dashlane Pricing is that it doesn’t offer a Dashlane family plan, which is a major setback. I hope that they consider this in the future.

Dashlane Free

You will get a lot of awesome features with the Dashlane free plan. These features include:

  • Password storage.
  • Form and payment autofill.
  • Security alerts.
  • Password Generator.
  • Password Changer.
  • Basic 2FA.
  • Password sharing
  • Emergency contact access.
  • Secure Notes storage.

It’s hard to believe that all these are freely available, but it is what you will get with the free plan of Dashlane. Although all these are free, you will only be allowed to store up to 50 passwords on a single device. For us, this is not enough. In fact, most serious users won’t be content with the free plan. Protecting some passwords on a single device is not serving its full purpose.

Dashlane Premium

If you want to fully benefit from Dashlane, this plan is where serious password protection starts. Besides all the features in the free plan, you will also get the extra ones:

  • Advanced 2FA (using YubiKey).
  • VPN data with no limit.
  • Dark Web Monitoring.
  • 1 GB secure file storage.
  • Remote Access via a web app on Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.
  • Priority support.

This software has more useful features than most advanced password managers. It is also among the most expensive password managers in the market. But they claim that that has cut the price on this plan from $4.99/month to $3.33/month. They have also reduced that price on the Premium Plus Plan that is billed annually. The cost used to be $59.88, but it’s now $39.96 per year.

When it comes to price, this PM offers more competitive prices. You won’t find some of the limitations that are found in the free plan. Like the number of passwords to be stored and devices used. Users using this plan are given Access to the Dark Web Monitoring feature extra authentication, sharing of passwords, VPN, and more.

Dashlane Premium Plus

This plan is only meant for users who live in the United States. If you are one of them you will get added identity theft protection features like:

  • Credit Monitoring – They have partnered with TransUnion to give users reports if their credit cards were stolen.
  •  Identity Restoration Support – You will get an expert’s advice on how to recover your stolen identity.
  • Identity Theft Insurance – This is done by partnering with the American Insurance Group (AIG), which offers up to $1 million of cover.

The Premium Plus Plan is billed annually, unlike the lower plan. You get to get to pay $9.99/month, which adds up to $119.88 per year. Ensure that what you are doing to do with this software is truly worth this amount before choosing it. If you are looking to make an in-depth price comparison between the above three Dashlane Pricing, check this page.

Dashlane Business plan

With the Dashlane Business plan, you will get all the Premium plan features. The only feature that you are not going to get is a VPN. Going for the Business plans means that you already have your VPN solution. Apart from all the features from the Premium plan, you also get Dashlane Smart Spaces; this is a nice feature that allows you to organize data in Dashlane so that it merges with your personal working space. You will also get an Admin Console plus other vital business features. The price goes for $4.00/per user/per month. Compared to other tools that offer Business plans, this one is much cheaper. Get a breakdown of the Dashlane Business plan right here.

Customer Support

Dashlane - Customer support

Among the support offered by Dashlane are:

  • Detailed FAQs that are provided in English, French, German, and Spanish.
  • Email support that is provided in English every day of the week and French, and German from Monday to Friday.
  • They also offer live chat support in English from 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday.
  • Twitter (@DashlaneSupport).

For password software, these support services are perfect. Dashlane, Keeper, and RoboForm are among the few password managers that offer live chat as part of their support.


  • Can instantly change almost all passwords
  • Has an intuitive interface across all platforms
  • Can support Edge and Linux
  • Locally encrypted passwords
  • Users can store passwords in their devices or cloud
  • Offers paid and free plans
  • Extra security from VPN solutions
  • Offers encrypted storage files
  • Dark Web monitoring
  • Supports 2FA
  • Complies with GDPR and CCPA
  • Data encrypted in transit and at rest
  • Passwords are updated on popular sites
  • Password sharing is secured
  • All major apps and platforms are supported
  • Has plenty of useful features


  • The email address must be valid
  • Only 50 password entries on the free plan
  • They don’t provide application autofills
  • Data is stored and based in the United States
  • No phone support
  • User data may be shared and collected without permission
  • User data may be disclosed
  • Doesn’t offer account recovery
  • Multi-factor authentication is not allowed
  • No published audit results
  • No Dashlane family plan
  • Expensive compared to other password software

Dashlane Alternatives

Dashlane vs. LastPass

We have plenty of password software out there, but the two that stand out for are Dashlane and LastPass. LastPass is cheaper when it comes to the premium version. Dashlane, on the other hand, offers more edge in changing multiple passwords once. Another great feature that Dashlane offers is a VPN that secures a public network.

Dashlane Premium is one of the most expensive plans which goes for $4.99 a month. With this amount, you will get the same features that LastPass offers on its free plan. These features include using it on many devices and syncing passwords. LastPass also allows users to share passwords with family members. This plan costs $4 a month, and Dashlane doesn’t offer this in any of its plans.

Dashlane vs. Keeper

What makes Keeper a great password manager is its affordable price. It goes for only $2.49 a month. Some of its popular features include a strong password generator and unlimited passwords. The unique features of Keeper include fingerprint and Face ID.

Dashlane vs. 1Password

You won’t get the free version of 1Password like many other password managers. What makes it great is that it has many security layers making it a perfect pick for users who travel a lot. It has a travel mode feature that allows users to remove or restore information with a simple click. This helps when you want to travel abroad and secure your Info.


Now that we are done with our Dashlane review, it’s a perfect time to decide whether it’s the right password manager for you. As you’ve read and seen, it has a lot going on. It is feature-filled, and it is one of the best products in this sector. It has a stylish look, and you can use it in all kinds of devices that you have. Dashlane has many features to help protect passwords.

The only issue is that it is pricey than most password managers. But those looking for unique offers from Dashlane, like Password Changer, will love it. If you are looking for high-quality password protection features at high prices, then this is the right tool for you. I trust that this Dashlane review was helpful to you feel free to try it out.

Checkout quick video review on Dashlane

Source:- AppFind

Dashlane – Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dashlane have a free version?

Dashlane has a free version, but its features are quite a few, unlike the Premium plan. The free version offers features like password generator, sharing passwords to more than five accounts, and password changer. The only problem with the free plan is that you only have to use it in only one device. The number of passwords that you are allowed to store is 50, and you won’t access the Dark Web Monitoring feature nor VPN.

Is it possible to sync Dashlane data across devices?

Yes, Dashlane allows users to sync Dashlane data with many devices. You can sync it with your smartphone, tablet laptop, or desktop. To do this, just head over to “Preferences” and click on the Sync tab. In this part, you can enable or disable the sync feature. Before enabling this feature, you need to log in first from the device that has all your Info.

Is Dashlane Safe?

Once your master password, Dashlane, be able to access your passwords. The reason being that Dashlane decrypts and stores data on a local level. Your Info is better kept and secured, which is better than not using it. You only have to make sure that no one else gets hold of your master password. Dashlane is trusted by over 10 million active users globally. It is also endorsed by the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

Can anyone hack Dashlane?

It is important to know that any piece of virtual product can be hacked. In that case, you should not rely on a single software to take care of all your security needs. If anyone was to hack Dashlane, without the master password, the data would be useless to him.

Do Dashlane servers store all my passwords?

No. All data linked to your account and all your passwords are kept safely on your device or devices if you are using more than one. You can only use your master password to access your data since it encrypted. Your data can’t even be accessed by Dashlane’s employees or Master Password. It doesn’t matter what kind of emergency you are having. You should choose a password that easy to remember. Your emergency contact will only retrieve your data and not your master password.

What if I lose my device that has Dashlane on it?

This should not trouble you as long as your master password is not hacked. This means that your encrypted Dashlane vault is still safe.

What happens with my Dashlane if I die?

If the unfortunate fate happens to you, then that’s it. No one will be given access to your vault since it’s encrypted with a master password. This is where the emergency contact feature plays a big role. Emergency contact can access your passwords once you pass on, or you can no longer access your vault.

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