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Ad Inserter is a WordPress ads management plugin that is popularly used at with over 100,000 active installs. It has a simple one-page interface which flexible for placement of advanced ads options. This review will look at what this tool has to offer ad management using its unique features. Read through for more information.

The free version offers you a simple interface to manage ads on your site and automatically inject those ads into your content. Your ads are managed through blocks. These blocks include HTML, CSS, JS, Shortcodes, and PHP Data from custom fields. This allows the plugin to focus on ads and also insert anything into your content. Apart from managing ads, the tool can also manage Email opt-ins, CTAs, and Tracking snippets like Google Analytics.

You can manually insert a code block into your content via a shortcode, widget or PHP function. The plugin also allows you to automatically inject it into your content using several predefined placement options. The reason I advocate for this WordPress advertisement plugin is that it has several options to automatically insert your ads. You can choose to insert ads before and after post content, before or after a specific paragraph in your post, on the sidebar widget, before/after comments, in between individual comments, or before/after specific HTML elements using CSS selectors.

The Ad Inserter Pro gives you more code blocks to work with, ad impression and click tracking, A/B testing, Adblock detection statistics, geotargeting for your ad blocks, and ad scheduling start/end dates. The free version gives you everything in a single screen, which I find it more user-friendly than any other alternatives out there. This screen can be accessed by going to Settings>> Ad Inserter. You can switch between your different code/ad blocks, at the top of the screen. It also gives you access to 16 different code blocks.

You can configure placement and targeting options underneath the editor, upon putting the code snippet that you want to inject into the code editor. You will first have to choose whether or not to use Automatic Insertion which allows you to automatically inject your ads at specific spots on your site. The plugin has a frontend debug tool that lets you see the exact location of each automatic insertion option if you are not sure where an ad spot applies to.

Beneath the automatic insertion, you can decide what content to insert your ads into. It is also possible to enable/disable ads on specific posts via the drop-downs manually. Other targeting options include: creating targeting whitelists/blacklists by category, tag, URL parameter, taxonomy, post ID, URL, or referrer in the Lists section. You can also target your ads specific devices in the Devices tab. You can choose to style in the Alignment and Style drop-down.

The Misc area allows you to target specific users who are either logged in or not. It also shows ads on AMP pages, ads in your RSS feed, and configure other smaller settings. What makes this plugin popular is that the free version functionality is also deep. Here are some of its features.

Easy Ad Rotation – The AdSense plugin can give you access to ad rotation via the [ADINSERTER ROTATE] separator if need be. What you have to do is place this separator between two different ads in the same code block. This is not limited to two variants only; you can use the separator multiple times to test more than 3 different ads against one another. Ad Inserter will then rotate between the different ads on the frontend. This can also be done via a more graphic interface by using the Rotation Editor interface.

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Dedicated AdSense Integration – By connecting the Ad Inserter to your Google AdSense ads account, you can generate new AdSense ad codes directly from the Ad Inserter interface. It also integrates with Amazon Native Shopping Ads.

Live Preview And Code Editor – This feature allow you to preview how your ad will look on the frontend; just hit the Preview button. Apart from the live preview, you can also get the code editor for easier adjustment of margins and padding on your ad using a visual interface. You get more control over the ads positioning digging into the custom CSS.

Features of Ad Inserter Pro

The Pro version increases the number of allowed blocks to 64. And these are some of the features that it offers:

Ad Impression, Click, And CTR Stats – This feature allows you to enable impression and click tracking for individual code blocks. When enabled, you can view impressions, clicks, and CTR rate for various time periods. By so doing you will understand how different code blocks are performing allowing you to A/B test ads to find the ones that perform the best.

Features of Ad Inserter

Ad Scheduling – Ad Inserter Pro has a feature to give your individual code blocks specific start/end dates, for time-sensitive ads. You can choose a fallback ad to display when the ad is disabled because of scheduling.

Adblocker Detection – Ad Inserter Pro provides different ways to counter ads for users with ad blockers. You can either do nothing or replace the code block with another one. You can also use shortcodes to perform even more advanced actions.

Target Ads By Country/IP Address – The Pro version allows you access to new targeting options for IP Address and Country. This allows you to promote offers that only apply to specific geographic areas. This is done by combining whitelist and blacklist to create ads for specific countries.

Ad Inserter pricing

You can get the free version of Ad Inserter at and offers great functionality for a free plugin. Ad Inserter Pro pricing starts at just $20 for use on two sites, which is quite affordable.





Ad Inserter is a great plugin for managing ads and is full of great functionality even for the free version. You can manage your ads in whatever way you find efficient for you. With its numerous ad displaying options you will enjoy every bit of it. What makes it even better is the affordable price which can work for any budget. I believe I have covered just about everything regarding Ad Inserter and that this review has given you every reason to try it out.

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