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Is the SEO Checklist the Best 2021 SEO Framework?

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Do businesses need an SEO framework? It’s a popular question that many ask, as there are so many ways to market your products online these days. Additionally, SEO isn’t always the fastest to set up on your own, but there are powerful tools to overcome those challenges.

That’s why I started looking at SEO Buddy, a “checklist” that is hardly just that. After looking through all of the downloads, I had hundreds of priceless guides to SEO, content, social media, and marketing strategies that go well beyond just the 102-point checklist.

So if you’re struggling with your SEO setup and need to get started ASAP, the SEO Buddy Checklist offers expert guidance and documentation for several key marketing challenges.

The 2021 SEO Framework Guide: Enter SEO Buddy

The truth is that every business needs a digital framework for sales and marketing to be successful and cohesive. When a business framework includes seamless digital communication between sales and marketing, the conversions can happen like the snap of a finger.

This is why so many businesses start searching for SEO help because it’s essential for digital marketing frameworks.

You can’t fit everything you need to do in a blog post or 10-point SEO checklist. You have probably seen a guide with a step that says “Don’t Forget Off-Page Factors,” then lists some generic points to consider.

You’ll inevitably have to look all of that information up or find an SEO consultant who can do that kind of technical SEO work for you.

That’s not realistic for many sales directors, marketing managers, and busy entrepreneurial business owners who need to learn more about it to make those decisions. That’s where I think SEO Buddy is truly successful.

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What’s Included in the SEO Buddy Checklist?

Not only does it include a checklist with each and every possible ranking factor for ranking higher in Google, but it’s also got all of the guidance and documentation that you’d need to help your team carry out these important tasks.

What You Get:

  • 102-point SEO checklist
  • 40+ SEO and Marketing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • 50+ point Content Distribution Checklist
  • 52-Week Content Planning Calendar (Amazing Google Sheet Template Included)
  • Includes Trello Boards
  • Guide to audit your SEO
  • Guide to customizing your SEO and marketing strategies
  • Step-by-step instructions on how to set up, track, and measure SEO

Of course, the whole SEO checklist is set up for those ready to get it done on their own. I found it easy to read through, but the best part was being able to audit my website.

SEO Buddy Checklist Bundle vs. Free SEO Checklists

I have a hard time just calling this a checklist. Rather SEO Buddy is a starter search marketing bundle. It will for any brand that wants to dominate search. Everyone from a startup blog owner to a marketing director struggling to build out the SEO team can use this checklist bundle to expertly move up in search and gain more traffic.

After all, the goal for every website is to get on the first page of Google. That’s why free checklists don’t give you as much information. These are just tips to help you think about what to do, but inevitably, you’ll likely need to do more research, take an online course, or hire someone to get it done.

There are some good blogs out there that outline SEO ranking factors and steps to take, but SEO Buddy goes into greater detail. It’s almost like you’re getting online courses in each SEO area, from guides on each on-page SEO factor to optimizing your site for mobile to getting more shares on your content.

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How to Use the SEO Buddy Checklist

The checklist bundle is sent to your email, where you can download all of the checklists, guides, and documentation. There are several to look through, but the 102-point checklist is the best place to start.

Here’s where you get all of the detailed SEO factors that will help you rank up in Google. The checklist includes a spreadsheet outlining each action step to take. You don’t have to do any additional research. It’s all right there for you.

The checklist also includes all guidance and tools used to complete each point on the checklist.

Some tools aren’t free, but most steps can be completed using alternative tools and suggestions from SEO Buddy.

Verdict: Should You Download SEO Buddy?

SEO is important to long-term marketing goals. It may feel burdensome to research keywords and write Schema code, but you can do all of this with step-by-step guidance from SEO Buddy. It makes learning about SEO fun and gives you expert tips that only SEOs know.

Optimized websites simply rank better, get more traffic, and sell more. Leads from optimized websites get 14.6% higher conversions.

There’s nothing you can’t do for your SEO with this checklist bundle. There’s plenty of free guides and checklists on SEO online, but this one just feels different. Going through this checklist made me wonder: why didn’t I think of that?

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