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In the past, managing advertisements on your WordPress blog was a huge task and I am sure many gave up on the idea of managing individual adverts.

Manual management of ads became an issue to the point that some bloggers gave up on the whole idea of adverts. But due to the introduction of advertising plug-ins, ad management has become easier. Now that we know of the existence of these crucial plugins, I will delve deeper and give you a list of the best WordPress advertising plug-ins.

Ads PRO plug-in

Ads PRO is a WordPress plug-in that helps you to display ads in various ways automatically. One of the features that stand out is the Ad block by passes. Another great feature is over 20 types of

display options available for you coupled with the 25 Ad templates. I can easily manage my Ads using the backend manager and automated creation of ads. With the controlled access to ads, my AdsPro is more secure and in control of my ads and the campaign in general. This plug-in is 100% compatible with mobile and other devices. I cannot speak much on the flaws because I have not seen any though some users have complained about it not being compatible with PHP 5.5 but I’m yet to confirm that complaint. When it comes to the cost, you will have to part with $37 for a standard or regular license or $218 for an extended license. You can review the packages here..

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WP PRO Advertising System

This is another WP PRO advertising plugin that comes with some awesome features just like AdPro. Some of the most interesting features of this plug-in include tools for creating banners including

HTML5-animated banners. It comes in handy with users who use ad blocks as well. You can even choose from a variety of ad display options and 18 predefined ad zones. Moreover, the ads are 100% responsive to mobile devices. At the end of the day, you can track the performance of the ads. Other cool features include predefined ad triggers, banner rotation, and in-post ads. The pricing to this plugin is $29 for regular licensing and $145 for extended plus an additional $17 for a buyer and seller add-on.

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WP In post ads

WP in post ads offers the option of placing the advert inside the content or post where it is much visible and increases the chance of a reader’s engagement. In addition, it is easy to insert these ads using a short code.

Some features include split testing which allows you to analyze the adverts in different positions on performance. This app also features the customization of the position of the ad for better returns. With the impression tracking, you can find out if your ad is an effective and what users think about it. In addition, the Google analytics integration offers more information about the ads performance. Using the short code, I can change the ad anytime I want without having to visit every page. The starting price is at $29 for a standard license and $80 for extended. You can review its more detailed packages here..

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This interesting app has allowed me to manage multiple ads on my WordPress blog. Unlike some advertising plug-ins, WP 125 offers limitless display options and once the time is up for limitless display options and once the time is up for the ad you get a notification even via email if you turn on that feature. It is easier to track the ads and see how they performed due to the ad tracker. If there are adverts that you want to be displayed at certain times, then this is the app for you with the ad scheduler. If there is a free ad space, a space holder ad with a message on it is displayed to give you a heads-up. If you have a query, the support team is always ready to help. It is generally a wonderful tool to use. However, the pricing is not that clear, hence you may have to get in touch with the support team for clarification.

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Jetpack WordPress

If you have ever used and are migrated to, then you will understand the need for this plugin. Jetpack allow users in to access the modules or rather features from Jetpack gives you access to 24+ different modules such as ad stats which gives you an overview of the ads on your site. Another module is the types of galleries such as tile or Enural that simplifies the creation of galleries. Another module, the form module, aids in form creation. Most of these modules can be accessed free of charge. However, there are three other plans to choose from:

  • Personal plan at $3.50 per month or $39 per year
  • Premium at $9 per month or 99 per year
  • Pro plan at $29 per month or 299 per year

Since all these plans have their specific features, you can visit the pricing page to learn more.

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Ad Rotate Banner Manager

This app works especially for banners. Its primary focus is the performance of the existing banners, and it gives an evaluation of the same banners. Its key features include an ad error notifications to

help you keep tabs on your ads in case of an error. There is also a plug in updater. The ad display is flexible in terms of change in positions and look. In case of a query or if in need of help the support team is always on standby. The starting price is:

  • €29 for the single
  • €39 for Duo
  • €89 for multi
  • €199 for Developer

Pricing page will give all the features in each plan.

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They are just a few of the plugins available but they are very useful. It all depends on what you need and what you can afford. Analyze your WordPress blog needs and take a pick. Enjoy.

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