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Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO

Best Keyword Research Tools for SEO BANNER DESIGN

Keyword research is the basic foundation for SEO. It is one of the important, beneficial and highly return activity in search marketing field. It is very crucial for the success of your website ranking, as use of proper keywords will give you more search engine traffic.

Searching best keywords is definitely complex task and it needs a lot of research to check the working of your keyword.The right tool makes the SEO process much easier, faster and effective.use of proper keywords will give you more search engine traffic.

Searching best keywords is definitely complex task and it needs a lot of research to check the working of your keyword. The right tool makes the SEO process much easier, faster and effective.

Here are the top recommended
keyword research tools:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is among the most popular and extensively used Keyword research tools used. The main reason of its popularity is that it is free of cost and directly integrated with Google AdWords. To access this tool, you need to create an AdWords account which is free of cost.

Positive side:

It is fundamental tool for the initial stages of a website’s SEO. The main feature of Google Keyword Planner tool is the amount of detailed information it provides on the Google. It can give you more synonyms and largest range of related keywords.

Negative side:

In comparison with other tools available, it does not provide very unique and exact keyword suggestions.


Semrush is one of the powerful tools of keyword research. The main motive of most of the keyword research tools is to provide relevant keywords but SEMRUSH goes a step forward by finding the keywords that are sending traffic to your competitors.

Positive side:

Complete keyword research tool that offers access to keywords of your competitors.

Negative side:

It has free trial version but after that you need to pay for the premium plan. Also, it might be difficult to learn for the beginners.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Keyword is a most dynamic keyword research tool. This is a paid tool which helps you in finding incredible keywords for your site. Many SEOs affirmed that LTP assists in searching those keywords that could not be found with Google Keyword Planner.


LTP needs to access your Google Adwords account to find the best and relevant keywords. It also locates long tail keywords having a specific number of words. The results can also be refined based on exact match domains available.

Seo Keyword Research 

Positive side:

One of the best keyword research tools which helps to find 8000 keywords per seed keyword entered along with their search capacity, competitiveness and top ranking pages for it on Google.

Negative side:

It is bit slow in speed as compared to SEMRUSH. It also needs access to your Google Adwords account for finding keywords.


UberSuggest is a primary keyword search tool. It gives you abundant keywords by appending letters to your query. Thus, it gives long tail keywords that can be used in new sites or blogs. This is effective tool for getting lots of blog posts ideas thereby increasing your creativity.


It works on the law of Google Autosuggest. It finds keywords with similar set of letters by appending letters to your seed keywords.

Positive side:

It gives massive count of keywords that can be searched more by clicking.

Negative side:

It does not give any information of keyword competitiveness or search quantity. So you need to use another tool to check it.


KWfinder is a premium (paid) keyword research tool which also has a good working free version. It finds the long tail keywords with less competition making it easier to rank.

Positive side:

KWfinder is fast and it shows the Google ranking sites for your keywords.

Negative side:

This tool gives good keywords but you have to upgrade as these keywords are very less for research. is extremely useful when you want lots of long tail keywords for your seed keywords. The keywords provided by this tool are based on Google, Yahoo, Bing and app store for free. It provides you a wide resource of keywords.


It uses Google’s Auto complete and Uber suggest’ letter adding features to bring out wide range of keywords. It adds alphabets to beginning as well as end of your seed keywords

Positive side:

It shows you a large number of relevant keywords which can be used as LSI keywords for your blogs.

Negative side:

This is a free tool but you have to pay in order to access the information on search volume and competition.

Market Samurai

It is a SEO platform application that helps you in researching keywords.


It is helpful in many tasks related to SEO like site planning and improve ranking. Market Samurai has various modules like:

  • Domain research module
  • Content publishing module
  • Keyword research module
  • Keyword research module
  • Monetization module

Negative side:

It is a paid tool and its interface is not specifically immediate.

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