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The Best Social Media Tools for Your Social Media Accounts

There are numerous tools in the market right now and deciding on which to invest in for better value can be a challenging. This article will give you a breakdown of 6 of the best social media tools available.

01. Social Pilot

Social pilot is an app that allows you to schedule automatic social media post in bulk.


There are four plans to choose from:

  • Agency:$66.66
  • Small Team:$33.33
  • Professional: $20
  • Individual: $8.33

You also get a free trial once you subscribe to the paid versions. For more information on what to expect from the different plans, visit official pricing site.


Social pilot comes with great features that make it a must-have tool.

  • A content calendar that identifies what needs posting and when.
  • Bulk scheduling so that you can upload numerous posts via the scheduler.
  • Branding that allows you to post with your brand name and not the tool’s name.
  • App integrations such as that of Zapier.
  • Online support.
  • Online tutorials and documented manuals.


  • It’s a time saver due to its bulk posting scheduler.
  • The app is easy to use due to multiple account management.
  • The calendar makes it easy to track scheduled posts.
  • You can manage numerous accounts from one dashboard.


One of the flaws that leave me unsatisfied is how I cannot efficiently use this app unless I am managing numerous accounts.

02. Buffer

This social media app allows you to schedule postings on all major social network sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It has time slots in which you can assign to specific posts.


The pricing options for buffer come in two variations;

  • Individuals

It is further divided into two individual plans, which is free but allows one social media account per platform like Facebook or Twitter plus 10 post per profile. Its Awesome version goes for $10 with 10 accounts per platform and 100 post per profile.

  • Teams and agencies

This option also has three plans under it. There’s Small which cost $99 per month with 25 accounts and 2000 posts, Medium at $199 per month with 50 accounts and 2000 posts, and Large at $399 with 150 accounts and 2000 posts. All these plans have some other features you can see on the pricingpage.


  • Support for multiple social media profiles and pages.
  • It is
  • It also has app integration.


  • Manages the posts you send at a go to avoid noises.
  • Saves time since there no need to be on social networks making updates.
  • Helps to manage several accounts in one go.
  • It is cost-effective especially with the free level.
  • It’s interface practical and clean.


  • The analytics is not efficiently detailed and needs some upgrading.
  • It cannot tell if a post is urgent.

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03. Hootsuite

Hootsuite a popular social media account manager that can easily manage multiple accounts.



You can choose from:

  • Free account.
  • Pro account at $9.99/month billed yearly or at $14.99 billed monthly.
  • Team plan at $34.99per month billed yearly or $49.99 billed monthly.
  • Business plan at $99.99 per month billed yearly.


  • Bulk post uploads to scheduler.
  • Extensive app integration.
  • Analytic tools that generate reportsand metrics.
  • Multiple social media account support.
  • Influencer identification.


  • It integrates numerous apps.
  • Gives an overview of how your social media site is performing.
  • The plans are affordable depending on your needs.
  • Can easily manage multiple social accounts on one app.


When a post appears on the social media site, it tends to have Hootsuite as the tool and not you as the brand.

Social Oomph

Social Oomph is an app that helps you to schedule the content you post on Facebook and Twitter.


Social oomph plans are:

  • Free plan.
  • Pro plan at $17.79 every 2 weeks.
  • Twitter unlimited at $6.97 every 2 weeks.

.For more on the features of each plan, visit their pricing page.


  • Tweet scheduling.
  • A URL shortener.
  • Content creation.
  • It schedules shares.
  • Tracking keywords.


  • The plans are cost-effective.
  • You can effectively manage your accounts including blogs.
  • It accommodates different social sites though it was initially for Twitter.
  • Helps to identify content related keywords.


  • The free version supports Twitter only.
  • The interface needs some revamping.
  • It’s boring.

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This is a social media tool that helps to monitor and track the progress your brand has made since inception.


HowSociable plans are:

  • Free account.
  • The basic plan at $9 each three months.
  • Plus at $19 each three months.
  • Max at $99 per year.

You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more information, visit their pricing page.


  • Brand impact checks on 36 social sites.
  • Suggestions on how to improve places lagging behind.
  • Shows visibility history.
  • Email services for reports.
  • Analyses which blog post is popular on the different social sites.


  • How sociable is sensitive to the advantage big companies have over smaller ones.
  • It allows you to monitor the growth of your brand.
  • It cuts across 36 social sites.
  • The overall use is easy


There are no major cons with this app but the free version is limited in features.


Nuvi is a tracking and monitoring tool that works in real-time and offers analytics for social media.


Nuvi has no pricing on their website but the starting price is $300, according to my experience.


  • Real-time monitoring and tracking.
  • Effective content management and creation.
  • Available publishing tools.
  • Social intelligence and listening capabilities.


  • It helps you understand the current market.
  • Understand consumers across the Internet.
  • Gives return on investment on social media.
  • It helps to create content related to your target market.


  • The price plan is too high especially for small businesses.
  • Using contracts is so outdated.


As you can see, all these tools have great features, and their benefits are even greater. The best you can do is to analyze what suits your business needs, and if you don’t get the best value for your money, then decode on the best tool.

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