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Bloom Plugin Review: Email Optin Plugin for WordPress

Bloom Plugin Review Email Optin Plugin for WordPress

What is the most effective marketing tool for any website owner? Most definitely, it is email because it brings about direct and uninterrupted two-way communication between you and your visitor. Most likely, they already subscribed to your email because they are interested in what you want to say.

Coming up with an email list is a tricky affair with many things to put into consideration. First, you have to create an option form, then connect the form to your email account after which you will have to place the forms in appropriate places. You will also need to tweak the forms to achieve maximum output. All this hassle is not necessary if you have the right tool for the job.

Bloom plugin is a powerful, flexible WordPress newsletter plugin that lets you customize option forms in your website giving you total control on the appearance, behavior, and location of the forms.

This post seeks to explore what the plugin is all about and what actually makes it stand out. I invite you to read through and at the end of it all increase your email subscribers.

Once the Bloom plugin is installed, there will be a new menu item on your Bloom website’s dashboard. You can start by going to Bloom-Optin forms from your site dashboard click the New Optin button.

Optin Styles

The Bloom email tool provides several option styles, which are:


This option forms being the most used subscription style are the most popular. Pop-ups can be triggered by various events, which include time delays, reaching the bottom of the page or post, after purchasing or leaving a comment. It also gives you a choice from 10 different Pop-up animations with six automatic triggers.


This kind of option is brilliant in capturing the viewers’ attention. Various events can trigger this option e.g. user inactivity on the page or post, end of content, scrolling on a particular part of the page, purchasing, or a certain comment made on the page. Forms are displayed on either the right or the left side of the browser. There are 10 Fly-ins option to choose from.


Below post

Another commonly used option style is the below post. As the name suggests, option style will be displayed on the bottom end of the page/post.

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Inline is a good choice if you like to display the option style Inside your content. By using the customs shortcodes, you can place the form anywhere in the content. You can also choose to use as many options forms as you wish.

Locked content

Using Locked Content will make your visitors sign up first before accessing the content, giving you a great opportunity to add the size of your email list. Just make sure that the content is worth it otherwise you may lose your visitors forever.


Widgets are commonly used option style lets you show the form in the sidebar, footer, or another digitized area of your browser. Bloom email comes with custom widgets that can be displayed on the options form.

Setting Up

After choosing a display style for your options, you need to set it up. You are allowed to customize the option name. You need to have an email provider to activate the option. Almost all the email providers are supported by Bloom WordPress plugin. These include MailChimp, Get response, constant contact, contact, and mad mini. The setup process can vary depending on the email provider. You will be able to choose which email list you want to use for the option, once you have connected to your email provider.


Over 100 different styles templates exist to choose from in the option style that is available with this plugin.

Bloom newsletter plugin allows customization of heading, footers, border lines, and body. Corner styles are also customized.

Display Options

Bloom provides you with an opportunity to create different displaying options that include zoom in, bounce, swing, flip, fade in, and tada.

The plugin makes it possible for you to have several triggers at a time. Whichever the type of trigger, you can time the period for each trigger.

The option can be displayed on the home page, category, tags, archive or even the entire site. You can even select specific categories that you want to be displayed. A checkbox helps you to give direction on the specific details to be displayed and how you want them displayed.

The option can be placed wherever you wish it to be, for example, if you want to place it on the left, right or, the bottom side of your browser. You can even customize the email and button text.

If you choose to display the option on selected posts, you also have an option of post or page only.


• You can create stunning forms with this tool
• Over 100 templates to choose from
• Different types of options available
• A lot of trigger options to choose from
• The forms can be displayed in specific blog categories
• Can set the option to display once per session
• Choose to display in specific pages or post


• Does not accept mail chimp API keys.
• Lacks a drop down header bar
• Has a few minor bugs

Checkout quick video review on Bloom Plugin

Resource: Elegant Themes


Any blogger would regard this WordPress tool for blogs impressive due to its flexible design that helps you create attractive options. By custom designing the option forms according to your client’s preference, you will be able to attract more visitors whom you can convert to loyal subscribers. I totally recommend it for bloggers who wish to increase their email list.

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