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ClickMeeting: Best Webinar Conferencing Service

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Clickmeeting app is a browser-based Webinar software where the host can either use the online portal to start an ad hoc meetings or schedule meetings in advance. The service has a well-structured and intuitive user interface that makes it convenient.

The Webinar software is equipped with screen functions where the host can show presentations or YouTube videos during an online meeting. Click meeting app also enables interaction

This clickmeeting review will explore in detail the numerous wonderful features that come with this software.

Some of these features include:

Layout customization

Clickmeeting meeting software gives you an opportunity to create your very own video conferencing room layouts or choose from the available ones. Multiple pods are available for each composed layout and they have different sizes, which you can adjust to meet your needs.

You can opt to go with The Presentation Mode layout when using Share pod features that include whiteboards, screen sharing presentation, and shared files. This specific layout has shared tools displayed in the center of the screen. This allows the attendees to follow along easily. In case you prefer a face to face video conference call, the best option will be the Video Chat layout.

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This particular choice of layout allows you to type messages to a particular individual or the whole group. The software lets you manage and control what should be done in the meeting using the attendee’s list pod.

Mobile Tools

For those who have a busy schedule, the Clickmeeting mobile app is here to sort you. The app is available for all popular devices such as Apple and Android. You can attend the meeting at the convenience of your hands. The software spoils you with various conference tools for mobile users, allowing you to host your meetings comfortably away from the office. With a single click, you can schedule a new meeting, record discussions, and also chat with fellow participants.

Other important features available for mobile users include sharing virtual whiteboards and Video Conferencing. It is hard to get a mobile app packed with these awesome features especially for those who are always on the go. Clickmeeting is definitely an app for you. You can also make conference calls


With this free Webinar software you get a choice to completely rebrand your account in line with what the company represents. This means you experience total professionalism in customizing meeting for your customers. This is achieved by adding the company logo to the waiting and meeting rooms. In addition, you can change the color palette on the space and apply additional graphics according to the company’s taste and preferences.

Customizable fonts are also an option regarding the company’s theme. Large organizations with multiple departments can also create unique templates to distinguish each group. However, most conferencing services lack this essential feature. So, if you wish to give your clients this different experience, then Clickmeeting is the first priority when it comes to custom-branding meeting space.

Great International Communication

The integration between clickmeeting and Google Translate provides translations of your chat conversations to help facilitate communication with your clients. Clickmeeting gives you a choice of 52 different languages from the translate button. Whatever you have typed into the chat box will be translated immediately into your client’s local language and the replied message translated back to your language. This is another tool that is unmatched with other web conferencing tools but is very crucial especially when working with individual from other countries

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Easy feedBack

Clickmeeting software comes with an in-built polling tool that enables you to engage with your clients and get responses and feedbacks on current information. This feature also works for large groups. Remember, if you want to get the right information you need to create different types of polls and surveys. You can choose from open-ended questions, single choice, or multiple choices.

Responses from participants are immediately tallied and listed as percentages so you can get a response in real-time. Polls and surveys help you to improve your presentation since you get feedback on your shortcomings and compliments regarding your presentation.

Integration with already used services

If you are using other services the Clickmeeting app center will help you to integrate and connect with these services to improve your productivity. For instance you can schedule your meetings using an already downloaded outlook app from Google instead of signing up a new

Clickmeeting account. The integration design will give you an easy time connecting to different services. Moreover, the app features the social media.

The free webinar software integrates with all social media platforms, and you can post upcoming meetings on Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter using unique integrations. The integration for youtube and Microsoft Office enables you to share videos and files easily during a given presentation.


Despite the many benefits and wonderful features the app has, it still has a few shortcomings. Here are some of them.

Not advisable for meetings

Clickmeeting gives you an opportunity to host unlimited meetings but attendees are confined to only 25 in a single meeting. Although this may seem plenty larger, organizations may feel left out. Two options are available. You can opt for another superior web conferencing software to counter this shortcoming. This is almost similar to Clickmeeting but is designed to accommodate up to 5,000 attendees in one meeting.

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Final verdict

Clickmeeting is a fairly wonderful plugin and gives you great value for your money due to its flexibility in terms of customization. Moreover, it is a good tool for video conferences. The only issue is that it has limitations when it comes the number of attendees even though that you can fix it. If you are looking for a meeting facilitating tool, then Clickmeeting is the best bet for you.


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