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ClickMeeting Review Best Platform for Webinars

ClickMeeting Review Best Platform for Webinars NamanModi 1

Businesses depend on communication tools. Conferencing is increasingly becoming an integral part of business communication, hence the numerous platforms competing in the market. Choosing the right webinar software can be a task. However, with credible reviews, it is easier.

Clickmeeting is one such tool that allows you to enjoy online conferencing via a browser. A user can set video and audio meetings as well as carry out a private chat and Q and A sessions. This Clickmeeting review looks into what makes this platform one of the best in the market.

ClickMeeting Features

Concerning conferencing software, ClickMeeting has made a name for itself owing to its exemplary features.

Video and Audio Conferencing

One thing this platform can pride itself in is the seamless voice and video connectivity. One can connect to multiple clients even with slow network. The
software has screen-sharing functions where the host shows presentation of your YouTube videos during the online meeting. When communicating with clients with a different language, ClickMeeting comes in handy with its simultaneous translation feature. Though it’s not perfect, it breaks the language barrier.

Desktop Sharing
In some instances, you may have to share slides or graphics from your PC. With the desktop sharing feature, users can share the contents on their desk to a number of clients at a go.

Corporate Branding
Having your own brand name or logo on the conferencing platform positively impacts the way your clients view you and what you offer. ClickMeeting is a webinar software that allows users to upload and edit their logos.

Mobile and Desktop Platform
The webinar app can be used across all operating systems such as Linux, Mac, and Android. Mobile devices such as phones can run the ClickMeeting app. For smartphones, the app supports popular devices such as Apple, Blackberry, and Android.

App Integration

Clickmeeting also allows a user to integrate apps especially social media apps such as Facebook which has become a major player in marketing and building brands.

Benefits to Clickmeeting

Clickmeeting has made it easy for businesses not only to communicate but also share information and other valuable resources. Some of the major benefits include:

Reduced Communication Cost

Due to the Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP), the cost of communication has gone down drastically in comparison with telephone and commuting costs. You can use the extra change to grow the organization.

Multiple Clients at a Go

If you have a meeting between several clients in different geographical locations, ClickMeeting offers the solutions for such removing the need to travel to attend a meeting.

Free trial of clickmeeting

Easy to Use

Clickmeeting does not require special skills to use. All you have to do is log in and you are good to go.

Increases Leads and Conversions

Because of the branding and app integration features, you can easily market your brand and with some creativity, rake in a few customers.


Since you can communicate with different clients at the same time you save a lot of time for other activities to build your company.


ClickMeeting employs security protocols that govern information sharing. In addition, it also relies on data centers all over the world. Therefore, there is no need to worry about security since it is well taken care of.

Layout Customization

ClickMeeting software allows you to create your own conference room layouts and choose from the various options available. Multiple pods are given for each layout in different sizes that can be adjusted according to your needs. You can opt for the presentation mode layout when using share pod features. These include whiteboards, screen sharing presentation, or shared files.

Shared tools are displayed at the center of the screen on this particular layout. This makes it easy for attendees to follow along. For face to face conferences, the video chat layout will work well. You can send messages to individuals or the whole group. The tool lets you manage and control who should be at the meeting using the attendee pod.

Great International Communication

The integration between Clickmeeting and Google Translate provides the translation of your chat during a conference for easy facilitation with your clients. There is a choice of over 50 different languages from the translation button. What you type in your language will be translated to your client in his language immediately using the chat box and vice versa. This feature is not popular with other web conferencing tools, and it is important especially when working with individuals from other countries.

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Easy Feed Back

Clickmeeting comes with inbuilt polling software that allows you to engage with your clients and get responses and feed back. If you want to get the right information, you need to create different types of polls and surveys. You can choose between open-ended questions, single choices, or multiple choices. The responses from participants are immediately tallied and listed in percentage in real time. Polls and surveys help you to improve your presentation as attendees give their views and opinions of the presentation.


Not Recommended for Large Meetings

Although ClickMeeting allows an unlimited number of meetings, only 25 attendees may attend a given meeting. This number seems plenty for small companies, but large organizations may not be accommodated by this tool.

To counter this, you can opt for a superior wed conferencing software or use clickwebinar that is similar to clickmeeting but designed to accommodate up to 1000 attendees.


The Clickmeeting appis an incredible tool full of convenience, and it performs with minimal glitches. The quality is superb and I would recommend it anytime for web conferencing. One of its unique characteristics is that you save the video in the cloud, in case you forget to download the file. If you need an app for web conferencing, this tool is the real deal. I hope this Clickmeeting review will help you to choose wisely.

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