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Types of Content to boost Traffic and Engagement

Are there types of content to focus on to boost traffic and engagement on your blog? Read on to find out.
Content is the most important factor in any online venture. Without content, it is practically impossible to attract any type of traffic to your website or blog page. However, there is more to content than just coming up with words, photos, or videos. Before you make any post, you need to create the content in a way that will pique the interest of the targeted audience and keep them coming for more. You need to understand the dynamics that are involved in improving the number of: visitors to your blog.

Another point to consider is that not all traffic is beneficial to your blog. Some traffic is just like mist that blinds you from the real picture and keeps you from seeking ways to boost traffic to your page. To make sure you are on the right page, you need to analyze the conversion rate in relation to the content given out. The number of likes may not be as convincing as someone commenting on what they consider more engaging. If you can move someone to share a link of the content on your blog, then you are on the right path.

The first thing that people should understand is the path you are on. In reality, content comes in various forms and for various purposes. It could be simply informing people about a particular topic of interest, it could in the line of giving hope and inspiring, or just to entertain. You can use these aims of content writing to generate content that increase traffic to your blog. So what is the main content that can massively bring lots of traffic to your blog page?


Let us face it. The average human mind tends to get bored after doing something monotonous over a period. Reading plain text can be taxing after you have done it for a long time without any distractions. The use of captions on photos seems to make it more interesting. With infographics, you get the best of both worlds that is, pictures and words. Infographics boosts traffic in that the pictures attract and the words educate. It is believed that one can learn more from this type of content that from plain text or photos.

Emotional, true-life stories

Even though the human emotion can play havoc on the human race, it can also be harnessed to increase traffic. A spot check on some of the networking site reveals that stories on the lives of individual attract heavy traffic. It is also proven that such stories are easily shared and attract even a greater number of engaging audience. Tap into the emotional roller costar by sharing a view you are passionate about or a life story that could be yours or that of a person you know. Either way, this is a shoe-in in attracting traffic to your blog.

Create a list content

Yes, it has been done. Over done is the right word but, it just never gets old. Let no one tell you that list content is outdated. The reason why some of the biggest magazines in the world such as Alle and Cosmopolitan are still on top of their business game can be attributed to headings such as 10 reasons why you should wear this and that. List articles are also the most searched-for content so it is clear to see that despite it being used on every platform, it is still the most favored to boost traffic.

Resources content

Every waking moment a reader is looking for resources to make their lives easier. If you make time and look at the trending searches, you will realize this content is on demand. It is true that some other resources have been focused on more than others but, this is where it can work for you. Just identify a resource that you have an interest in and turn it into an interesting content. If you choose a topic that is over emphasized, you are bound to miss the traffic to your blog.

Audiovisual content

There are several sites you can use to upload an educative, entertaining, or inspirational video. YouTube is the most common choice but it is not the only option. The number of videos shared everyday should be an eye opener for you. So, capitalize on this by creating quality audiovisual content that not only captures the attention of the intended audience, but also seeks to entertain, educate, or inspire. You can share a link of the YouTube video on your website or page but if you can, load the video directly to your blog or webpage.

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Interactive content

Though this is the last content in this article, it is definitely not the least. Interactive content means bringing the consumer on board and making them a part of the content. Interactive content can take many forms such as surveys, questionnaires, and trivia. All these are forms of interactivity you can utilize to build great content. The best part about this type of content is that it is not complex and anyone can start it. The only thing you have to do is to remain consistent in dishing out your posts.


As you can see, it is not rocket science to narrow down on the types of content that you are interested in and you are passionate about. With the list above, you can also easily settle for the type of content marketing strategies that can help you to attract even more traffic. Content is important but, not as important as knowing what you want to deliver to your audience. Therefore, know your audience and you will know what type of content works best for you and them. Impressing your audience is another way of marketing your site or your blog in the long run.

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