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Articles vs Blog Post- The Difference Explained

Articles vs Blog Post The Difference Explained BANNER DESIGN

In today’s digital marketing, there are two ways of writing contents for website- articles and blogs. Articles and blog posts are the terms that often used as conversely. Mostly people are confused with these two terms and consider these as synonyms. However, there are distinct differences between the two and understanding these can help in generating more traffic.So, before deciding to choose article or blog , one needs to understand the difference between the two ways of writing.

– Articles –

Articles are generally based on facts written in an immaculate language free from flaws. They are more likely to be formal. Articles are well structured having proper introduction, main content in the middle an d conclusion in the end. They are written in the third person and are objective in nature. Some articles are written to affect the assumptions of the reader or move them to action. They are mostly organized in a website’s library.

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Articles are considered to be more informational and reliable where details are concerned. They are inclined to include complete research as well as source information. They are not designed to promote conversation and do not provide the option of comment to readers. Basically, they are static in nature. Articles are often several pages longer. A good article may generate some long term links to the website.

Main characteristics of articles are:

– Factual
– Less familiar language
– No comments

– Blog posts –

Blog posts are new form of writing that has become popular with the rise of internet in the last few years. They are relatively easy in writing as it is limited in content and grammatical orderliness is mostly absent. They are displayed on a section of website where blog updates are posted frequently. A blog posts may be less formal than an article. Nowadays, blog posts are not personal in nature. They tend to be conversational and involve more opinion than any research. Readers are invited to participate through comments section in blogs.

Generally, blog posts are shorter and length is limited to a page or sometimes even a single paragraph. They are usually posted in reverse chronological order that means the latest post appears on the top. Blog posts are more readily shareable. They are great for satisfying audience’s need to communicate in more relaxed expression. The main disadvantage of blog post is that readers tend to expect more regular updates than article

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Main characteristics of blogs

– Conversational language
– Opinionated
– comments

Difference between articles and blogs



Research based Opinion based
Longer than 300 words Short
Sophisticated writing style Casual writing style
Involvement of editor and publisher No editor and self published
Freelancer pay rates are good Pay rates are less
Accurate spellings and grammar Spellings and grammar is optional
Static on the website Can be subscribed by readers
Interpretation, reasoning and reports etc. Lessons, tools and tips etc.
Guides, informs and states the facts Observations, opinions and conversations
Organized by Category Organized chronologically
Written in the second or third person Usually written in the first person
Drafted to read Drafted to scan
Lots of data, statistics Tools, information and lessons etc.
Intellectual feature Helpful in nature

From search point of view, articles and blogs both are a great source of information. But articles will generally get more exposure if the blogs are not highly ranked. From business point of view, articles appear more impersonal and are helpful in highlighting your products. So, articles and blogs both have their own importance and both are considered equally by search engines. The best choice depends upon the pre-study of readers perceptions as the ultimate goal is to convince users to buy products and services and not to confuse the search engines.

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