Ejunkie: Step by Step Guide to Sell eBooks Online

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The e-commerce industry is quite competitive. If you are not using the right platform to market and sell your products, you may not succeed. What makes a great e-commerce platform? The perfect platform for your business depends on what you intend to sell in your virtual store. Before choosing a platform, you need to decide first what you are going to sell. Some will accept both digital and physical products, while others will pick either of the two. Let’s look at the Ejunkie e-commerce platform to see what it offers.

What is Ejunkie?

Ejunkie is an e-commerce software that lets anyone add a shopping cart to a blog, eBay, or other sites. Once it’s installed on a website, you can sell items. It offers the best way to start an online store. If you have any kind of products to sell, just add a ‘Buy now’ button. If your user wants to buy products, he’ll just click on it to buy. It also allows the sending of links to the buyers, and the system will take care of things. Read this eJunkie review to see what it offers.


Benefits of using Ejunkie for sellers

  • Ejunkie prevents downloads from anyone by giving buyers links that expire after a while
  • Users don’t need to worry about bandwidth and storage since eJunkie uploads products to its server
  • With Ejunkie, one can set up discounts, offer packaged deals, and sell audio files
  • This system also provides support for those selling physical products although it’s focused on apps and software
  • Users can set up pages for customers who’ve bought your products to thank them
  • With GA integration, this software allows web owners to track site hits, conversion rates, bounce rates, and click-throughs
  • A 7-day free trial is provided to allow you to assess E-junkie to see whether it’s what you want
  • Payment is instant
  • PDF stamping is provided for e-book sellers which gives the buyers name, email, and unique transaction ID
  • Software sellers can provide trials for their items since eJunkie helps to generate code and licenses
  • eJunkie affiliate programs are available for E-junkie users

ejunkie- Features

Ejunkie Features

E-junkie has many features to help generate passive income on your blog. The system offers affordable prices since they don’t deduct any fees. Payment processors charge transaction fees like PayPal, which are integrated with eJunkie. The basic plan costs 5$ a month and allows users to sell up to 10 products. This plan also gives 50MB storage space.

Step by Step Guide to sell eBooks Using Ejunkie

In this guide, we are going to show you how to sell eBooks online using Ejunkie. Want to get started? Open the site and click on the “Start 1-week free trial now”.

Changes can still be made in this section if you decide to sell other products. At the top, there is an option for adding a descriptive product name.

ejunkie- Add product

The second step is to configure settings for product download. This step is critical, and you can’t afford to make errors. For eBooks, just select Single file download.

ejunkie- Product Desc.

Once done with that, click on the Submit button. On the next page, upload the eBooks and any other product.

ejunkie- Upload book

A shipping cart button for your product is also found on the same page. For many websites or blogs, there is an option to have several buttons. The best way for visitors to quickly purchase your products by adding the ‘Buy now’ button. By clicking on the Buy now tab, a link is provided to change the switch.

ejunkie- buy now

What makes this system great is that it allows you to start selling from as little as 5$. If you are in India, you can’t accept payment using PayPal. You’ll have to look for an alternative payment method like Authorize.net or ClickBank. Setting these payment methods is not as easy as PayPal.

E junkie Affiliate Marketing Programs

Affiliate programs are cool features that come with eJunkie. This system offers this service without changing anything. The system allows you to pay your referrers by creating links. If you want, you can sign up here and get 80%of all sales. Take seven days free trial of eJunkie here. The system doesn’t allow anyone to charge their affiliates to join programs.

Payment Methods

Payment processors available for use with E-junkie include:


With the Buy Now buttons provided by eJunkie, you can bypass the cart and go to instant checkout. It allows you to access payment through Stripe, PayPal, or ClickBank. One drawback of eJunkie is that it doesn’t accept payments directly via credit cards. Credit card payments will have to go through a third-party who accepts payment on your behalf.

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What Kind Of Help And Technical Support Will I Get?

EJunkie’s support team provides customer support through email. They offer a contact form on their homepage. If you don’t receive immediate auto-response, the team ensures you get a response within 24 hours. This means, if you forward your query on working hours, you will get your answer that very day.

Other resources offered by eJunkie include:

Ejunkie Pricing And Billing

There is no fees required to use E-junkie. They also don’t limit their bandwidth. The number of free checkouts will depend on the plan you have chosen. Free checkouts refer to those orders whose total is $0.00. You will get unlimited checkouts with all plans where the customer pays for something. When you want to use this platform, you are provided with four different plans to pick from:

  • The Lite plan – The Lite plan allows you to sell up to 10 products, and you are also provided with 200MB of disk storage. Access to eJunkie’s remote server is not granted.
  • The Standard plan – With this plan, you can display up to 40 items and also get 2GB-worth of storage space. This plan doesn’t also doesn’t give you access to E-junkie’s remote server.
  • The Pro plan – The Pro plan comes with 3GB worth of disk storage and lets you sell up to 60 products. You also get access to eJunkie’s remote server.
  • The Plus plan – This is the highest tier and makes you choose the number of items you wish to sell on your store. You also get 20GB of storage space and access to their remote server. The files stored on this plan don’t account for your allocated storage. Your monthly charges are determined by the plan you’ve picked.

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Any new user is entitled to a 7-day free trial that gives you access to all of eJunkie’s features. When the seven days are over, you have a choice to provide your payment details or cancel.

You can anytime upgrade or downgrade your account anytime if you are a paying customer. Since it is paid for every month, they also allow you to cancel anytime. When you cancel in the middle of the month, you won’t receive any refunds.


Nonprofit organizations are entitled to a free Lite plan or a discount on the monthly prices for any of the larger plans. Registering for as a 503(c) organization is not necessary. All you have to do is contact their customer care to ask for your discount. You will receive it as long as your cause is deemed as “just-plain-awesome” by E-junkie.

Top Ejunkie Alternatives

Here are eJunkie alternatives by total score:

Checkout the quick video review on Ejunkie

Source:- Brian Maroevich

Ejunkie Review

If you have a store that lacks e-commerce features, then eJunkie is a perfect choice for you. It has all the necessary online store tools to help you market and sell your products. eJunkie is also a great option for web owners who want to sell their products on Facebook pages and eBay account. Although the platform doesn’t manage the entire checkout process, it integrates with most payment requirements. We trust that this ebook junkie review was helpful to you.

If you are in India and you are planning to use PayPal, you shouldn’t consider this option. The main reason being that PayPal is currently blocking domestic payments between parties living in India. This is brought about by India’s tax complications for such payments. Since eJunkie’s parent company (Sine Info Ventures Pvt. Ltd.) is based in India, they have withheld merchant signups from India until this issue is dealt with.


The following are common questions asked about E-junkie:


Yes. All you have to do is go to the eJunkie homepage and from the top navigation select “Demo.” On that page, you can tinker with several payment options and buy buttons. The Demo will show you exactly what an eJunkie customer would see.


To find out how to use this platform, we suggest that you head over to their help page to get a hold of their tutorials. In this page, there’s a clear step-by-step instruction on how to use eJunkie. For instance, there is a section on “Using E-junkie on different types of sites,” and a section on “Using eJunkie to sell products and services.”


You can sell both software and physical products on this e-commerce platform. You may want to start an e-commerce store but don’t have any product in mind. To help you find the right product(s), visit eJunkie’s website to see what kinds of products you can sell.


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