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Envato Market Review [2020]: Leading Marketplace for Creatives

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Envato Market is a web software marketplace based in Melbourne, Australia. The platform has seven major asset directories, making it the biggest in the online sector. What makes it great is that it offers a vast range of web assets at low prices. We have used this platform and still using their items to improve our online ventures. From website themes to stock photos, Envato has all you need to make your website great. You don’t need to delay your launch when you have this platform. This is a perfect platform to build and launch web assets from scratch.

Envato Market offers these web items:

  • ThemeForest – These are templates and website themes
  • CodeCanyon – For your plugins, scripts, and code snippets
  • VideoHive – Here you will get royalty-free templates and videos
  • AudioJungle – Offers royalty-free audio and music
  • GraphicRiver – For all your logo, font, graphical templates, and icon needs
  • PhotoDune – Royalty-free stock images
  • 3DOcean – CG textures and 3D print models

Envato Market is the best place to find marketing and accessible business assets without subscribing to them at half price. You will get great popup tools and software to help you with your projects. The themes in this network are good than those used by experts and bloggers. If you have an online business, you will find all the assets needed to succeed at Envato Market.

In the past few years, this market has grown and increased its products to include online courses and guides. They also offer a freelancing marketplace, website builders, among other online services. Envato Elements is one of their services that has impressed a lot of web owners. It is labeled as the “Ultimate Creative Asset Subscription” by Envato Market.

If you want to have access to millions of digital products, all you need is an Envato Elements membership. You can download these assets and use them more than once. This Envato Market review will highlight the Envato Marketplace and Envato Elements and what makes them must-haves for many web owners. If you have not signed up for Envato Market yet, I trust that this post will convince you.


Envato Market-themeforest

If you are looking for a ThemeForest platform that caters to all your website templates and WordPress needs, this platform is here for you. It offers over 42,759 templates and themes starting at $2. Besides that, you’ll also get PSD templates, e-commerce themes, site builders, and email templates. For WordPress users, this platform will give them all the resources they need to create the perfect website. It is will also benefit you if you are using WooCommerce, Unbounce, Muse, and other marketing tools.

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Envato Market-codecanyon

This platform is where you go to for plugins and scripts. It has 26,705+ e-commerce, JavaScript, WordPress, free scripts, and plugins. CodeCanyon has plenty of tools if you want to make your website efficient. You will get great ideas like barebone apps, new scenarios, and mapping tools.

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Envato Market-video hive

What makes this VideoHive platform the perfect option for all your visual needs is the massive range of video assets it has. You will get over 709,156 stock footage and video effects for all your business needs. Training videos, business crafting video ads that are royalty-free are some of the features you are going to get. You will also get add-ons, videos, motion graphics, and more to enhance video making.

Those who want to use videos for marketing their offers without being on the camera will find this platform quite helpful. It is also a wise choice for web owners who want to find stock footage, titles, and graphics for their projects. Their videos are high, and you will get them at low prices than other video platforms.


Envato Market-audio jungle

If you are into music, podcasts, or you want to add side effects to your project, this AudioJungle platform has all you need. It has a wide range of tracks that amount to 734k+. All the records and sounds are produced by experts and are royalty-free. You will also get jingles for logos and brands.

It’s a perfect resource for those who want to use videos for marketing their products or services. Those into podcasts will also love this platform. If you want to engage better with your users, then you need to use audio. Tracks found here are better than other mainstream platforms.


Envato Market-graphicriver

With over 663k+ fonts, logo, icons, and other products, this GraphicRiver platform is the best option for all your graphic needs. Here, you will get mock-ups, tool add-ons, background graphics, and a vast range of icons. Other assets, like t-shirt designs, fonts, and game graphics, are also found here. The prices for all these are quite low, and you can use them in all your projects.

We go to this platform every time we want to find new media and graphic assets. It is quite helpful, and you will like all their products since they are of high quality. If you want banners, ad tools, and websites, this is the right place for you. They make it easy for you to create a business card, logo, and business templates at half price.

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Envato Market-photodune

This PhotoDune platform offers a wide of photos for all kinds of projects. These photos include animals, health, travel, business-themed, food, and more. You will get all the images and graphics assets needed to enhance your marketing efforts.

Their photos are taken by experts, and you can use them in all manner of projects. Since we have used them, we can attest that you will get the desired results in your ads campaign on social networks. You will get flexible usage rights and at quite lower prices.

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Envato Market-3docean

3D designers will thank me for the latest for highlighting 3DOcean later when they use it. It’s a great asset for creating 3D designs on websites and any kind of project you have.

Even though we haven’t tried out their tools yet in any of our projects, we find it worth it. It inspires all those who want to 3D designs with unique ideas. Their assets add value, visual pop, authority while marketing your products.

Envato Elements

envato market - Envato Elements

What makes Envato Marketplace an excellent resource center for all your virtual assets is Envato Elements. It allows users to sell their assets, but they collect fees for allowing the author to sell on their platform. Buying products from Envato platforms means you are going to get different prices for every item. For example, you may get a WordPress theme for $60 on ThemeForest, a plugin for $25 on CodeCanyon, or a logo for $35 on GraphicRiver. This means that you are going to spend much if you regularly buy single items.

Envato Elements makes it cheaper for you by offering huge assets on their archive at$16.50 per month. This means the cost will reduce by a big margin if you constantly buy their items. Among the items that you are going to get from Envato’s archive are plugins, fonts, themes, music, photos, and more. You can download an item as many times as you wish once you become an Envato Elements member. This service is growing fast because it allows its members to save a lot of money when using their assets regularly.


  • Massive collection of web-related items.
  • Great support from developers at low rates.
  • No subscription fees for alternative web items at low rates.
  • Affordable monthly fee.
  • A Member dashboard is provided.
  • User-friendly interface.


  • You will have to spend many hours searching for the right items due to the high volume of choice
  • Regular revisions are needed since some authors don’t update their assets

Envato Blog

envato market - envato blog

Besides being a marketplace, Envato also offers over a dozen popular marketing, business, and design blogs.

Users get detailed guides, tutorials, resources, tips & tricks, and download. They have creators who do a great job of building apps, websites, and more. This is quite helpful if you want to stay updated with the latest software and web tools. You will get new info every day on these blogs to help you with your online business.

This shows that Envato is a reputable company when it comes to offering quality web assets and info. Envato attracts many designers and users due to its diverse and updated web software. Experts in the web industry do their best to be a part of this giant platform. It adheres to the best industry practices by updating its product catalog daily.

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Envato Market vs. The Competition

Finding a reliable platform that offers cheap services is not easy. Even though there are many options out there, very few give good products. They are divided into commercial services and free repositories. Each category has pros and cons. Free services may offer a few quality software or plenty of low-quality items.

Since they are widely used, free services are quite a few. If you want to get value for your investment, you need to seek web solutions from paid services. The reason is that they offer quality tools and software that are hardly used. The problem is that these services cost a lot. One of them is Shutter Stock.

Envato Elements strikes a balance between free and paid options. This means that users are going to get quality software and web assets at low monthly fees. Pus you are spoilt with a wide range of items.

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Source: Louie’s Tutorials

Patting Shots 

When you want to build an effective website and marketing campaign, you need a marketplace like Envato to provide cheap quality web assets. It is very hard to make it online if you don’t have a proper website building and marketing software. What attracts designers and users to a marketplace is its credibility. If you can count on it to provide you with quality products that give desired results, then you will go back for more web assets. You are going to get all these from Envato Market and more.

You won’t be forced to dig deep into your pockets to get quality assets since Envato Elements allow you to access them at $16 monthly. Many people love Envato. However, authors who don’t update and revise their assets end up spoiling their good reputation. The best thing to do is go through a few reviews before buying. We hope that this Envato review has helped you understand what Envato Market is, and you are now ready to get your assets on this platform.

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