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Formidable Forms WordPress Form Builder

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As a website owner, you already know that adding a contact form to your WordPress site is important to increase visitor engagement. It is especially important if forms are the basis of your website. Recruiters can use these forms to issue details of job descriptions to be used by job seekers to apply for jobs available on the website.

With Formidable Forms best online form builder, it is imperative that end users can easily communicate with you using forms on your website. It also simplifies the subscription process. To do this, what you need is the standard form builder plugin, which includes a contact form. Why not go for customizable forms which add much to your WordPress site, then just a contact form? If that’s what you want then Formidable is your best solution.

Formidable Forms is among the best WordPress plugins that allow users to create attractive drag and drop forms with custom styling. This way, visitors can submit and edit entries and posts from the front-end of your site. What makes it even better is that you can accompany your forms with graphs and custom views, if you have data, to clearly explain your website. From all available form plugins, Formidable WordPress form builder tops since it’s available in both free and paid versions. The free Formidable plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress repository.

The free variant is used to make basic forms with standard fields including text, drop-downs, checkboxes, and more. Email notifications can also be sent when your form is filled out, and the responses stored in your WordPress database. The free version only does the basic requirements of your usual free WordPress form builder. Once you’ve installed the free version of the plugin on the WordPress website you can to do the following:

  • Create a Form – One obvious feature of the free Formidable WordPress form builder is its ability to create forms. Form creation is simplified by the drag-and-drop feature.
  •  View Forms – All the forms you’ve created are accessible and seen on the website backend. That’s not all; you can also edit particular aspect of the form.
  •  View Form Entries – An option to view all user entries for individual forms is also available in Formidable Forms. This consolidated view of entries makes the process of analysis easy.
  • Import & Export Forms – You can only import and export forms, not views, entries nor styles just forms.
  • Customize Messages – Formidable Forms enables you to communicate with your users the way you want to. You can alter the default messages to any message you fill your users will like. You can also customize other messages.
  • Manage Spam – Due to its support for reCAPTCHA, managing spam is possible.
  • User Permissions – Another awesome feature that compliments this plugin is its ability to control user permissions.
  • Styling – This is perhaps the greatest feature of Formidable Forms. This is due to its interactive and easy to use interface which applies according to your requirements. The styler allows you to manage various aspects of the user interface by navigating through and selecting options and seeing real-time changes.

The free Formidable Forms is however restrictive on a different type of fields provided by the form. The free version has only eight fields. This limits the applications of the plugin to a large extent and cannot be used on websites that are largely dependent on elaborate forms. The paid version is loaded with extra incredible features at a cost of $47. It has an interface to view your form responses and their related stats, add-ons, a visual form styler, and 24 field types. It has advanced features that allow you to create anything you want. Here are some of its added features.

  • Extra Fields – The paid version offers three times extra fields compared to the free version which has 8 fields. The provided fields change the way you create forms where you are allowed to design complex forms required for specific use.
  • Repeated sections – This advanced functionality allows users to dynamically duplicate form fields, conditional logic to hide/show form fields, and calculate results based on form entries.
  • Import and Export – Although the free version also offers this feature, the Pro version is more advanced and flexible to include the CSV file format. You can also choose the type of file you want to export from the website. The options include entries, forms, views and styles which can be exported individually or together.
  • Draft forms – This great feature allows you to completely save forms as drafts for the end user. This feature works in a way that if a user stops filling out the form it is saved as a draft and he can get back on it provided he is logged in.
  • Add-ons – The Pro version offers 14 add-ons at no additional cost. These include:
    Formidable API – Enables you to send form data to any other site with the REST API.
    PayPal –
    Formidable Forms integrates well with to conduct eCommerce transactions.
    Zapier – Your gateway to connect with different applications like Facebook, Dropbox, Gmail etc.
    Math Captcha – This add-on allows you to keep a check on spam

The add-ons allow visitors to automatically fill fields with location names, add their signature to your fields, turn your form into a PDF, use Bootstrap to style your forms, and also integrate with Zapier. You can also tweak your form’s look and feel to fit your website, using basic WordPress plugins. The advanced functionalities will help you make the forms you want, gather data, and sell products directly from your site. The features also allow you to reuse the data publicly on your site. Formidable Forms has post fields to turn form entries into WordPress posts. There are also tools to display a list of entries on a page. It has an endless list which you can turn your WordPress site into. For example, you can turn it into a project manager, calendar, and real estate listing site, bug report app, photo gallery, and more. Utilize the several great ideas available on the Formidable demo site to get you started. Afterward, you can generate your own ideas that you can merge together with your WordPress site.

More Features

If you have your own WordPress powered site, then Formidable is a simple yet effective way to create forms on it. Better yet, it’s the perfect choice if you want to do more with your created forms. What I love about this particular form builder is that you can use it to turn your site into anything you want. You might even be tempted to make a new private WordPress site just to use with Formidable on your own.

  • $49 Personal plan for 1 year of support and updates for 1 site, 24 field types, and core features
  • $99 Professional plan for 1 year of support and updates for 3 sites and premium add-ons
  • $199 Small Business plan for 1 year of support and updates for 15 sites with premium and advanced add-ons and priority support
  • $399 Enterprise plan for 1 year of support for unlimited sites with lifetime updates, premium, advanced, and enterprise add-ons, and elite support

Checkout quick video review on Formidable Forms

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Formidable best form builder for WordPress allows you to create a website in less than ten minutes, with zero coding knowledge and minimal computer skills; you can build a beautiful contact form that generates interest from your online presence. Simple contact forms have never been so simple. Formidable Forms has some features that make it stand out from the crowd.

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