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How to get your Blog Audience to spend time on your Page

Can you keep your audience’s attention long enough on you blog page? This article has the answers.
As a blogger, what gives you a lifeline is the amount of attention you receive for the time you spend on blogging. One of the most challenging things to do is catching the attention of an audience and retain it for more than 30 seconds. Speaking from experience, it is frustrating to have the content you have worked on for hours, and in some instances days, not appreciated by the targeted audience. Most experts teach on creating great and attractive content but not how to keep the blog audience on that page for longer.

There is no written formula to ensure enough time is spent on your site, such as the intended reader will simply take the 30 seconds and make it a minute or more. However, there are ways you can apply and improve the viewership length to more. The human psyche always looks for what they will gain by taking certain steps, and so it is up to you to tap into that and make it work for you. This move means adding value to the content you present to the audience to turn each one of them into your blog subscriber. Listed below are some of the things you can do to your blog page to make it more attractive.

Pictures and Videos

Including videos and photos in your blog page will do more than just make a part of the content. The act of playing the video or viewing the photo slides keeps the viewer engaged, and in turn, spends more time on the blog. The videos you upload can be free tutorials or just a funny clip for entertainment. Photos of what your blog is about will also play a major role in increasing the time spent by a reader or a viewer on you page.

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Work on quality content

In many cases, bloggers mistakenly go for quantity and leave out quality. Don’t get me wrong; quantity is good but, only if it has quality. As you work on the next post or video for your blog, make sure it has content that will leave the audience wanting
more when they visit the blog page. For the blog subscriber to remain tuned in to your blog, they need to find that ‘it’ factor that can only be achieved if you spend time creating and perfecting quality content. It does not matter what most grow blog experts tell you; where there is no quality, audience attention is poor.

Spread your
content over several pages

Apart from quality content, you can also focus on quantity in a tasteful way. How, you ask? Tasteful means you should not overwhelm the audience in anyway. Give your audience bits that will keep them
engaged or entertained. The best way to do this is spreading the content over a series of pages with each page leaving the audience in the form of suspense and with no choice but to read on to the next page. This is a simple and yet effective way that assures more time spent on the blog.

Use hyperlinks

When it comes to blogging, hyperlinks are vital in directing the reader to what they are looking for. In this case, it is a tool for keeping them longer on your blog page. Within the content you have loaded on your blog, you can use hyperlinks to direct users to
specific parts of the blog or to a related post with more information on a certain topic. The page you direct your readers to is usually a part of your blog site, which means you will have the reader hovering over the page for longer than the seconds that statistics have stated will do. .

Work on
the page loading time

It is not a secret that more than 90% of internet users clicking on a slow-loading page give up on it after a few seconds of waiting. A slow-loading page is one way of reducing the amount of time a user
spends on a particular page. No matter how many grow blog articles and books you read or video tutorials on how to grow your blog fast you view and implement, if you have a slow-response blog page then you just aren’t maximizing your potential. Pin point what is causing the slow response and act on it before it causes you to miss the benefits.


Making the audience part of your blog can do wonders on the time spent on the page. Including them in a discussion or forum can keep them busy and interested for a longer period than just feeding them with information. If you have an area that you
know, you are proficient in, build a discussion around it and capitalize on it. It will consume a lot of your time to maintain the momentum but in the end, you will find it is worth the sacrifice and patience.

Focus on user experience

At the end of the day, the user should be able to enjoy their overall experience not only with the content you upload, but also with the ease, they find in navigating your blog page. Some bloggers frustrate the audience with complicated or inadequate sites. They find it hard finding the information they are looking for on your page, which leads them to other pages. Make it simple and clear for the user.


The most important factor to remember to make sure the audience does not turn the page is always being on top of the game in value addition. Everyone loves value, including you as a blogger. So, why would you offer the opposite to your audience? It not that easy to stay relevant in the blogging world but with the tips above, there is great hope you can make it.

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