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Twitch TV continues to grow in popularity. The platform has roughly 1.5 million concurrent viewers on average. The spike in numbers became quite noticeable during the pandemic when people were looking for new ways to entertain themselves. And some streamers provide the entertainment you can only find on Twitch TV.

Since there are so many people visiting the site every day, it is natural that content creators are looking for methods to monetize their channels. There are multiple options to choose from. If you are planning to launch a channel on Twitch TV as well or have reached a point where it became possible to monetize the audience, consider the methods below.

Custom Merchandise

The demand for custom t-shirts, phone cases, hoodies, caps, and even face masks is there. A viewer who wants to support their favorite content creator would be willing to buy merchandise. Not simply is it a good way to show your appreciation for the streamer, but it is also an opportunity to get a piece of merch you can show off to others and wear proudly.

Streamers can launch their own website or join a platform that simplifies the process of selling print-on-demand products and use an in-depth guide that helps explain how to start a clothing line.

The website itself does not need to be complicated. Basic functions that allow fans to browse through the product list and purchase are enough.

Or, if you like, you could use some of the most popular eCommerce platforms to sell the merchandise instead of creating a website—for example, eBay. In 2019, the top 10% of eBay drop shippers made on average $7,7k/month profit. You and your custom merchandise may not reach the top 10% on eBay, but it can still become a solid money source.


Donations-Twitch Monetization

Donations are a big part of the Twitch monetization strategy regardless if you are a big or a small channel. Sending money directly to a streamer’s PayPal account is one of the best ways to support them directly.

Hold in mind, though, that you will need to work hard to get a constant influx of donations. There may be a few regulars who donate now and then, but making a living from that may not be enough.

One way to get more donations is to enable text-to-speech and incentivize viewers to ask questions with it. Sometimes, reading the chat becomes too difficult because of how fast it moves, but if there is text-to-speech, the streamer will pay attention to it and respond.

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Similar to donations, subscriptions are also a popular way to make money on Twitch. Keep in mind, though, that you will need to become one of the platform’s partners. Also, part of the subscription fee goes to Twitch, and that is another thing to remember if you are looking to optimize your monetization methods.

Of course, people would not subscribe if there were no perks. The more contributors a channel has, the more emotes they can add. Besides, subscribers get a special icon next to their name, which is visible on Twitch chat, and they can use emotes on the platform globally if these emotes are on a channel that they subscribed to. Also, subscribers do not need to sit through ads.

Sponsorship Deals

Sponsorship Deals-twitch monetization

Expecting a sponsorship deal when your channel is still relatively small would be a far-fetched idea. Nevertheless, once your channel grows to a point where companies or individuals become interested and see you as an influencer, expect to promote various products or services and make money.

A simple shoutout to an audience of a few thousand viewers could bring you a pretty penny, particularly if the stuff you are promoting is relevant to your viewer demographics. For instance, if you play video games and have a young audience, promoting gaming keyboards, headphones, and other equipment could be profitable.

When you really think about it, becoming a streamer that monetizes their channel with this method is not that different from social media influencers.


Similar to sponsorship deals, affiliate links are also there to redirect viewers to a seller where they spend money. And if you are the one who redirects them, there is a commission for each successful sale.

You can include affiliate links at the bottom of the stream, where streamers usually put their schedule, contact information, and other relevant stuff related to the stream.

Small ads in the corner of a stream with a promotion code are also a common option, particularly if you have good deals that your viewers may be interested in checking for themselves.

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Ads-Twitch Monetization

Ads are not necessarily the best option out of what is available since there are many people running ad blockers. Or, whenever they see an ad, they switch to another stream.

At the same time, one ad in an hour is not that bad, especially if you are taking a small break and cannot interact with the viewers at the time.

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Ultimately, the monetization strategy comes down to the streamer. Suppose you have the luxury to test different ideas and combine multiple methods simultaneously; go for it. Also, keep in mind that there is no need to rush. See what works for your channel and stick to it for the most optimal monetization method.

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