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Hootsuite: Social Media Management Platform


When it comes to social media management, Hootsuite is one of the first names people call out, to handle their social media issues. But before settling for it, it’s good to first understand what the platform is all about. This article will cover the various features it offers and what makes it stand out from the crowd. Read through for more insight.

It is arguably one of the best social media tools available in the market. Not only that the tool is also a force to reckon with among social listening and influencer identification platforms. The platform’s price begins at $29 per month and is built annually. For small to midsize business (SMB) customers with tech-savvy marketing staff, it remains a significant market force.

It has analytics social media tools for marketing that provide metrics, reports, and visual streams for multiple profiles of all the leading social networks and online presences that an SMB might need to track. Hootsuite has the name recognition as one of the most popular third-party social media platforms out there and a complete set of social media and analytics tools in its own right.

Hootsuite Pricing

Hootsuite plans are quite affordable for any business. The platform offers a 30-day Hootsuite free trial for the Professional plan. However, you will be bombarded by continuous prompts to upgrade or pay for more points. The Professional plan is $29 per month, billed annually, for only one user and 10 social profiles. This tier is directed toward the SMBs and solo entrepreneurs. There is the Team plan

which goes for $129 per month and is billed annually. This tier allows you 3 users and 20 social profiles. You are also entitled to customized analytics views, team functionality, branded URLs, social campaign certifications, and more.

The Business plan goes for $599.00 per month and allows up to 50 social profiles and includes more customization and return-on-investment (ROI) and analytic data exports for larger small to midsize enterprises (SMEs). And lastly, we have the Enterprise plan for large businesses, organizations, and government use. It is priced by custom quote. Hootsuite login also offers a program called Academy, providing platform training for those interested in mastering the platform.

Hootsuite setup

Setting up a Hootsuite account is fairly simple. All you have to do is log in to the Hootsuite dashboard and begin the setup process. This is done by first completing your profile. Hootsuite allows you to use any image from any of your social media networks as your profile picture. Next, you can add your test Facebook and Twitter networks and then add mentions, posts, and tweets streams. You can add streams by using either the drop-down menu in the upper left-hand side or by using the “Add a Stream” menu of icons on the right-hand side of the interface. Doing so makes Stream setup more intuitive for both right-handed and the left-handed folks.

What excites me about Hootsuite is that it includes numerous listening, influencer identification, and engagement tools. It also has a comprehensive publishing suite to complement all these. You can count on Hootsuite to pull in your social data and populate the streams in your dashboard quickly. The streams can be customized by network, keywords, or specific social searches. Hootsuite supports Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, Pages and Groups, Google+ pages, LinkedIn profiles, companies, YouTube channels, WordPress blogs, and Instagram profiles. It has also recently tried to add better video-first support for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram video platforms.

Next, for analytical purposes, you can test how it handles setting up alerts and notifications. This is crucial because unnoticed and unresolved issues may have an adverse effect on social media metrics and skew results. This can be done by selecting an alert option to play a sound when a new message lands in one of your streams. Hootsuite will send notifications of a message “failure to send” and also include alert and notification options for team activities.

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Hootsuite Interface Features

The social media monitoring tool has a neatly laid Dashboard with main tool groups, product controls, and added services in a slide-out menu on the left side. You can select a Profile, compose messages, and either post or schedule them for a later time, in the Header across the top of the screen. Streams and Social Networks are added and their activity displayed below this work area. You can access the social media management tools free, on the free plan. The social media management software has comprehensive integrations deeply into the dashboard, on the publishing front that is used to pull in content from sources including Google Drive Box, Microsoft Onedrive, Dropbox, and others, directly from the Hootsuite dashboard. The Team and Business tiers give you easier access to the collaborative post queue, workflows, and content library with approved posts. You can attach photos to your posts and publish or schedule them using fewer clicks. The Hootsuite Amplify offers advanced features.

Core features of the Hootsuite platform


Complete set of social media management and analytics tools fit into a tidy, attractive user interface, affordable plans, powerful monitoring, efficient identification of influencers and lots of integrations.


Add-ons get expensive quickly; most powerful features reserved for enterprise plans, publishing, and curation features could be more intuitive.

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Source:- Hootsuite


If you are looking for a social media management tool that will serve you well then I highly recommend Hootsuite. It has a set of sophisticated tools for listening, influencer identification, engagement, analytics, publishing, and curation. Other Hootsuite reviews will also give you detailed information about this platform. You can look into them to make an informative decision. The tools are supported by Hootsuite University and other more traditional means of technical support. Hootsuite also has strong internal tracking and messaging functionalities that support SMB’s and larger organizations. If you prefer do-it-all social media management and analytics tool that integrates with every app, Hootsuite will not disappoint.

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