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How to ad on Snapchat and the steps to follow


Content engagement has been known to be the main thing when using Snapchat. However, Snapchat also provides paid advertising. Snapchat ads are more valuable compared to organic content as you get to earn from the social platform. As such, it is necessary to determine if you will get a return on investment ROI and whether ad on Snapchat is a worthwhile investment. If you have used Snapchat, you know about the diversification that has been placed on the platform in terms of features. The features are what you can take advantage of to assist you to earn from Snapchat ads. This article will provide a guideline on the three ad formats as well as the multiple sub-formats to help you earn as you ad from Snapchat.

A List of the Three Main Ad Formats

1. Snap ads

When you make use of Snap ads for advertising purposes, you get to use video formats. These Snapchat ads play with the sound on and can be viewed in a frame at 100%. The ads that you can run on Snap ads include application install, web viewing, and long-form video content.

Web viewing assists you to play your ads in video format
which will prompt your online visitors to swipe and view your website. This will help you increase web content engagement traffic. For instance, every visitor who swipes and views your website increases your web traffic.

When you use the Autofill feature on Snapchat, you get to use your Snapchat ads to collect leads for emails with just a click of a button.

The Web viewing ad format is a superb way to collect leads as a simple click adds your visitor’s contacts to your contact form.

When using application install, you are targeting mobile users as you ad on Snapchat. As such, the videos help with application install using short video ads which prompt the users via an “install Now” CTA that is located at the bottom of the ad

Another advantage is that there is a friction-reducing technology on Snapchat that help you in the conversion of file formats.

Long-form video is another form of ad used when using Snap ads. These videos help focus on helping you drive traffic to a trailer. For instance, you can use a how-to video on a new technology to help those who view your Snapchat ads to update themselves via the video.

Naturally, the long form video ads are used by big brands that are seeking to advertise a movie trailer.

2. Filters

Filters are the second type of find someone on Snapchat ads that focus on selfie-taking. Using these filters, you can make your face look like a cat, dog, or any other filter available on Snapchat.
There are updates on filters every day that come up to make Snapchat a more enjoyable platform.

Today, Snapchat helps users create filters that match where
users are based in the real world. For instance, if you are attending a football game and go through the filters available on Snapchat you will find a sponsored filter for that particular game.
As such, this Snapchat ad filter app is for businesses that have a precise location and need to advertise their brand.

3. Lenses

This is the third Snapchat ad that you can use on Snapchat. It provides you with the opportunity to use a unique lens that features your company’s brand.

Lenses are also filters that you can use when you take a selfie. They assist you to alter your appearance and place some augmented reality features to your photo.
Companies make use of them to advertise their brand as well as place awareness of the said brand.

For instance, companies such as the NBA or Red Bull can make use of their custom filters to create some engagement or awareness of their said brands.

As such, this Snapchat ad format appeals to huge brands that have large target markets.

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Market data on Snapchat

The above are the main Snapchat ads format that you can use to get some paid advertising on Snapchat.
However, it is imperative to note that Snapchat cannot compare to large social media platforms such as Facebook or search engines such as Google. Based on an eMarketer study conducted in 2017, Snapchat is struggling when it comes to paid advertising.

In addition, based on the list of platforms that influence marketing campaigns, Snapchat is at the bottom of the list with Instagram at the top.

The main reasons for these are that
• Snapchat ads have a less user base which translates to less reach for those who are looking for paid advertising that will make their brands known
• Secondly, there is not much incentive when you ad on Snapchat. Two formats focus on brand awareness for big companies with means small-medium startups cannot afford this.
However, for those who would like to venture into Snapchat ads, you do not need to take all negative studies about a subject as bible truth. 70% of those who were interviewed gave some negative information on Snapchat ads; nonetheless, there is the remaining 30%. Therefore, you do need to do your own research and scrutiny when looking to ad on Snapchat.
Consider the fact that Snapchat is dominated by young adults and focus on this when getting into it for paid advertising. Consider your target market as well and weighs your options and you will find it a worthwhile investment in paid advertising.


As discussed above, Snapchat may have declined in its user base; however, it is still dominant in the social media circle. The above guide should help you choose the kind of ad format you need to use to ensure that you earn from Snapchat. With the right analysis, you will find that you will get a return on investment (ROI) from Snapchat despite the statistics mentioned above. Therefore, use the information provided above and your business will find success via Snapchat through paid advertising.

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