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How to Add Tables in WordPress with Easy Table Plugin

How to Add Tables in WordPress with Easy Table Plugin NamanModi

Tables and charts are great to present information in an organized and user-friendly way. Tables are used to showcase the pricing of a product or service on a website. Tables are also used to display complex data that can only be understood well by using tables. If you are using WordPress, you know the limitation that it has in creating tables, since it has no inbuilt support for tables.
Wordpress is the best content management system due to the availability of plugins for almost every use. There are easy ways to add tables in WordPress. If you know the HTML, you can create the table via the TextBox. You can also install a variety of plugins to have several table options in your Visual text field. This will work for simple tables, but there are tables which are more extensive and require advanced plugins. There are many plugins that can help you create tables in your WordPress blog.
This post will focus on Easy Table which is the best WordPress table plugin that allows you to create and manage tables in WordPress without using code. The Easy Table plugin allows you to easily customize and edit tables. It’s popular with over 90,000 active installs with a 4.6- star rating. There are the simple steps to follow when you want to add tables in WordPress.
First, you have to download the easy table plugin from the WordPress repo. After installing and activating the plugin you will see “easy table” option under setting menu.

You can configure the plugin from there, or you can start using the plugin right away. Some of the options you can configure are changed shortcode tag, render the table in the widget, load JS/CSS in only selected pages, use TH as the first row, specify table width, table border, or select a theme to be applied to the table. Whenever you want to add to any table in any post or page, add data to the table a format. Use table shortcodes and separate cells in the same row using a comma. To start a new row, just start new lines as you would do with any normal text.
One advantage of using the Easy Table plugin is that it is very lightweight and easy to use plugin plus users don’t need to use any HTML tags. The plugin supports CSV, sortable table column and you can switch to the visual and text view anytime, without breaking the table data.

Features of easy table plugin

• The plugin automatically generates a table easily depending on your instructions and does not require advanced skills
• It can display tables in posts, pages, or in widgets
• It can read data from CSV file and display the data in table
• It has a fancy table design
• Sortable columns
• WYSIWYG safe, which means you can switch HTML/View tab in WordPress editor without breaking the table data


• Render tables with widgets
• Very easy to use
• Has two skins: cucosky (blue) and minimal (white)

Download the Easy Table plugin


• It offers very limited customization
• It is not responsive
• No search/sorting function available
• Has only one import format (CSV)

Check out Quick Video Review of Easy Table Plugin


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I believe that this Easy Table review was helpful to you and you have a detailed exposure of what it can do in adding tables in your WordPress site. This plugin does not have any geographical user interface table generator. You might be forced to look for an alternative if you need this feature.

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