How to Deal With MacBook Performance Issues?

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Despite their reliability, MacBooks are also known to run into MacBook performance problems. However, these issues are not that common, and most of the time, you should not have too much difficulty solving them yourself.

Too many startup items

If you have too many startup applications, it should not come as a surprise that your MacBook Performance fails to load at an optimal speed. You may have heard about the need to restart a computer regularly to improve its performance, right?

Well, when someone needs to wait for random apps to load after every restart, it is natural that a person is reluctant to click the restart button.

MacBook Performance-MacBook issues

To solve the problem, go to System Preferences, click the Users & Groups tab, log in to your profile, and uncheck boxes next to login items. The next time you restart the computer, you will not have to bother waiting for redundant applications to load together with the MacBook.

Poor resource management

According to this list of tips about speeding up your MacBook Performance, poor computer resource management is one of the most common causes, and you should prioritize that to boost the overall MacBook performance.

Activity Monitor should be the go-to tool for this as it shows background processes and lets you sort them by memory, CPU, and energy. Seeing which applications are consuming the most resources will let you decide which apps are okay to have in the background and which ones you should close.

Of course, there may be some exceptions. For example, maybe you are using Slack for work and need to have it running all the time. Or you want to protect the MacBook Performance from potential malware attacks, and having reliable antivirus software is necessary for that.

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However, there should still be an app or two consuming system resources, and quitting them ought to give the MacBook performance a decent boost.

Besides background apps, you should also consider disabling visual effects if you have enabled any on your Mac. For instance, a backlit keyboard feature.

In addition to improving the overall MacBook Performance and speed, limiting resource usage will also increase the battery’s lifespan.

Slow internet browser

A slow internet browser is not necessarily the result of your computer’s hardware but rather how you use the browser itself. If you use the internet often, having a lackluster internet browser can be quite annoying.

For one thing, many people go overboard with browser extensions and add more than the browser can handle.

Other than extensions, you can also speed up your internet browser by not missing updates, closing tabs you do not need, and clearing the cache regularly.

Desktop clutter

A cluttered desktop is not an issue that all Mac owners have, but some people do not bother with keeping their desktop clutter-free. Instead, they put app shortcuts and documents directly on the desktop because it is more convenient.

Accessing files without using the search feature or looking through folders saves time. However, this convenience means sacrificing the computer’s performance.

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Each desktop shortcut requires rendering whenever you change from the desktop to another tab and vice-versa.

It may be difficult to break out of the habit of keeping files on the computer’s desktop, but you should still do your best to change that. If you have to, take things slowly and remove a few icons at the start and continue doing so until there are no more shortcuts left on your MacBook’s desktop.

Dust inside

Cleaning your laptop is not something that many people are eager to do, but neglecting the problem will lead to internal hardware problems. The computer will start to overheat, the internal fans will become too loud, and even a cooling pad may not be enough to manage the situation.

The problem with the dust on a laptop does not lie on the outside. Cleaning that should not be that hard, nor does it require a lot of time. The real trouble is the dust that accumulates inside the MacBook.

Taking the laptop apart is risky. Even if you read step-by-step guides, you are still likely to make a small mistake and damage the hardware. But leaving the dirt inside is not an option either.

In this case, taking your Mac to a computer service store would be a sound solution. If a professional is in charge of cleaning the laptop thoroughly, they are likely to do a good job and not damage your computer.

Asking someone else to do the work for you will cost money, but at least you will receive a dust-free computer that will not perform more optimally.

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