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How to Remove All Copied Content from Google Search


There is a great chance of your content being copied and published on other websites after you’ve published on the web. Many do this as a shortcut to create content, or out of ignorance. Either way, it is going to affect your ranking. Occasionally, copied content ranks higher than the original.
Although Google is doing everything to curb this practice, I recommend checking your published content regularly to see if they’ve been copied. If you find a duplicate content, the best way to handle it is to report immediately to Google so that it’s removed from the web. Failure to do so will lead to losing traffic and trust that you fought so hard to gain. If your content is not protected by DMCA, there are duplicate content tools, used to check plagiarism and protecting your content.
Here are several ways to check for plagiarized content on the web:

  • You can find them using duplicate content finder tools like Copyscape or Grammarly Pro
  • You can also decide to check for plagiarized content manually by copying two lines from your article and paste into the Google search bar within the double quote and click enter.

If the results on top of Google search show another website, it means that your work was copied. This calls for action to be taken. File a complaint on DMCA web page, requesting them to remove copied content from Google search. You can also report complains directly to Google so that they can remove such pages. Once Google removes the content from its web-index, your original ranking will be restored. Duplicate content on Blogspot/Blogger platform will be deleted completely. The process takes around 2-10 days for implementation. If you want to completely delete copied content, then you will need to file a complaint with DMCA to notify the web-host of that site.

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1. Find a copied content on the web

You need to first find the source of the copied content from Google.


2. Fill in the Google DMCA complaint form

Click on this form and select anything related to your query. For Blogspot blogs, select the first option, if it’s WordPress then select the ‘web search’ option. I’ll focus on WordPress blog. Click on the last option on the sub-categories. Select the option which asks for copyright violation. You will receive a notice asking for copyright ownership. Select the first option to confirm ownership of the work. Next, select the content type (whether it’s a video, image or text) and click on other to get access to DMCA removal form. There is the YouTube option and per your request.

3. Fill in essentials

The third part is to provide all the details concerning your request. First, fill out your contact information where you’ll provide copyright info. To do this go to your article and copy two or three lines and paste them into Google search within the double quote. Let them check carefully to confirm your allegations. Then go to ‘Google DMCA request form’ paste it into the ‘copyright work section’. As you finish, check all sworn statements, signature – your full names – and date of submission. Click on submit button. Counter check whether the information you’ve given out is correct.

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4. Wait for approval

Usually, it takes 6-7 days for your request to be approved. Note that, Google doesn’t send you any mail of approval. It is only when you request lacks merit that you will receive a notification. But if everything is on point, you won’t receive an email. If you have evidence that your content is being violated or copied, don’t just ignore thinking that the problem will be wished away. No! In fact, someone is pocketing where he didn’t saw at your expense. So, always report to Google to remove copied content. I guarantee you that your ranking will improve significantly.


In closing, you have to understand that nowadays, the Internet is vulnerable and porous, and protection is not guaranteed. Copied content can really damage your hard-won writing career. Make sure you constantly check the web for the copied content of any type. Take advantage of available duplicate content tools such as Grammarly Pro and Copyscape or any other originality checker tool to check for any sort of plagiarism. Use services from DMCA that protects your content from being exploited. Filing DMCA with Google is free. Just fill out a request form and submit. You will get an immediate response.

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