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How to Set Up a Bing Ads Campaign


A great part of marketing your business successfully is by knowing your customer location. Paid ads make it possible to get the location of your customers. Bing ads campaign is one such way of doing so. Nonetheless, not many consider Bing ads as a great way to market their business to customers. Bing search engine is rarely used; however, the conversion tracking is necessary. Failure to set up Bing ads is a lot similar to leaving a great offer on the table. This article will look into how to set up Bing Ads. In addition, there will be pointers on what to avoid in the process of setting up the paid ads. After the article, you will be confident about setting up Bing ads campaign to market your business successfully.

Why choose Bing Ads

It is a little-known fact that Bing reaches a phenomenal number of people every month. It is actually a great search engine in its own right. Here are some of the amazing statistics on its audience.

  • 31% of Americans use the search engine
  • 56 million searchers are not reached on Google 24% more people spend time using Bing for internet search
  • The network reaches 5.5 Billion each month
  • There are 167 million unique searches every month

Setting Up Bing Ads
Campaign to Market Your Business

First, you need to visit https://Bing to create your account with Bing Ads. After choosing the email address you wish to use, you will see a screen guiding you create account tab.

Once you are here, you have the option to set up Bing ads campaign. You also have the ability to import from another campaign you are running currently on AdWords.

However, you need to skip this step of the setup as you may require some legwork prior to setting up a campaign that will give you quality score and best edge in your market.

Picking up the right keywords

Much similar to AdWords search campaigns, you get to bid on keywords you expect to trigger the display that they appear on Bing Ads.
The keywords you choose to select will have some great effect on creating campaigns that provide you with a return on investment (ROI).
It is important at this point out that according to Neil Patel; keywords you choose should represent some commercial intent.
Naturally, these keywords are more expensive compared to other keywords. This is due to the fact that there is more competition among these in the Bing Ads campaign.
In addition, they provide a high conversion rate as those using these keywords are ready to pay for them.
During the research phase, you can use cheaper keywords; however, for the sake of your conversion and sales funnel, ensure they are highly optimized. Bing will provide you with the keywords required to target your ad text.
To find out this information, go to your account, select “tools” then go to “research keywords”.
Provide the initial keyword or phrase and check if it is related to what is offered on the table. For instance, if you are a wine seller, you can type “buy wine”. A good base keyword helps represent commercial intent which is good for your ratings.
To get data that has relevance to the search engine, you need to select “advanced targeting options”. As you set up Bing ads, this section will help you with conversion tracking that gives you a hint on what works best for your Bing ad campaign.

Commercial intent
with targeting keywords

When you are targeting keywords for the purpose of commercial intent, high-performance keywords do not translate to monthly search volume for Bing Ads campaigns.
You can also target specific keywords which are relevant to bring returns. Use this when you are not going for commercial intent you are looking for a PPC Bing ads campaign, it would be best to choose keywords that provide more clicks as opposed to impressions..

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Bing keyword planner

This is similar to the keyword tool that you use of AdWords to develop text for ads. If you have used AdWords keyword planner, then you will not need to learn a lot to use the tool.
Enter a keyword that implies commercial intent and view the results for the best text to use in your Bing Ads. Once you are through doing your research, you can manage to begin your first campaign by clicking on “create first campaign”. From here, you are well on your way to higher conversion rates and better income from the Bing Ads campaign.


In conclusion, this article explored why Bing ads campaigns deserve your attention. We have discussed the statistics for Bing that you may have ignored previously and thought that the only way to start campaigns is social media or Google. The discussion has also provided a step to step guide on how to set up Bing ads and provided ways to get to use the platform to gain income through ads campaigns. Try Bing soon and see how cheaper it will be to start campaigns with little competition.

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